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Film studies extended essays

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The length of the extended essay pdf 91 Кб

atroman Choose which paragraph to jump to and press Go!: If at first the games of the early Roman republic had religious significance, then later the 'secular' games were purely for entertainment, some lasting a fortnight. There were two kinds of games: ludi scaenici and ludi circenses . The theatrical Festivals. The ludi scaenici , the theatrical performances, were hopelessly overwhelmed by the ludi circenses , the circus games. Far fewer festivals saw theatre plays than circus games. Essays. For the spectacular events in the circus drew far greater crowds. This is also shown in research paper proposal arguments surgery, the sheer scale of the structures built to house the audiences. The playwright Terence (185-159 BC) tells of a festival held in honour of the extended essays, deceased Lucius Aemilius Paulus in 160 BC. Terence's comedy The mother in law was being staged and all was going well, when suddenly someone in paper proposal for and against surgery, the audience was heard saying that the the gladiatorial fights were about to essays, begin.

Within minutes his audience had disappeared. The theatre plays were merely seen as an accompaniment to the ludi circences , although it needs to be said, that many Romans indeed ardent theatre-goers. Perhaps as they were seen as more worthy, less populist, the theatrical performances were only staged for the most important festivals of the year. The floralia for instance saw the staging of plays, some of which were of studying abroad advantages, a sexual nature, which can be explained by the fact that the goddess Flora was understood to have very loose morals. Ludi circenses , the circus games, took place in studies, the marvellous circuses, and amphitheatres and were breathtakingly spectacular, though also gruesome events. Chapter 4 Of Research Example. Roman passions ran high when it came to chariot racing and most supported one of the teams and its colours, - white, green, red or blue. Though passions could often boil over, leading to violent clashes between opposing supporters. There was four different parties ( factiones ) to support; the red ( russata ), the green ( prasina ), the white ( albata ) and the blue ( veneta ). Emperor Caligula was a fanatical supporter of the green party. He spent hours in film studies extended, their stables, amongst the horses and charioteers, he even ate there. A team of horses was called an auriga , whereas the best horse in the auriga was the funalis . The best teams were therefore those, in which the cover, auriga co-operated to best effect with the funalis . A two-horse team was called a biga , a three-horse a triga and a four-horse team was a quadriga . The charioteers drove standing upright in their chariots, wearing a belted tunic in the colours of his team and a light helmet. The full length of the race consisted normally of seven laps around the stadium, totalling about film studies essays, 4000 metres when measured in the Circus Maximus in studying essay advantages, Rome.

There was incredible tight turns at extended essays, either end of the essays summarys, track, around the narrow isle ( spina ) which divided the arena. Each end of the spina would be formed by an obelisk, which was called the meta . The skilled charioteer would try to corner the meta as tightly as possible, sometimes grazing it, sometimes crashing into it. The arena being sand, there was no lanes - and there was nothing which one could describe as rules. The first to complete the seven rounds was the winner, that was it. Between start and finish pretty much anything was allowed. Film Studies Extended Essays. This however was not to mean that a skilled charioteer had as dangerous a job as a gladiator. Term Cover. Some of the starts achieved over a thousand victories and some horses are reported to have won several hundred races. Gaius Appuleius Diocles was perhaps the greatest star of them all. He was a quadriga charioteer who is said to have contested 4257 races.

Of those he finished second 1437 times and won 1462. In the reign of the horse-crazed Caligula, one of the great names of the day was Eutyches. His many wins made him a close friend of the adoring emperor, who gave him no less than two million sesterces in rewards and prizes. Chariot racing was indeed a frequent affair in Rome on race day. Under the film studies, rule of Augustus one might see up to ten or twelve races in a day. From Caligula onwards there would even be as many as twenty four a day. It was undoubtedly the ludi circenses of the term, amphitheatres which have given the studies, Romans the bad press over time. For people of online research, our modern age, it is difficult to understand what could have motivated the extended, Romans to watch the cruel spectacle of men fighting each other to the death.

Roman society was not inherently sadistic. The gladiatorial fights were symbolic in nature. Although there is little doubt that the paper, mob baying for blood was little aware of the film extended, finer symbolical points. A Roman mob will have differed little from a modern day lynch mob or a horde of soccer hooligans. But to essays summarys, most Romans the games will have been more than mere bloodlust. There was a certain magic about the games which their society appeared to film extended, understand. In Rome entry to the games was free. Research Paper Arguments For And Surgery. It was a citizens right to see the games, not a luxury. Although frequently there would not be enough room in the circuses, leading to angry scuffles outside. People would in fact begin to queue throughout the night to make sure of a place in the circus. Much like in modern day sports events, there is more to the game than just the event itself, there is the characters involved, the personal drama as well as technical skill and determination.

Just as soccer fans do not just go to see 22 men kick a ball, and a baseball fan does not just go to studies, watch a few men through a little ball about, so did the Romans not just sit and of the watch people being killed. It is difficult to comprehend today, yet there was a different dimension to the games in Roman eyes. The tradition of gladiatorial combat was, it appears, not a Roman development at all. Far more the native tribes of Italy, in particular the Etruscans seemed to have brought about this gruesome idea. In primitive times it was a custom to sacrifice prisoners of war at studies extended essays, the burial of a warrior. Somehow, as a means of making the summer doll, sacrifice less cruel, by film extended, granting at essays summarys, least the victors a chance to survive, these sacrifices were gradually transformed into fights between the extended, prisoners. This non-Roman tradition appears to have finally come to Rome from Campania. The first recorded gladiatorial combat in Rome was held to honour the deceased Junius Brutus in term cover, 264 BC. Three pairs of slaves fought each other that day. Studies Extended. They were called bustuarii . This name refers to the Latin expression bustum which means 'tomb' or a 'funeral pyre'.

Such bustuarii appeared to essays summarys, be armed as what later were known as Samnite gladiators, with a rectangular shield, a short sword, a helmet and film studies greaves. (According to the historian Livy, it was supposedly it was the Campanians who in abroad essay, 310 BC to mock the Samnites, whom they had just defeated in battle, had their gladiators dress up as Samnite warriors for the fight.) This first fight in Rome took place in the Forum Boarium, the meat markets on the banks of the film extended essays, Tiber. Against Teenage. But the fights soon became established in film studies essays, the Forum Romanum in the very heart of Rome itself. At a later stage seats were placed around the forum, but at online research, first one merely would find a place to sit or stand and watch the spectacle, which at that time was still understood to be part of a ceremony, not entertainment. This events became known as munera which meant 'debt' or 'obligation'. They were understood as obligations rendered to the dead. With their blood the manes the film studies essays, spirits of the deceased ancestors were satisfied. Often these bloody events would then be followed by term cover, a public banquet in the Forum. One can find a belief in extended, some parts ancient of the ancient world, hard to understand by modern man, that blood sacrifices to the dead could somehow elevate them, granting them a form of paper example, deification.

Hence many patrician families, who had made such blood sacrifices to the dead in form of the munera , went on film, to invent for term paper cover themselves divine ancestry. In any case, somehow these early gladiatorial fights gradually became celebrations of other sacred ceremonies, apart from merely funeral rites. It was close to the end of the republican era of Rome at which the gladiatorial fights largely lost their meaning as a rite of some spiritual significance. Studies Essays. Their sheer popularity led to essays summarys, their gradual secularization. It was inevitable that something which was so popular would become a means of political propaganda. Thus more and more rich politicians hosted gladiatorial games in order to make themselves popular. With such blatant political populism it wasn't remarkable that the gladiatorial fights turned from a ritual into a show. The senate tried its best to curb such developments, but didn't dare to enrage the populace by forbidding such political sponsorship. Due to such senatorial resistance it took until 20 BC before Rome had its first stone amphitheatre (built by Statilius Taurus; the theatre was destroyed in the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64). As the film essays, rich more and more intensified their efforts to research paper against teenage plastic surgery, dazzle the audience, the film studies, plebeians became ever more choosy. Spoilt by ever more fanciful spectacles the mob soon demanded more.

Caesar even clad his gladiators in armour made of silver at online, the funeral games which he held in honour of studies extended, his father ! But even this soon no longer excited the term paper, crowd, once others copied it and it was even replicated in the provinces. Once the empire was ruled by extended, the emperors, the essential use of the games as a propaganda tool didn't cease. It was a means by which the ruler could show his generosity. The games were his 'gift' to the people. (Augustus matched an average of 625 pairs in his spectacles. Trajan had no less than 10'000 pairs fight each other in his games held to celebrate his victory over the Dacians.) Private games still continued to be held, but they could not (and no doubt should not) rival the spectacles laid on by the emperor. Paper Arguments Against Surgery. In the provinces naturally the film studies essays, games remained privately sponsored, but in Rome itself such private spectacles were left to the praetors (and later to the quaestors) during the month of December when the research, emperor did not host games. But if it was in Rome itself, or in the provinces, games were now no longer dedicated to film extended essays, the memory of the deceased but in honour of the emperor. He was the middle man who made money by essay advantages, buying healthy male slaves, training to be gladiators and then sold or rented them to the host of the games. The Roman paradoxical feelings towards the games are perhaps best shown in their view of the lanista . If Roman social attitudes looked down upon any kind of person related to 'showbusiness', then this certainly counted for the lanista . Actors were seen as little more than prostitutes as they 'sold themselves' on the stage. In a strange twist, such loathing was not felt for rich men who might indeed act as lanista , but who's main income was in studies essays, fact generated elsewhere.

The smooth, almost spherical helmet of the secutor is believed to have been virtually ‘trident-proof’. It offered no angles or corners for the prongs of the essays summarys, trident to get a hold of. This seems to suggest that the fighting style of the retiarius was to stab at the face of his opponent with his trident. Studies. The safety of the secutor came at a price though. His eye holes allowed him very little visibility. A fast moving, dexterous opponent might succeed in escaping from his limited field of vision altogether. Should this happen it would most likely be fatal for chapter 4 of the secutor. His fighting style will therefore have depended very much on keeping his eyes glued upon his foe, determined to face him directly and extended adjusting his head and position with even the slightest of his opponent’s movements. (Note: the secutor ’s helmet seems to have evolved over time. There also seems to have been a simpler, conical version of this particular headgear.) The teachers at a gladiatorial school were called doctores . They would usually have been former gladiators, whose skill had been good enough to keep them alive.

For each type of gladiator there was a special doctor ; doctor secutorum , doctor thracicum , etc. Essays Summarys. At the opposite end of the scale of film studies extended essays, experience to the doctores was the essays summarys, tiro . Studies Extended. This was the term used for a gladiator who had not yet had a fight in the arena. Though despite all their training. Gladiators though were mediocre soldiers. There were occasions on which gladiators were recruited to fight in battle. But they clearly were no match for real soldiers. Chapter Research. Gladiatorial fencing was a dance, made for the arena, not for the battle field. At the event itself, the pompa , the procession into film essays, the arena, was perhaps the last remainder of what once was a religious ritual. Paper Cover. The probatio armorum was the checking of the weapons by studies extended, the editor , the 'president' of the games. Often this would be the emperor himself, or he would bestow the checking of the weapons to upon a guest he sought to honour.

This checking that the weapons were truly real, will most likely have been done in order to assure the public, many of summer essay, whom may have placed bets on the outcome of a fight, that all was in order and no weapons had been tampered with. The audience was not interested in mere blood. It sought to observe the technical subtleties, the skill of trained professionals when watching the fights. Film Extended Essays. It appears that much of the interest in the fights lay in canadian newspaper, the way the film studies, various fighters and chapter research paper their different fighting techniques were matched. Certain matches were deemed incompatible and hence were not staged. A retiarius for example never fought another retiarius. Generally a fight would be between two contestants, a so-called paria , but sometimes a fight might be made up of two teams pitched against one another.

Were it a single paria , or a team effort, similar types of gladiators did not normally fight each other. Contrasting types of film studies extended, fighters were matched, though always an attempt was made to doll analytical essay, assure a reasonably fair pairing. One gladiator might only be lightly armed with little to nothing to protect him, whereas the other might be better armed, but restricted in film essays, his movements by his equipment. Therefore each gladiator, to some extent or another, was either too heavily or too lightly armed. It was largely left to the crowd to signify whether a wounded and downed gladiator should be finished off by his opponent. Canadian Newspaper Online. They did so by waving their handkerchiefs for a release, or giving the 'thumbs down' signal ( pollice verso ) for death. The deciding word was that of the editor , yet as the essays, entire idea of holding such games was to summer of the doll, win popularity the film studies extended essays, editor would rarely go against the will of the research paper surgery, people. The most dreaded of studies, combats for any gladiator must have been the munera sine missione . For it is in fact true that quite often both gladiators would leave the arena alive. Essays Summarys. As long as the crowd was content that the two fighters had tried their best and studies had entertained them with a good show, it might often not demand the death of the loser.

It of course also occured that the better fighter might, only through bad luck come to 4 of example, lose a fight. Weapons might break, or a an unfortunate stumble might suddenly swing fortunes to the other man. In such cases, audiences did not seek to see blood. Missus was the term for a defeated gladiator being given a reprieve. Film Studies Extended. He wasn't killed, but sent back to his barracks, where he would train for his next fight. But ' sine missione ' meant 'without reprieve'. Such fights were indeed to the death, no matter how valiant the combatants had fought.

Emperor Augustus did indeed forbid such fights, in which bravery could not save a man. He outlawed them as cruel. But after his death they would return, since their presence added to the very thing the chapter research paper example, game's organizers sought to create; variety. Though this lack of a helmet proved to the disadvantage of the retiarii during the reign of Claudius. Known for his cruelty he would always demand the death of studies extended, a vanquished retiarius so that he could observe his face as he was killed. This however was a crass exception. Gladiators were otherwise seen as absolutely anonymous entities. Even the essays summarys, stars among them. They were living abstract symbols in the struggle for life in the arena and film extended not seen as human individuals. Another well known class of chapter 4 of research paper example, gladiators not to wear helmets were women. There were indeed female gladiators, although they seem only to have been used in order to studies extended essays, further add to the variety of the games, rather than as a mainstay comparable to the male gladiators.

And it was hence, in this role as an additional facet to the games, that they fought without helmets, to add feminine beauty to the slaughter of the circus. Much like in canadian newspaper online, horse racing where there was so-called factions (defined by their racing colours) in the gladiatorial circus there was much the same passion for particular sides. Mostly sympathies were divided for the 'great shields' and the 'little shields'. Studies. The 'great shields' tended to be defensive fighters with little armour to protect them. Whereas the proposal arguments for and teenage, 'little shields' tended to be more aggressive fighters with only small shields to studies, ward off attacks. The little shields would dance around their opponent, seeking a weak spot at which to attack.

The 'great shields, would be far less mobile, waiting for the attacker to make a mistake, waiting for canadian online research their moment when to film studies extended, lunge. Naturally a prolonged fight was always in favour of the 'great shield', for the dancing 'little shield' would grow tired. Romans spoke of water and fire when talking of the two factions. The great shields being the calm of water, waiting for the flickering fire of the small shield to term, die down. In fact a famous secutor (a small shield fighter) actually assumed the name Flamma . It is also most likely that the retiarius (as well as the related laquearius ), although fighting without a shield would have been classed as a 'great shield' due to his fighting style. Along with the factions which the people might back, there was of film essays, course also the stars. These were famous gladiators who had proven themselves time and time again in the arena. A secutor named Flamma was awarded the rudis four times.

Still he chose to remain a gladiator. He was killed in chapter paper, his 22nd fight. Other famous gladiators were Triumphus, Spiculus (he received inheritances and houses from Nero), Rutuba, Tetraides. Carpophorus was a famous bestiarius . The greater a star became the film, more his loss would be felt by his master, if he was set free. Essay. Emperors were hence at studies essays, times reluctant to grant liberty to a fighter and did so only if the crowd insisted. There was no absolute as to what a gladiator would have to do in term cover, order to win his freedom, but as a rule of thumb one might say that a gladiator won five fights, or especially distinguished himself in a particular fight, he won the rudis . Studies Extended Essays. In the term, school, the film, rudis was the name used for the wooden sword with which the abroad, gladiators would train.

But in the arena, the rudis was the symbol of freedom. If a gladiator was given a rudis by the editor of the film studies essays, games it meant he had earned his freedom and could leave as a free man. In this position he would then have his throat cut. Gladiators would even be taught how to die at summer, their gladiatorial schools. It was an essential part of the spectacle: the graceful death. A gladiator was not to plead for mercy, he was not to scream as he was killed. He was to embrace death, he was to show dignity.

More so, than just a mere demand by the audience it also appeared to be the wish of the gladiators to die gracefully. Perhaps there was a code of honour among these desperate fighting men, which made them die in such a fashion. Film Studies Essays. It no doubt restored at least some of their humanity. An animal could be stabbed down and essays summarys slaughtered. But only a human could die gracefully. Two strange characters would enter the arena in one of the extended essays, intervals, by which time several corpses might litter the floor. Seventeenth Analytical. One was dressed as Hermes and carried a red-hot wand with which he would prod the corpses on the ground. The second man was dressed as Charon, the ferryman of the dead. Film. He bore with him a large mallet, which he would smash onto canadian the skulls of the dead. Once again these actions were symbolical. The touch of Hermes' wand was supposed to be able to bring the studies extended essays, worst enemies together.

And the thundering blow of the hammer was to represent death taking possession of the soul. But no doubt their actions were also practical in nature. The searing hot iron would quickly establish if a man was indeed dead and not merely wounded or unconscious. Research Paper. What precisely happened if a gladiator should indeed be found out to be well enough to survive is unclear. Because one can't help but suspect that the mallet which smashed in their skulls was meant to end whatever life was still left in them. Once this was over studies extended, the corpses would then be removed. The bearers, the libitinarii , might well carry them away, but it was also possible that they might drive a hook (the likes of which one hangs meat on) into the body and drag them out of the arena. Alternatively they might also be dragged out studying essay advantages, of the arena by studies, a horse. Either way, they were awarded no dignity.

They would be stripped and their corpses would be thrown into newspaper research, a mass grave. The Wild Beast Hunts. Adding a hunt to the munus was something which was introduced as a means by studies extended essays, which to make the circus games yet more exciting, as toward the end of the republican era, the canadian newspaper online research, powerful vied for film studies extended essays the favour of the public. Suddenly it became important for a politician to essays summarys, know from where to purchase exotic wild beasts with which to dazzle audiences. For the venationes wild animals were rounded up from all parts of the empire to be killed as part of the film extended essays, spectacle in canadian newspaper online, the morning as a precursor to the gladiatorial contests in the afternoon. Starving tigers, panthers and lions were let out of extended essays, cages to be confronted in long and dangerous chases by armed gladiators. Chapter 4 Of Research Paper Example. Bulls and film rhinoceroses were first brought to a rage, much like in a Spanish bullfight, before they were met their hunters. For variety, animals were goaded to essays summarys, fight each other. Elephants versus bulls was a feature of games in 79 BC. As part of the celebrations for the opening of the Colosseum in film extended essays, AD 80, no fewer than 5000 wild beasts and 4000 other animals met their death in one day.

It is also worth pointing out that the more noble beasts, like lions, elephants, tigers, etc. were only allowed to be used in the circuses of Rome. Provincial circuses need make do with wild dogs, bears, wolves, etc. One also needs to add that the venatio was not at a mere slaughter of animals. Mere slaughter would not have been appreciated by Romans. The animals were 'fought' and they did stand a slight chance of being left alive or sometimes won the mercy of the summer seventeenth doll analytical essay, audience. Studies. Most of all the costly noble beasts, which had been brought over essays summarys, great distances, a shrewd editor might well seek to preserve.

As for the men who took part in the hunts, these were the venatores and bestiarii . Essays. Among these there was specialized professions like the taurarii who were bullfighters, the studying essay advantages, sagitarii were archers, etc. Most venatores would fight with a venabulum, a sort of long pike with which they could stab at studies essays, the beast, whilst keeping themselves at a distance. These animal fighters strangely did not suffer the same grave social degradation as the term paper, gladiators. Emperor Nero himself descended into the arena to fight a lion. He was either unarmed, or armed with merely a club. If this at first sounds like an act of courage, then the fact that the beast had been 'prepared' in advance of his entry quickly destroys that image. Nero faced a lion which had been made harmless and studies extended essays which posed no threat to him at all. Nonetheless the essays summarys, mob cheered him. Others though were less impressed.

In similar fashion emperor Commodus is also said to have descended into the arena to extended, slay beasts previously made helpless. Such occurrences were much frowned upon by the ruling classes which saw them as cheap tricks to gain popularity and beneath the dignity of office, which the position of emperor commanded. Public executions of criminals also formed part of the circenses . The perhaps most popular forms of such executions in the circus were spectacles which were mock plays and ended in the death of the leading 'actor'. And so it was that Romans could watch a real-life Orpheus being chased by lions. Or in a reproduction of the tale of Daedalus and Icarus, Icarus would be dropped from a great height to his death onto paper arguments for and against the arena floor, when in the story he fell from the sky. Another such real-life play was the tale of Mucius Scaevola. Extended. a condemned criminal playing Mucius would, like the hero in the story, have to remain silent while his arm was terribly burnt.

If he achieved it, he would be spared. Though if he screamed from the agony, he would be burnt alive, already being dressed in 4 of research example, a tunic soaked in studies, pitch. As part of the opening of the Colosseum a play was held in research, which an studies, unfortunate criminal, in the role of the studying essay, pirate Lareolus was crucified in essays, the arena. Once he had been nailed to the cross, a enraged bear was let loose, who tore his body to shreds. The official poet who described the scene went into great detail to describe how what alas was left of the poor wretch did no longer resemble a human body in any shape or form. Essays Summarys. Alternatively, under Nero, the animals tore apart contingents of condemned and unarmed criminals: many Christians falling victim to extended, Nero's claim that they had started the Great Fire of newspaper, Rome. Film Studies. Christians featured on another gruesome occasion when illuminated his extensive gardens at night with the brightness of the essays summarys, human torches that were the burning bodies of Christians. The 'Sea Battles' Perhaps the most spectacular form of combat was the naumachia , the sea fight. This would involve flooding the arena, or simply moving the film studies extended essays, show to a lake. The first man to essays summarys, hold a naumachia appears to film studies extended, have been Julius Caesar, who went so far as to paper, have an artificial lake created in order to have two fleets fight each other in a naval battle.

For this no fewer than 10'000 oarsmen and 1000 marines were part of the show which was to reenact a battle between Phoenician and Egyptian forces. The famous Battle of Salamis (480 BC) between the Athenian and the Persian fleets proved very popular and hence was recreated several times in film studies, the first century AD. The greatest naumachia event ever was held under in AD 52 in celebration of the completion of a great construction project (a tunnel to chapter 4 of research paper, carry water from Lake Fucine to the river Liris which took 11 years to build). 19'000 fighters met on two fleets of galleys on Lake Fucine. The battle was not fought to annihilation of one side, although considerable losses occured on either side. But the emperor judged both sides had fought bravely and so the battle could cease. At times, the dangers of the circus were not only to be found in the arena. Film Extended. Pompey organized a grandiose fight involving elephants in canadian newspaper research, the Circus Maximus, which until the construction of the Colosseum, was often used to stage gladiatorial events. Iron barriers were to be put up as archers hunted the great beasts.

But things got seriously out of control as the crazed elephants broke some of the iron barriers put up to protect the crowd. The animals were eventually driven back by the archers and succumbed to their wounds in the center of the arena. Utter disaster had just been averted. But Julius Caesar wasn't to take any chances and later had a ditch dug around the arena in order to prevent similar disasters. In AD 27 a wooden temporary amphitheatre at studies extended, Fidenae collapsed, with perhaps as many as 50'000 spectators being involved in the disaster. Abroad Advantages. In response to this catastrophe the government introduced stringent rules, for example preventing anyone with less than 400'000 sesterces from studies extended, staging gladiatorial events, and also listing minimum requirements for the structure of the amphitheatre.

Another problem were local rivalries. Newspaper Online. During Nero's reign the film studies extended, games at Pompeii ended in disaster. Spectators had gathered from Pompeii as well as Nuceria to see the games. First an exchange of insults began, followed by blows being dealt and stones being thrown. Then a furious riot broke out. The spectators from Nuceria were fewer than those of Pompeii and hence fared far worse, many being killed or wounded. Nero was furious at such behaviour and paper banned the games at Pompeii for ten years.

Pompeians however continued long after to boast of their deeds, scribbling graffiti on the walls which told of their 'victory' over the people of Nuceria. Constantinople also had its fair share of crowd problems at extended essays, the games. Most famously the riotous fans of the different parties at the chariot races. The supporters of the doll analytical essay, blues and those of the greens were fanatical militants. Politics, religion and sport combined into a dangerously explosive mixture.

In AD 501 during the studies extended, festival of Brytae, when the green attacked the newspaper research, blues in the Hippodrome, even the illegitimate son of emperor Anastasius was among the victims of the violence. And in AD 532 the Nika rebellion of the blues and studies greens in the Hippodrome almost overthrew the emperor. By the time it was over chapter research example, tens of thousands lay dead and a substantial part of Constantinople had burned down.

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lbz homework Disclaimer: I don't own the DBZ gang, a rich Japanese man does. Happy now? Warnings: Lemon, sap, PWP. Summary: Trunks pay's a visit to Gohan who isn't home. While he is studies extended essays, waiting Pan convinces the newspaper online object of her desire to assist her in studying, only what she want's to study isn't what Trunks thought.

Anyone else with permission to archive my fic's feel free to take it, all others please ask and ye shall receive. April 2004. Debs-dragon. Pan sat staring out the window of her room, the soft breeze fluttered the curtains a little as it ventured into the space and caressed the various items within with a cooling touch. Birds sang lazily while the sun spread its warmth over the land, bathing everything it touched with a gentle heat. Chewing on the end of her pencil, Pan sighed. It was a waste of studies, a perfectly good day in her opinion, sitting here, cooped up with books and essay advantages, pencils as her companions when she should be out there enjoying the wonders of nature. Reluctantly she dragged her gaze and attention from the outside world and back to her books.

Her brow furrowed as she concentrated on the problem laid out film essays before her. Idly she scratched her head. Of The Seventeenth? How the film studies hell do they expect you to work out something like this? she muttered to herself. And even better, what the heck has it got to do with everyday life? I can't see me ever needing to know how long it will take Train A that has a top speed of 300kmp with an opposing head wind of 40kmp to travel 675k's. If it's anything like the trains of today, it's going to be damn late! besides, who needs trains anyway?

She tossed her pencil to the table and stretched her arms above her head, her short T shirt rising up slightly and revealing her flat stomach. I think I need a break, she told the fluffy teddy bear that resided on her bed. He wisely stared back at her, opting to stay silent. Scraping the canadian online research chair as she stood, Pan exited the bedroom, making her way downstairs to the kitchen where she knew she would find a refreshing drink in the refrigerator and if she was lucky, her mother may have left some of the cookies out film that she'd been baking earlier. Videl looked up as Pan wandered into the kitchen, How's it going, honey? Okay, I guess, Pan sighed in return as she headed for the 'fridge. Videl quirked an eyebrow but declined to comment any further, knowing that Pan would expand on her comment soon enough. She watched as her daughter fetched herself a drink, replaced the large bottle of research proposal for and teenage plastic surgery, water in the 'fridge and then sat down in one of the kitchen chairs. Any of those cookies ready for extended, taste testing yet?

Pan grinned at her mother. Videl shook her head and fetched the biscuit tin, removing the lid she offered the contents to Pan who took two. Replacing the research proposal arguments lid and dropping the tin to the table, Videl also took a seat and film studies extended essays, waited for her daughter to enlighten her further. These are good, Pan said, her mouth full of biscuit. Nice to know you approve, Videl returned.

Now, what's the problem? Pan sighed and licked the crumbs off her fingers. Algebra, she stated simply. Yeah. Essays Summarys? It's a load of rubbish. I mean, who needs to know how long it's going to studies essays, take a train traveling at X speed against a headwind of X velocity to travel X distance. Canadian? All you need to do is look up the timetable and get to the station ten minutes before its due time. Videl couldn't help but laugh. You may not be able to see the importance of Algebra now, Pan, but in future years it will serve its purpose. A knock to film studies, the front door terminated any further conversation for the present as Videl went to answer the summons. Pan remained in the kitchen, still unhappy about the algebra question.

Her mood though soon changed and she visibly brightened when she heard a familiar voice float down the hallway. He's not here at the moment, Trunks, but he shouldn't be too much longer. Would you like to come in seventeenth doll analytical, and wait for him? Videl's voice could be heard saying. Pan's breath hitched a little as she heard the deep reply. Sure, if it's no problem. Film Studies? I mean, I won't be holding you up from anything, will I?

There was the sound of her mother's laugh and research proposal against teenage plastic surgery, then the closing of the front door followed by footsteps that grew louder as they came closer. Pan quickly brushed any stray crumbs from her mouth with the back of her hand and then raked her fingers through her dark locks, trying to studies extended essays, tame them a little. and failing. She plastered a smile to summer doll, her face as her mother and Trunks entered the kitchen. Can I get you a drink of something while you're waiting, Trunks? A coffee would be lovely if it's no trouble. No trouble, I was just going to pop the film studies extended kettle on online research, for myself anyway. Pan, would you pass the biscuit tin and offer Trunks one please? Pan stood slightly and tugged the tin across the table, removing the lid and offering Trunks the contents as she'd been requested.

Trunks took a biscuit, Pan helped herself to another and then sat back down, leaving the open tin in front of them. These are great, Videl, said Trunks as he ate the biscuit, obviously enjoying it. Mum's a great cook, Pan said. Yeah, I know. My mother hardly ever cooks, she's always too busy with the company. Studies Extended Essays? Somehow a chef's cooking isn't a nice as your own mother's, Trunks said a little wistfully.

I'm sure she would if she had the time, Trunks. Online Research? Running the most successful company on film studies, Earth is research for and against plastic, certainly very time consuming, Videl offered in Bulma's defense. I guess so, Trunks stated and took another biscuit. What are you doing inside on such a wonderful spring day, Pan? Algebra, was the flat reply. Trunks snickered. Algebra? he quirked an eyebrow. Yeah, don't laugh, it isn't funny. I don't get why I need to know how long it's going to studies, take a train traveling at X speed against a headwind of of the essay, X velocity to travel X distance. It makes more sense to either look up the timetable or call the station to studies extended essays, see if it's going to be late or early. Trunks couldn't hold his laughter.

I think I see your point, Pan, but whether or not it makes sense to research proposal arguments plastic surgery, you now, you will need Algebra of some sort in the future. Really? Then if you're so smart why don't you show me how to studies extended, solve the problem? Pan retorted. Videl placed the cup in front of essays summarys, Trunks.

There you are. Take no notice of Pan, she's just annoyed that she has to stay in and study when she'd rather be out with her friends shopping or the like. No I wouldn't! Pan objected. I'd rather be outside training, she huffed. Trunks was still smiling and Pan couldn't help the shiver that ran along her spine when she took in his handsome features.

Would you like me to help you, Pan? I used to studies extended essays, be pretty good at algebra, Trunks said softly. Pan took a deep breath and chapter 4 of paper example, tried to keep her voice calm. Film Studies Extended Essays? Umm. sure, if you don't mind. I don't mind at all, Trunks replied. In fact it will help to pass the time while I wait for your dad to come back. Okay, that would be great. Term Cover? Pan managed to speak in a normal tone while inside she was a turmoil of film extended essays, emotions. She quickly finished her drink and waited for chapter paper, Trunks to finish his coffee.

Trying to keep her eyes from continuously appraising Trunks' form, Pan was fighting a losing battle. She'd fallen in extended essays, love with the lavender haired youth a while ago, but so far had kept her crush to herself, not even Bra or Marron, her two closest friends knew she held a soft spot for canadian online research, the son of Vegeta. How Trunks would react, should he ever find out, Pan was unsure. The one thing she was certain of though was that wherever he went he had girls swooning over him, throwing themselves at film extended essays, him and could quite literally have his pick of newspaper, them all and yet. Pan hadn't seen him with any one female in film, particular. Her brow furrowed on that thought. Trunks did seem to spend a lot of time with her uncle Goten. A sudden thought hit her. Maybe Trunks wasn't interested in females.

She squashed it as quickly as it had arisen. Her uncle Goten was always with girls which meant Trunks was also and chapter research example, she knew that Goten quite often went out with a different girl. Studies Extended Essays? He was very popular with the term paper ladies and he knew it, flaunting it all the time. No, there had to be another reason why Trunks didn't appear to extended, date or have a steady girlfriend. Idly she wondered if she would be able to get him to talk, to open up a little while she studied. The call of her name jolted her back from her thoughts and canadian research, she spun around. What? I asked if you're ready to look at that algebra problem now, Trunks said in his deep voice.

Oh, yes. Sorry. Pan blushed a little and then stood up, the chair scraping its protest. This way, she said and led the way out extended of the kitchen and towards her bedroom. Trunks is going to help me with my algebra mum, Pan called out as they left the kitchen and newspaper online research, went in the direction of Pan's bedroom. Okay.

I'll give you a call when Gohan gets back, Trunks. Thank you. Trunks followed Pan from the extended essays kitchen to her room, his eyes somehow gravitating to her lithe body. He hadn't realized just how much Pan had grown up; somehow he still thought of her as 'little' Panny, the girl who had a sweet pout and wanted to be like her grandfather. His eyes, however, weren't lying; she wasn't a little girl anymore, she was a fully grown woman, just ripe for the picking, or so his hormones told him. He quickly tried to dispel that thought, this was Gohan's daughter and research paper proposal for and teenage, it wouldn't do for him to be making advances towards her. But she sure was a lovely creature. Pan could feel the weight of Trunks' eyes and smiled inwardly to herself.

If Trunks was eyeing her off could that mean he was interested in her? She smiled, maybe it was worth investigating. They entered the room and film studies extended, Pan pulled another chair up to her desk for Trunks to term cover, sit in. Studies Extended Essays? She picked up her pen and flipped the text book open to the page where her homework lay, gracing the 4 of page in bold, black type. She opened up her exercise book and chewed on the end of her pen. That's the problem there, she said as she pointed to the page. Trunks leant closer and film essays, studied the essays summarys book intently. He could feel the film studies extended closeness of Pan, smell her scent and shampoo and it was all he could do to analytical essay, drag his mind back to the problem he was supposed to be helping out with, although he wouldn't have minded studying Pan a little more.

Pan could feel the heat of film studies extended, Trunks' body and smell his aftershave mingling with a male musky scent that was uniquely Trunks. It was intoxicating, it was exhilarating and it was forbidden. Making out as if studying the problem, Trunks tried hard to concentrate but the closeness of the young woman made it all but impossible. Essays Summarys? The heat began to build in his groin, deliciously taunting him and making it extremely uncomfortable to sit still. Pan cleared her throat. Do you think you can help me? she asked in an innocent voice, making sure she moved a little closer. Noticing that Trunks was becoming a little flushed, Pan decided she would give in to her feelings and try a little flirting with the youth, after all, what was the essays worst that could happen? She could end up looking like an proposal arguments for and teenage idiot if her flirting was rebuffed, but it wouldn't be the film first time something like that had happened to Pan and she had quite a thick skin, she'd survive. But what if the flirting was reciprocated? Well in canadian newspaper online research, that case, she would play it by ear. Trunks nearly jumped out of his skin when Pan spoke.

His mind having been everywhere but on the problem at hand. well not the mathematical problem anyway. Uh, yeah. Studies Essays? I think I can, he said softly. What you need to do is to proposal arguments for and, break the studies extended problem down first, look at research paper proposal for and plastic surgery, the individual parts and solve them bit by bit. Break it down into parts, huh?

A wicked thought went through Pan's head. Okay, she would break it down into parts. and not the algebra problem either. Studies? So I take it we start with the speed first? Trunks swallowed. Abroad? Yeah, we start with the speed. Pan moved a little closer so as her thigh was brushing against Trunks'. She leaned closer to essays, the man and turned her soft eyes to his, seducing him with her words as well as her eyes. Research Paper? We need to establish the speed at which to film essays, travel? Yes, Trunks breathed. Pan was so close to him, her thigh brushing against his sending shivers racing along his spine. All he had to do was lean forward a little more and term paper cover, their lips would touch.

So the forward movement is film studies extended, stronger than the opposing force? Pan whispered out, her breath tickling across Trunks' cheek. I think you could say that, he murmured. Pan went in for the kill, all caution thrown to the wind, encouraged by online, Trunks' obvious interest. Studies? And if the forward movement is chapter 4 of, stronger than the opposing force then the time taken to reach the film extended destination shouldn't be as great as first thought? Pan was so close she could almost feel the touch of studying, Trunks' lips against her own.

I'd say the destination could be reached at film studies, any time now. Trunks couldn't resist any longer. His hormones won out and studying essay advantages, he dipped his head, taking Pan's lips with his own and kissing her. Abruptly he pulled back. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. Film Studies Essays? His sense of chapter research, morality came back with a rush, reminding him of just where he was and film extended essays, what he was doing.

His hormones protested violently. Pan's eyes had fluttered shut as their lips met but jerked open abruptly when the kiss broke and the apology came forth. She frowned a little. Term Paper Cover? Why shouldn't you have done that? I wanted it and so did you, so what's wrong? Trunks sighed. Pan, you're the daughter of my best friend, not to film studies, mention the age difference here. Abroad Essay? Although the words were spoken, the tone was anything but convincing. I don't see what that has to do with anything.

I mean, if I wanted it and you wanted it then what's the problem? Trunks sighed again. It, it's not right. The words sounded weak even to him. Pan snorted. Don't give me that bullshit, Trunks. So what if my father is studies essays, your best friend, he's not the one you're kissing, I am and chapter research paper, I wanted it.

As for studies essays, the age difference, screw it. I know plenty of people who have years between them and it doesn't make one iota of a difference so don't use that as an canadian online excuse. Extended Essays? You want me, I can tell and example, believe it or not, I've wanted you for a long time, Trunks. To hell with everything, I'm sick of waiting. I want you, you want me so stop thinking and film, kiss me again, dammit! Pan reached forth and to research paper for and against plastic, Trunks' shock, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him close as one hand drifted to the nape of film, his neck, holding him firmly in paper cover, place while her lips took his prisoner in film extended, a deep, heated kiss. Trunks was too shocked to respond at first. His brain was desperately telling him this was wrong, his heart was saying to research paper proposal teenage plastic, enjoy it while his body was encouraging him to go with it. Pan practically climbed into Trunks' lap as she deepened the kiss, her tongue stroking his bottom lip seeking permission to enter the warm cavern of studies essays, his mouth. His lips parted and her tongue swept inside intent on research paper example, exploring the new territory and claiming it as her own. As she slid more into his lap so she felt the hardness between his legs and knew she had him.

Her tongue found its counterpart and coaxed it to film studies extended essays, dance. The slick muscles moved fluidly against each other, teasing and exciting further, Pan's skin flushed with pleasure and she squirmed slightly in Trunks' lap, drawing a groan from the lavender haired youth. Once his initial shock had passed, Trunks found himself enjoying and responding to the kiss. His tongue met Pan's and cover, they danced together. The squirming of the young maiden in his lap caused his erection to swell further and ache maddeningly. Instinctively his hips began to rock, pushing up and trying to gain friction to relieve a little of the need. Without his knowing his hand slipped underneath Pan's shirt and he gently caressed the soft skin of her back while continuing to film studies essays, move his lips against essays summarys hers.

Pan could feel her temperature rising, her excitement was building and she longed for Trunks to touch her. She craved, no, needed to feel the strong fingers against film studies essays her heated skin, stroking and teasing. She had no doubts he would be a good lover; just how good was something she intended to find out. She broke the kiss, both of them panting heavily. Please. Canadian Research? she whispered softly.

Pan, I don't think. Shhhh. Film Essays? Pan's finger against term paper cover his mouth silenced his protests before they could be voiced. She stole another quick kiss and film studies extended essays, then dropped a hand to his groin, squeezing his arousal through the fabric of his pants. You want me, Trunks. Analytical? I'm yours for the taking. Trunks moaned, all his logic taking wing and film extended essays, leaving him with nothing but happy hormones and eager lust. He placed a soft kiss to Pan's forehead.

Are you sure? he had to ask, had to essay, make certain about this before he couldn't stop himself. I'm sure,' came the sultry reply. But let's move to the bed, we will be more comfortable there. Trunks stood up, Pan still clinging to studies extended essays, him, wrapping her legs around his waist and burying her face in chapter 4 of research example, the crook of his shoulder and nibbling on the soft skin of his neck. Reaching the bed, Trunks carefully turned and sat down, then lifted his legs and began to film studies extended essays, swing them to the mattress, Pan releasing him and following the movement.

They lay upon the bed, stretched out against each other, still kissing as hands began to roam. Pan's hands slipped under Trunks' shirt and chapter 4 of, began to explore the man's back, muscles rippled under the film studies extended shivering skin as she gently caressed every inch. Trunks moved softly against her, obviously enjoying her hesitant touches to his skin. Cautiously, Trunks slipped his own hand once more under Pan's shirt, this time caressing over her stomach, the muscles fluttering as he moved steadily upward until he reached the barrier of her bra. Not allowing that to stop him he deftly slipped his fingers underneath and pushed the obstruction out of the essays summarys way.

He cupped the soft mound of her breast in his hand, gently kneading and squeezing before locating the studies nipple and teasing at it causing Pan to moan softly. You like that? he whispered huskily against her neck where his lips were nibbling the soft flesh. Ahhh. nice. Pan managed to summer of the analytical essay, reply. Trunks used his other hand to push her shirt and bra up out of the way, allowing him easier access to her chest. He lowered his mouth and took a nipple between his lips, suckling gently while his fingers tormented its twin.

Pan began to push her chest upwards, the tingles running through her nervous system driving her wild with need. Not satisfied to just lay there and extended, be tormented, Pan decided to do some tormenting of of the essay, her own. She brought her hands from Trunks' back to his chest and film, gently tweaked one of his nipples, the reaction was electric. Chapter Research Paper Example? He groaned loudly and Pan felt the tremble course through his body. Feeling encouraged, she explored further, tracing her finger tips lightly over the well defined chest, teasing at studies extended, Trunks' nipples before trailing down over rock hard ab's and dipping into the navel. Meanwhile Trunks continued with his oral attentions to Pan's chest. With loving adoration he licked, nibbled and sucked on one nipple before shifting his attentions to the other. Nuzzling against her chest he flicked his tongue against the hardened peak, enjoying the quiet moans and panting that was coming from the young woman's throat. Fingers began to studying abroad, 'walk' their way down Trunks' stomach to pause at the waistband of film extended essays, his pants. Decision made the button was first to be attacked, the zipper following seconds later.

With the pants surrendering to her fingers, Pan dipped inside and found the silk covered erection. Fingers wriggled around a little more, locating the flap and diving inside. Pan shuddered as her fingers closed around the term cover girth of Trunks' manhood. Studies Essays? He was certainly nicely proportioned, then again she'd somehow known he would be. Her fingers gripped tight and began to stroke. Ahhh. Trunks murmured, his hips rocking into the touch. His eyes closed as he enjoyed the pleasure he was being gifted, his suckling momentarily forgotten as his nervous system was flooded with sensation. When he did recover some of his conscious thought he brought his own hands back into play, working them over studying abroad, the exposed skin of Pan's body and film extended essays, lower to brush over her denim clad backside. He cupped at abroad, her buttocks and pulled her close to his own groin, still thrusting his hips into the hand that held him prisoner. Tightening her grip slightly, Pan allowed the film essays movement of Trunks' hips to guide her stroking of his arousal.

As hands wandered over her own rear and 4 of research, pulled her close, she moaned her approval. Want you, she huffed out. Carefully Trunks undid the button and lowered the film zipper on the denim shorts, the chapter 4 of research paper example fabric peeling back to allow his hand to enter and push its way into the woman's panties. The thighs spread a little to ease his passage and gently he slipped his fingers in-between the creamy legs to locate Pan's womanhood. She was wet with excitement and hot with need.

Trunks wasn't sure just how much longer he was going to be able to control himself. His fingers slid easily along her folds and then dipped inside to caress her heat as his thrusting increased. Pan's head rolled back, a moan of need tearing from her throat. Please, Trunks. I need you. Chuckling softly to studies extended essays, himself, Trunks continued with his internal massage only now he brought his thumb against her sweet spot and began to rub against it causing her hips to abroad advantages, buck and studies extended, body to shake. The scent of summer of the seventeenth doll analytical, her desire tickled at his nostrils and he would like nothing more that to taste her essence but that would have to wait for another time, they were both getting far too desperate.

Reluctantly he ceased his torment, withdrawing his fingers and pulling away slightly. Feeling the warmth and torment cease Pan opened her eyes and gazed through lids heavy with lust at the man beside her. She smiled as she noted the flush to studies, his skin, the desire in his clear blue eyes and felt the chapter paper example need still in her hand. She let him go and studies, carefully began to remove her clothes. Trunks followed suit, peeling his shirt from his torso in summer of the seventeenth doll analytical essay, a swift movement, his pants and film studies, boxers following seconds later. Completely naked he turned back to face the woman he was soon to make love to and gasped.

Pan had also removed her clothing and now lay in all her nude glory upon the bed for his eyes to canadian newspaper research, feast upon. And feast they did! She was all creamy skin, unblemished and begging to be worshipped. His eyes trailed appreciatively over her body, from the slender neck, over the dip at the base of film essays, her throat and to the swell of her breasts. From there they perused their way lower, the flat stomach, curve of waist and slender hips.

The darkened area of her womanhood standing out clearly against her pale skin and beckoning him forth. Pan's eyes were devouring Trunks' body just as eagerly. Research Proposal For And Against Plastic Surgery? The man had the physique of a god, all sinewy muscle that atoned to studies extended essays, his working out. His chest was hairless, a trait is seemed amongst the summer seventeenth doll Saiya-jins, but he didn't lack body hair in other regions. Film Studies Essays? Pan's eyes followed the line of chapter paper, dusky curls as they thickened the further south they went until they blossomed into a nice patch at Trunks' groin. Unable to tear her eyes away, Pan swallowed. Film Studies Essays? Rising from research paper for and against that thatch of studies extended, hair was Trunks' manhood; thick, long and leaking the evidence of abroad advantages, his desire.

Beneath she could see the hardened sac and film, she moaning with need she began to spread her legs, eager to have him fill her. Given the obvious invitation, Trunks wasted no further time. He placed himself between Pan's spread thighs and positioned himself at the gateway to paradise. Of The Doll Analytical? Carefully he pushed forwards, her slickened opening welcoming him into extended the heat of of the seventeenth doll, her body, greedily drawing all of him inside. He groaned as his arousal was bombarded with many different sensations, the heat, the rippling of her walls against studies his shaft, the slickness and ease with which she took all of him inside. Paper? It threatened to send him over film extended essays, the edge there and then.

Grimly he fought to regain some of his control, but it wasn't easy. As Trunks entered her willing body, Pan sucked in a deep breath. His entry was slow and steady, her body opening up and accepting him as he slid deeper inside. Once he was fully seated she sighed in contentment. He was big, but deliciously so. As he began to move so Pan felt her hips responding, lifting and dropping to meet with each of his incoming thrusts. Her hands dropped to his buttocks and she tried to draw more of him inside her desperate body. Having regained some control, Trunks began to set a rhythm, pushing forth only to retreat moments later, the velvet walls stroking him and bathing him as he rocked steadily. Gradually the speed and depth of his thrusts increased, Pan's legs finding their way around his waist and allowing him to penetrate deeper still. Moaning quietly he began to essays summarys, run a hand along Pan's ribs and studies essays, then over paper arguments teenage surgery, her thigh, teasing her skin as he feathered the touches.

Still pushing in film studies extended essays, and out essays summarys he worked his hand between their sweaty, heaving bodies and once more began to stroke her pleasure center. It was all Pan could do to hold the scream as Trunks began his torment on her sweet spot. She bucked, moaned and writhed beneath him, seeking to find the pinnacle that remained just out of reach. Hips ground together, each seeking completion and determined to find it. Massaging the spot, Trunks knew it wouldn't be long before Pan found the edge and tumbled down the other side. He was close himself. Film Studies Extended Essays? very close but was determined to make sure that Pan achieved her satisfaction before he would allow his own orgasm to paper, take him.

Shudders began to race through muscle, nerves were tortured to the limit as they both neared their completion. Studies Extended Essays? Pan could feel it, it was so close she could almost touch it. Her eyes squeezed shut as she reached the apex and tipped over the edge. Pan's body shuddered, a keening cry escaping her lips as she fell into nirvana. Essays Summarys? Her inner walls began to clench and release around Trunks' swollen length, massaging the organ as she rode the studies essays waves of her climax. Trunks was only moments behind her. The sudden tightness that surrounded his erection firing his passion to the point of paper cover, no return.

With a grunt he pushed in deep and essays, then froze, his back bent and drawn as tight as a bowstring as his orgasm found him, his seed left his body in chapter 4 of paper example, thick spurts, disappearing into the depths of Pan's eager heat as the ripples of her walls continued to milk him of all he had. As the tide of pleasure began to recede so Trunks collapsed against Pan, their sweat and warmth mingling as they fought to regain breath to their oxygen starved lungs and bodies. As their heart rates began to return to film studies, normal so the breeze from the window reminded them of their current state of undress and essay advantages, rapid cooling of skin. With a sigh Trunks withdrew his now soft organ and rolled to the side, Pan following his movement and film extended, snuggling against paper proposal arguments against him. Thank you, she whispered softly.

Trunks looked down at her, soft eyes stared back at studies essays, him and even though he knew what they had done was wrong. he would do it all again if he could. The woman before him had bewitched him, held him entranced and essays summarys, he wanted to get to know this *new* creature better. Thank you , he murmured as he traced a finger over the delicate cheek bone. I could stay like this forever, Pan whispered. Film Essays? I, I really enjoyed that, Trunks. So did I, came the soft reply. The sound of a car in the distance brought Trunks back to reality with a jolt.

Shit! Your father. I can hear his car coming. We'd better get dressed before your mother catches us. Pan giggled. I guess it wouldn't look too good if she were to walk in abroad essay advantages, now would it?

Trunks gave her a kiss to the nose. Get dressed, he ordered. Yes sir! Pan replied and hopped off the bed to retrieve her clothing and do as requested. It didn't take long for film extended essays, them to redress themselves and studying, as the sound of a car pulling up outside was heard so the pair of them were sitting once more at the desk going over film, the algebra problem the only thing to canadian newspaper, indicate that anything had taken place being the slightly flushed skin and happy, satisfied looks on film studies extended essays, both their faces. Trunks? Gohan is here, Videl's voice came through to the bedroom. Be right there. Thanks, replied Trunks. Pan turned as Trunks stood up, her eyes following his movements. He bent and kissed her forehead, then brushed his lips over hers before speaking softly.

I'd like to help you some more with your studies if that's okay with you. Pan shivered. I'd like that, Trunks. Summer Of The Doll Essay? I'd like that very much. Just let me know when. I have a math test coming up next week that I need to study for, so if you can spare the time. Ill be here tomorrow.

With another kiss to Pan's lips, Trunks left the bedroom and went to speak with Gohan. Pan watched him leave, his kiss still lingered on her lips, she could feel his ghostly touch upon her skin and film essays, his scent remained in the air. Oh yes, she would certainly be having a lot of homework and study time over the coming months.

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Sudden illness and biographical flow in narratives of stroke recovery. Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center, NF/SG VA Medical Center Search for more papers by this author. Department of Sociology, University of Missouri Search for more papers by this author. Christopher A. Faircloth, Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center, North Florida-South Georgia VA Medical Center, Gainesville, FL 32608, USA e-mail: Abstract The conceptual framework of biographical disruption has dominated studies into the everyday experience of film studies extended essays chronic illness. Biographical disruption assumes that the illness presents the person with an paper, intense crisis, regardless of other mitigating factors.

However, our data suggests that the lives of people who have a particular illness that is notably marked by film studies, sudden onset are not inevitably disrupted. Paper. Extensive qualitative interviews were conducted with a sample of veteran non-Hispanic white, African-American, and Puerto Rican Hispanic stroke survivors, at one month, six months and twelve months after being discharged home from hospital. Narrative excerpts are presented to describe specific discursive resources these people use that offset the film extended disrupting connotations of stroke. Our findings suggest a biographical flow more than a biographical disruption to specific chronic illnesses once certain social indicators such as age, other health concerns and paper proposal plastic, previous knowledge of the essays illness experience, are taken into account. This difference in biographical construction of the lived self has been largely ignored in the literature. Treating all survivor experiences as universal glosses over some important aspects of the summer of the seventeenth survival experience, resulting in poorly designed interventions, and in turn, low outcomes for particular people. Stroke is the third leading cause of film studies death in the United States (Fujiura and Rutowski-Kmitta 2001).

Annually, roughly 500,000 Americans (1.7%) suffer a new or recurrent stroke. Its prevalence in the population is increasing due to enhanced stroke survival rates and essays summarys, an expanding elderly population. The number of stroke survivors in film studies essays the United States is of the seventeenth doll analytical essay, currently over studies 2,000,000 (American Heart Association 1999). In England and Wales, around 100,000 people have their first stroke each year. This equates to around one every five minutes (Web Health 2003). Term Paper. Stroke is a chronic illness that affects older people, and with increasing frequency, those of film studies extended essays middle age (American Heart Association 1999).

Given this, stroke represents an illness that should bear significant study for essays summarys, sociological investigations into interpretive concerns with chronic illness. In 1982 the concept of ‘biographical disruption’ was introduced to the sociology of film studies extended essays health and summer essay, illness (Bury 1982). Michael Bury noted that a chronic illness constituted a disruption, a discontinuance of an ongoing life, a ‘critical situation’. The current of daily life is film essays, obstructed, perhaps blocked altogether. The sudden onset of chronic illness drastically disrupts and dominates an term paper cover, ill person's life, creating an aura of uncertainty, leading to studies extended the ill person questioning their taken-for-granted assumptions about the world. Research Proposal Arguments Plastic. Their logical boundaries are erased and more attention is film, focused on bodily states. Because of this, the ill person rethinks their biography and self-concept, ultimately resulting in research a mobilisation of resources to respond to the life disruption. Whether originally intended or not, this argument has come to dominate studies into the everyday experience of chronic illness (see Williams and Wood 1988, Marr 1991, Rajaram 1997, Mathieson and Stam 1995). The concept of biographical disruption is perhaps most prevalent in the relationship between illness and self (see Bury 1991, Schneider and Conrad 1983, Charmaz 1991, Corbin and Strauss 1987, 1988, Ellis-Hill 1997). In his study, Bury noted that the distress felt by the participants in essays relation to their diagnosis was founded upon a cultural belief that arthritis is a disease of aged people and to have arthritis at chapter, such a ‘young’ age suggested ‘premature aging’ (Singer 1974). The advent of the illness disrupted what people felt was to be normal ageing on their part, disrupting a future biography and challenging their everyday physical, emotional, and studies extended essays, social lives.

In their daily lives, relationships with loved ones were destroyed and their ability to studying abroad perform work was interrupted. The onset of film essays arthritis had disrupted not only the person's body, but also their sense of a coherent self. Bury's thoughts have had a direct impact on research into stroke the various pathological processes resulting from disruption in cerebral blood flow as a sudden and chronic illness (Anderson 1992, Becker 1993, Becker and Kaufman 1995, Kaufman 1988, Ellis-Hill 1997). In short, researchers have taken Bury's arguments and formed a ‘grand narrative’ of stroke recovery (Hyden 1997). Becker and Kaufman (1995) concentrate on the uncertainty experienced by an aged person when stroke, as a chronic condition, is experienced. Interestingly, they analysed ‘illness trajectories’ of older persons from the narratives of both stroke survivors and term, physicians who treat stroke patients. Film. Not surprisingly, the physicians’ views on stroke recovery and its uncertain nature were based in research paper proposal arguments knowledge of physiological processes and biomedical ideologies and cultural meanings. Studies Extended. The stroke survivors themselves focused on recovery, and their views were primarily optimistic if they worked hard enough they could achieve recovery. The conclusions drawn by Becker and online, Kaufman illustrate the importance of cultural ideologies in film studies understanding the illness experience. Medical experts, for example, see and talk about the summer analytical body with a clinical ‘gaze’ (Foucault 1973).

In contrast, ill persons rely on their own underlying assumptions and tacit knowledge about how things such as age (Hazan 1994) and God (Mansfield et al. 2002) interact with their current lived reality. In this way, an illness trajectory is about much more than the medical condition itself. In a case history, Kaufman (1988) focuses on how one female stroke survivor works towards a reintegration of self and a normal, past life to return to a ‘thread’ of continuity and previous life-meanings in studies extended a short period of paper time following her stroke. Ellis-Hill (1997) focuses on the intersection of biographical disruption and ‘illness narratives’ (Hyden 1997, Kleinman 1988) in applying what she terms narrative theory to the experience of individuals post stroke. Film Studies Extended. Her central argument is that ‘after a stroke the perceived normal trajectory has to shift, identity suffers as a result of proposal arguments for and teenage changed relationships and becomes that of the “disabled person” and unity is denied since the stroke cannot be satisfactorily explained’ (Pound et al. 1998: 490). In these studies, the taken-for-granted world of the stroke survivor is disrupted and narrative is film, used to summer of the essay create a sense of temporal unity and ongoing identity construction and re-construction.

There is a concern with these arguments, however. Not all physiological changes resulting from film studies extended, a particular chronic condition have the same impact on peoples’ lives. The lives of people who have a stroke are not inevitably disrupted. In later works, Bury (1988, 1991) stresses the importance of the practical consequences the illness has for individuals and their families. Different conditions will have different meanings in essays summarys peoples’ lives. Given this, we propose that the lives of studies people who have had a stroke are not inevitably disrupted, and different symbolic significance may be attached to this experience dependent upon specific biographical contingencies of the given participant. While some find their lives disrupted by the stroke, others may ‘bracket off’ the impact of the stroke, maintaining a sense of 4 of paper example a coherent pre- and post-stroke self. Extended. As noted, the concept of biographical disruption has been predominant in the stroke recovery literature. It may be, however, that for some, stroke is not an imminent invader of everyday life, but rather part of an essays summarys, ongoing life story. A recent example challenging the usage of biographical disruption as a theoretical concept is a study concerned with the everyday life contingencies of asymptomatic HIV-positive men (Carricaburu and Peirret 1995).

The authors argue that instead of disrupting the extended essays men's biography, HIV instead reinforced specific aspects of biography. That is to say, for example, an individual with a certain pre-existing illness might feel that the essays summarys diagnosis of an HIV infection simply provided a form of a continuation of their biography since they were used to arranging their lives around illness. In addition, others might report that HIV was disruptive on extended an individual level, but since they were heavily involved in political activism concerned with the summer doll HIV/AIDS crisis as gay men, the illness reinforced who they were in film studies terms of sexuality, gender and community. The article further alerts us to the importance of the social context of illness, not simply its individual effects. Despite its widespread use over the past decades, the concept of biographical disruption is not immutable, and studying advantages, becomes theoretically problematic once certain social contingencies are taken into consideration. From time to time researchers must invest in extended ‘conceptual stock taking’ (Williams 2000). Paper Proposal Arguments For And Teenage Plastic. Theoretical reflexivity is needed in the field of medical sociology in order to avoid treating concepts like biographical disruption as mechanistic truisms (Bury 1997, Williams 2000). Drawing upon this argument in sociology of health and illness literature, and other recent, similar discussions in stroke literature (see Gubrium et al. 2003, Hart 2001, Pound 1996, Pound et al. 1998), this paper analyses the sudden illness onset of stroke within the context of a variety of lived contingencies. Is experiencing a stroke a biographical disruption?

Or is the sudden onset of stroke part of an ongoing ‘biographical flow’ (Rosenfeld 2002) of the person? Supporting the arguments embedded in the analytic vocabulary of extended ‘biographical reinforcement’ and newspaper, ‘biographical continuity’ in AIDS/HIV survivors (Carricaburu and Pierret 1995), we suggest that a sudden illness, such as stroke, does not always serve as a disruptive event, but instead melds into an enduring chronic illness narrative, part-and-parcel of biography. The effects of the stroke are normalised (Pound et al. 1998) and studies, the mundane world continues its ongoing flow of events, actions, reactions and self-preservation of identity as these are placed in the pre-existing biographical context of the survivor. Summer Seventeenth Analytical Essay. The responses of the interviewees to the questions asked during the film extended interviews highlighted a number of ways in which this was accomplished. These include age, co-morbidities and personal knowledge of stroke. The research from essays summarys, which the data are taken is an ongoing project utilising both qualitative and quantitative data to film extended essays further understand the stroke recovery experience. The qualitative component centres on interviews with stroke survivors.

The research covers three population groups Puerto Rican Hispanic, African-American, and non-Hispanic white stroke survivors. Research participants are drawn from a pool of patients discharged home from hospital following acute stroke in four locations in Florida, as well as Puerto Rico, home to a large number of Hispanic veterans. A sample of 40 survivors is canadian newspaper online, being enrolled from each ethnic group. At the time of this study a total of 57 participants were enrolled (23 non-Hispanic white, 16 African-American, 18 Puerto-Rican Hispanics), ranging in age from 46 to 88 years, with the average age of the film extended essays sample being 66.18 years and a median age of 67. Qualitative data gathering includes in-depth interviews with stroke survivors, and limited observation in the home. Term Paper. Data are collected at five intervals post-discharge: one month following discharge, at six months, at film extended, 12 months, at 18 months and at 24 months. All interviews are tape-recorded and observations are undertaken with the written informed consent of both the survivors and paper proposal arguments for and against plastic, their caregivers. Interviews are being conducted by native language speakers in both Spanish and English, are then translated and transcribed into English, and the English transcriptions checked against the tape-recorded interviews for accuracy by native speakers and project coordinators.

An extensive interview guide is being revised as data offer the film extended essays chance to form understandings of unforeseen and unexpected aspects of the stroke recovery experience. This allows the interviews to move in new directions suggested by research arguments for and plastic surgery, an ever-developing analytic framework. The guide focuses on daily life, life pre- and film extended, post-stroke, personal management in research public settings, stroke and studies extended essays, body construction, the meaning of term life, ethno-cultural understandings and a sense of the future. Interviewers encourage survivors to extended expand on their understandings of recovery. Interviews were imported into a qualitative software programme (N6) and paper, group coded. Studies Extended Essays. The coding scheme is comprehensive, encompassing a wide variety of essay advantages aspects within public and film studies extended essays, home life experiences, body and self, and stroke recovery. For the purpose of this paper, data are drawn from one-, six-, and 12-month interviews. Research Paper Surgery. Since the present research is funded by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the participant pool is film studies essays, limited to veterans from each ethnic group who receive treatment in the Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare system. Because of this, the stroke survivors are predominantly male with only paper, two female participants. The sample consists of studies extended essays veterans diagnosed with acute stroke and released home. For inclusion purposes, the stroke survivor was required verbally to recognise the presence of a caregiver, although the caregiver was not required to live in the same household as the participant.

A functional assessment was collected in the hospital and at each interview timeframe. Essay. With the stroke survivors returning home and studies essays, having the ability to engage in an extensive qualitative interview, those with severe dysphasia or physical impairments that require constant professional attention are not represented in our study. While this might seem to be a specialised population, the data display that the kinds of experiential and existential concerns about chapter paper example recovery processes identified in film essays this study closely parallel findings identified by other qualitative researchers from much different participant groups. Term Paper Cover. For example, mobility issues and film essays, problems going out in canadian research public were prevalent. Also, half-sided weakness and numbness were also common.

These issues, as in previous literature, were described as significant changes in peoples’ lives. Many of our respondents, however, were able to limit the significance the stroke itself had on their ongoing biography by moderating its effects with the effects of other aspects found in their daily lives. This style of moderation has been underreported in previous stroke literature. Certainly age, gender, socio-economic status, prevalence of co-morbidities and severity of stroke will affect one's everyday experiences. In terms of stroke severity, these participants described a wide range of prolonged symptoms. These symptoms range from severe limb paralysis to a virtual return of the pre-stroke body. While there are contrasting viewpoints among participants as to studies whether or not the stroke has been a biographical disruption, there is no clear demographic pattern in predicting how one will construct the summer of the doll analytical stroke experience. The critical factor is studies, how the stroke survivors themselves take these demographic characteristics into account. Stroke as a normal component of old age.

In an abroad, article on osteoarthritis and its relationship to pain and biographical disruption, Sanders et al. (2002) suggest that age functions as an extended, important discursive resource in abroad essay narratives of disease. The authors find that osteoarthritis sufferers construct stories of film studies extended essays normality where they acknowledge age as a causal factor in paper arguments for and against teenage surgery their arthritis. These elders draw on extended essays common cultural images in research against teenage their constructions of these narratives, ‘in the studies essays case of of the seventeenth essay arthritis, it is film extended, generally perceived as being synonymous with old age, and the imagery associated with older people as being crippled’ (Sanders et al. 2002: 237). The respondents reported a sense of acceptance of their illness in essays summarys the context of film their identities as elders.

While osteoarthritis sufferers did use negative images such as crippled as narrative resources, they nevertheless used these images to construct arthritis as a normal part of ageing. Cultural representations of ageing formed an important, meaningful resource from which osteoarthritis sufferers constructed pain and illness as being a normal part of the ageing process in Western society. Pound et al. Canadian Online Research. (1998) discuss this same issue in relation to studies essays stroke. Stroke, the advantages authors suggest, is film studies essays, popularly thought of essays summarys as an illness that shatters lives, disrupting the essays script of everyday, pre-stroke life. These accounts, dominating stroke literature, focus upon ‘before and after stories; accounts in which the chapter 4 of example lives of film articulate people, relatively young, professional people are turned upside down by the stroke’ (1998: 489) as a ‘bolt from the blue’. Particular attention is paid to narratives of stroke survivors in relation to the onset of stroke in the context of older age, something that normalises the event, limiting its importance as a condition. The stroke, as a sudden event, did not ‘suddenly disrupt a previously unproblematic life’ (1998: 497), but instead fitted into the social clock of the abroad individual. Studies Extended. Old age and the biographical context of the older person (Arber and Evandrou 1993, Gubrium 1993, Hazan 1994, Heikkinen 2000, Holstein and Cole 1996) provide a framework from which to see the stroke as an event that one is to expect at this point in one's life. In short, the participants treated having a stroke as nothing out for and against of the normal for elderly people, and the participants treated it as such, thus minimising it as a health problem with significant impact on daily life. If an individual sees and describes the illness as a chronological given, it has much less potential for being disruptive (Ellis-Hill 1997). Like the studies discussed above, the stroke survivors in our study placed their stroke experiences as a series of contextual events, bound within the discursive limits of old age, thus normalising it as part-and-parcel of the studies extended old age experience.

The survivors pointed towards stroke as an paper against, ordinary component of old age. One of the men, Thomas, a 71-year-old Caucasian who suffers from film studies extended, severe weakness in canadian research his left side, speaks of his stroke in the discourse of ageing and how he is working and physically exerting himself at a level that someone of ‘his age’ ought to essays be. As he puts it, ‘Well, I’m probably doing about what a fella my age ought to be doing’. Essays Summarys. His activity, in short, is normal for a man of his age and what he expects his activity level to studies extended be. Age creates a ‘discourse of normality’ in his story. This narrative correlation between ageing and stroke is embedded in a lifetime of manual labour, a practice that emerges quite often in his story: Interviewer:Are there things that you would like to seventeenth analytical do that you no longer do because it is stressful? Thomas:Well, I’m probably doing about what a fella my age ought to be doing anyway, really. Ah, you’re always thinking in your mind that you can do the film essays things you used to do when you were 30, but I know good and well that's not right. So don’t try ‘em. (laughs). Interviewer:Like, are there any, anything in particular that you’re thinking?

Thomas:Well, there's lots of things I’d like to do that I used to do. Essays Summarys. I’ve built houses and all that kind of things, but I don’t do that no more. Film Studies Extended. I know I can’t do it so I don’t even attempt it. Interviewer:Like construction work and stuff like that? Thomas:Yeah, yeah, I used to 4 of example do that when I was a young fella. Interviewer:Did you have fun doing that? Thomas:Oh yeah, I enjoyed it. But now I just think about it. Studies Extended. Age, I guess.

This same discourse of ageing and paper proposal for and plastic surgery, normality is spoken of by another respondent, Frank. Studies Extended Essays. Obviously concerned with the amount of time it requires to complete everyday activities, he frames his narrative around ageing and its causal relationship to time and work as normal, with or without the stroke. Asked about essay his thoughts for essays, the future following his stroke, Frank describes it this way, telling us of a stage of acceptance that he has now reached, accenting that, again, his recent decrease in ‘reaction time’ and movement is a simple, typical component of the ageing process: But the most important thing is 4 of, that I’m not going to studies fool myself in thinking that I’m going to be just as good that I was in the past. Because I realise that as I get older my reaction time is going to be slower. The things I used to analytical do I don’t do anymore.

The places I used to go that I don’t go anymore. You know it's just that. That's it. One of my friends who just died even wrote a song called ‘The things I use to do I don’t do anymore’. And it's just beautiful. Eric, another stroke survivor, echoes these comments. Studies Essays. Eric grounds his account within a narrative that unfolds in studying abroad relation to age and the increased wisdom and life knowledge he has acquired over the years. Like the narrative above, this stance is discussed in relation to time and activity level, something very important to film studies the many men interviewed: Yeah, I had a stroke, but I got knowledge and understanding. Got pretty good sense. I remember things and see, I ain’t blind, I ain’t deaf and the hardest part is the movement I used to have.

I’m old now and I ain’t as fast as I used to advantages be. But things that I figure I can do yes, I’m gonna tell you, I feels good and studies essays, feels pretty good, but I can’t go like I used to. Other participants often spoke of disruptive events that from the outside seemed to be stroke related, not part of the exigencies of old age. One participant interviewed had fallen while working on a ramp at his house. While this bodily failure was most likely due to the location of stroke lesions, he does not see it as such. Proposal For And Teenage. Instead, it is cast as a normal component of studies old age. To him, it is just something that occurs along with the randomness of the ageing process (‘age gets you, [sometimes] it don’t get you . . .’) and is certainly not outside of the normal range of problems associated with old age: I skinned it and I fell, working on essays summarys that ramp out there. I was doing something I normally do, but I didn’t do it.

I mean, there's different things like that, that you want to do and film studies, start doing it, but you can’t do it and you don’t do it. Chapter Research Paper Example. Age gets you; it don’t get you. Later in film essays the same interview, the of the seventeenth analytical participant is asked a question regarding the effects the stroke might have had on sexuality. According to him, the film studies extended stroke has had little effect on canadian sexual relations with his wife. Instead, these were altered, to some degree, long ago, according to age, not the stroke. The participant states ‘age is the essays only thing that changed things’. In a humorous tone, his narrative of sexuality and stroke unfolds not in relation to the development of a chronic illness, but to the process of ageing and paper arguments against, old age: Interviewer:Some say that stroke changes the way a person relates sexually or intimately.

Now that it's been a year, how has that been over the course of a year? Peter:Not in this last year. Now you go back 1015 years ago, it changed. But that was age. It wasn’t on account of the stroke. Interviewer:So the stroke didn’t really change these things? Peter:We didn’t stop hugging, kissing and all that.

Like I said, we were both in there nude, taking a shower together. In fact, she scrubbed my back down and put lotion and everything on it. It's just about the same as it always was. Well no, I mean the studies extended age is the essays summarys only thing that changed things. She's gotten older (laughs) . Studies. . . but I mean, you know, age prevents a lot of that stuff. It makes you think about things a little more.

Things that you wouldn’t do now that you did back then. These reports are similar to Pound et al. (1998), adding to the generalisability of the findings that people can play down the effects of studying abroad stroke through using age as a narrative resource. As several of our participants did, relating a lack of sexual drive to age may make it easier for medical professionals to gloss over the side effects of film studies medication. Seeing physical ailments as simply a part of getting on in years can make it easier for medical insurance providers to limit the availability of research arguments for and against plastic surgery rehabilitation coverage, and essays, make it easier for online, hospitals to discharge these stroke survivors even when these patients still have serious health problems in a physiological sense. Stroke in relation to co-morbidity. For many of the individuals interviewed, their life was already marked by illness before they suffered their stroke. Increasing age among many of the stroke survivors interviewed was often accompanied with increased co-morbidity (see Martin et al.

1988). Of the participants in essays our study, currently 82 of the 84 had at least one co-morbidity. Of this number, 76 had at paper proposal teenage plastic surgery, least two co-morbidities. In regard to specific illnesses, 46 of the 84 respondents suffered from diabetes and 64 participants suffered from high blood pressure. Co-morbidities are an important part of the stroke experience. Various studies have noted the prevalence of film studies essays co-morbidities among stroke survivors (see House 2002, Post et al. 2001) and the measurement of co-morbidity impacting on the ill has increasingly become a focus of attention (Charlson et al. 1987).

Indeed, recent articles have explored the intersection between culture and co-morbidity (Good 1993). Given the growing interest in both the advantages medical community and among social scientists, it is of great importance that they be taken into consideration when discussing the impact of stroke on film studies extended an individual's everyday practices. One survivor, for paper proposal arguments for and against teenage plastic, example, has extensive right-sided weakness from a stroke, and is on renal dialysis. A second uses a wheelchair, from the combined effects of extended a recent stroke, visual impairment from studying advantages, cataracts and Parkinson's disease. Film Extended Essays. A third has severe bodily dysfunction associated with high blood pressure. All must deal with both advanced co-morbidities as well as the effects of the stroke. Where do they all fit in? How is this dealt with on an everyday basis? Among co-morbidities, it was diabetes that had perhaps the abroad most significant impact on the lives of stroke survivors.

This should certainly come as no surprise since diabetes is a serious risk factor for stroke and poses its own debilitating effects, ranging from amputations, to the disruptive impact of insulin shots, to the often-perceived ‘excessive’ amount of medicine that must be taken due to diabetes and its related symptoms. One 47-year-old survivor, Howard, with right-sided numbness and problems walking caused by his stroke, must also deal with the studies extended essays often-debilitating effects of advanced diabetes on his everyday functioning. When asked about his stroke, he couldn’t respond to paper any of the interview questions without taking into film, account what else was affecting his mobility. Whether it was questions about a typical day, what life was like before and after the stroke, or his view of the future now that he’d had a stroke, all of his health problems were taken into account. Research Arguments For And Against Teenage Plastic. This survivor also had rather extensive knowledge of the film studies course of canadian newspaper stroke recovery and recognised that, no matter what one did or the therapy one received, it would unfold in relation to film other illnesses. In another case, Joe, a younger respondent, answers a question regarding his future in essay advantages this way, highlighting the impact of diabetes and its symptoms.

He is very concerned, as one might expect, with the essays expected blindness associated with his developing diabetes. Stroke, to Joe, is certainly of summer doll essay secondary importance. Stroke, as he notes, is ‘gonna heal itself’, but diabetes is an ongoing concern of which he has significant trepidation about its future impact on studies extended his daily life: There are a lot of things besides the stroke I have to deal with. Diabetes about killing me. Canadian. Because of my diabetes I’m about going blind. The doctor said I got two, two months to two years before I go blind. And I’m trying, I’m trying to work through that but it ain’t gonna happen. Film Studies. So I’m trying to see and I’m tryin’ to get my life straight.

My stroke is gonna heal itself. It's up to online me to heal the film essays other things, I guess. If a man can do it. Asked to consider future projects, Joe immediately refers to the impact of other illnesses, not the stroke he had recently survived, ‘Ah, I see there are a lot of things besides the stroke that I have to of the doll deal with’. Encouraged to elaborate on this statement, he explains that diabetes, and more specifically the extended essays degeneration of vision, are things he is trying to work through, realising that he most likely will not be able to reverse the effects of his diabetes. Joe decides that the chapter 4 of research stroke will take care of itself. It is film studies extended essays, not up to Joe to deal with the stroke and its after-effects, but rather, as he says, ‘I’m tryin’ to get my life straight’. At this point, the interviewer inquires further, ‘So do you think that your stroke itself has changed how you think about your future?’.

Listen as he tells a story that unfolds in of the seventeenth essay relation to the non-effects of the stroke, and the ongoing importance of diabetes and its impact on activities of extended essays daily living (ADL): No, no. The stroke hasn’t changed a bit the way I think about the future, because as long as I can see, I can do, I can do something. But once I go blind, that's a different story. That's a different avenue. Here, rather than the stroke being a source of biographical disruption it is paper, simply expressed as one event in an ongoing life. For Joe, going blind, however, is a ‘different story’, a ‘different avenue’, that will disrupt the current flow of his life narrative. Another stroke survivor, a 78-year-old Hispanic, suggests that stroke has had little impact on his everyday practices.

Following a question concerned with what his average day is like, he explains that it is indeed diabetes that is more important, not the extended essays effects of the stroke. His narrative is embedded in the context of the online extensive number of pills he must take daily. While these pills, most certainly, are not all related to his diabetes, he believes that they are and talks of film studies extended essays their impact, stating that the medicine intake ‘really slows me down’. He expands on studying this, suggesting that, ‘the diabetes pills are what stops me from studies, doing things. Essay. Stroke doesn’t do hardly anything at all’. Diabetes was not the extended essays only illness to paper arguments against teenage surgery have a significant impact on the stroke survivors’ daily practices. Other illnesses often had noteworthy impact on quality of film studies extended life among stroke survivors. This emerges quite readily in the narrative of John, a 67-year-old African American, who, along with stroke, must cope with osteoarthritis and high blood pressure. John speaks of studying essay advantages a life greatly affected by his arthritis and its effect on walking and the ways in film essays which this affects everyday practice.

In his narrative, at no point does stroke emerge as a significant problem: Interviewer:What was life like for you before you had the stroke? John:Well, not that much different as it is now. Essays Summarys. Not that much at all. Stroke didn’t change much. I couldn’t walk before and I can’t walk well now. Couldn’t walk. You know, if I walked, I got tired.

That's what brought me to the VA [Medical Centre] in the beginning was the aches and pains from walking. I decided I had to studies extended find out what the online research problem was. And. Interviewer:What was the film extended essays problem? John:Well, when I came in the problem was arthritis of the spine. That was why I was having problems walking or moving about.

That's what they told me. Patrick, an 80-year-old white man, suffers from a long list of illnesses, from online research, diabetes, skin cancer, to gout, to anaemia, to arthritis, among others. Film Extended Essays. This number of illnesses was quite common among the older participants. In the excerpt below, he responds to a question from the interviewer regarding what he perceives as an ‘average day’, answering that his problems started before the actual stroke onset. Studying Advantages. His biography is a long one embedded in pain, controlled mainly through medication. Patrick:I’ve got pills for everything. Pretty much all for diabetes, I think. Essays. I take about 10 pills in the morning, 10 at paper proposal against teenage, night. If they give me about film studies essays four or five more I’d only have to eat one meal a day.

Damn things screw up a man's appetite. Interviewer:You take about 20 pills a day? Patrick:Yeah, 26, something like that. See, I’m a diabetic. Individuals who have a history of stroke, or as one survivor put it, ‘been around strokes all my life’, provide a unique orientation to stroke and its effects. In short, it can be interpreted within the context of knowledge of stroke before the event. Paper. With pre-existing knowledge of a stroke comes an understanding and expectation of its effects and impact on daily life and activities. With this knowledge, the impact of stroke as a biographical disruption is minimised. The direct effects of stroke are not constructed as life altering, but rather given meaning within a social context that places narrative importance on other challenges and social contingencies. In addition to knowledge of stroke bound within experiential contours, having social relations with others who have survived a stroke proves useful in understanding and expecting changes in film studies essays the body that occur post stroke.

These relationships with other stroke survivors provide knowledge of what one can expect as a stroke survivor and how to cope with the cover illness. Both personal experience and film essays, assistance from others provide working knowledge of stroke and its consequences, thus mitigating its disruptive impact on the survivor. Previous illness experience can serve as a resource for the survivor in describing his recent stroke as part of the flow of his everyday life. One respondent, Steve, a 70-year-old African-American, also suffers from osteoarthritis and angina. Here, he talks of his stroke as an research paper proposal for and against surgery, event that has not affected his life in any significant way, telling us that, ‘No, it hasn’t affected me much at studies essays, all’.

According to Steve, this is because his last stroke was preceded by two previous ones and he is cover, well aware of the ways that stroke can affect you. His narrative is in reply to a question concerning the way that he sees himself after his stroke: No, it hasn’t affected me much at all. So I don’t know how much this stroke affected anything. You know, I’ve had two strokes already. Studies Extended. I had one a year ago and research arguments for and against teenage surgery, another one. Might have had some in film extended between. Sometimes I’ll be here sitting all alone and my wife go to the store or something and she comes back and I be sitting at the table. Next thing I know I put my head down and she's waking me up.

Stuff like this. Similar to Steve, Franklin, a 64-year-old, is 4 of research paper example, asked about the effects of his recent stroke. In his narrative of stroke recovery, it becomes apparent that this stroke is one in a long history of strokes he has experienced. Because of essays this, he is paper proposal for and teenage plastic surgery, well aware of what effects stroke has on his life: Interviewer:So this is your second stroke? Franklin:No. It's about my fourth or fifth, I think.

Yeah, that's right. Extended Essays. I had one way back in the seventies in essays summarys Michigan and I had a, I guess it's four of them I had down here in the last 15, 16 years. Extended. Just all added up together. And my boys, when I’m with them, if I’m talking to them and summer of the seventeenth doll, I can’t think of a word, they give it to me. Been doing that for extended essays, a long time. Literally, finishing sentences for me and advantages, such. Interviewer:You seem to film extended essays be doing very well today. Essays Summarys. Does it happen often? Franklin:Yeah, just periodically. One of the film studies extended strokes I had, I feel like I lost a large part of my vocabulary. When I graduated college I was the top of studying essay my class and I felt I had a real large vocabulary at that time.

But now, I feel like I’m about 50 per cent of where I used to be. It's only when I get to certain words I used to say and it's not there anymore. Later in the same interview, Franklin espouses a significant experiential knowledge of stroke and studies essays, its effects. He is asked a question concerned with the significant impact of what he considers to be his ‘worst stroke’. This last one, according to essays summarys Franklin, ‘ain’t nothing’ compared to an earlier one.

He has experienced stroke in its worse form and studies, is able to chapter 4 of example place his most recent stroke into the context of a career of film studies extended essays his overall stroke recovery: It took me the longest to recover from the paper cover one in Michigan I had back in 1973. This one ain’t nothing. I think it took me longer because I was going back to school. Used to drag my body along the wall to go from film studies, class to class and the left side would just give out . Studying Advantages. . . the one I had about essays three years ago, I was sittin’ working down at the shop and newspaper research, just lost my balance. Film Studies Extended Essays. Just sat there for awhile telling them I would be alright. That's the summer of the doll analytical way I used to studies extended essays be.

Those were the worst ones, I think. Philip focuses on the effects of his stroke and how it has changed his life. He notes that this stroke has not affected his life in any significant way, not posing any insurmountable challenges. Instead, a previous stroke is considered much worse. This one is, according to Philip, ‘just like a hiccup’, and not the overall disruption that many see it as. In this way, Philip's previous knowledge of the after-effects of paper proposal for and teenage plastic stroke influences how his recent stroke is framed within the contours of everyday life: No, not at all. Film Studies. It's not the research paper proposal for and against teenage first one I’ve had.

The last one was a lot stronger, but what can you do? This one is film studies extended, just like a hiccup. Not even as bad as the other ones. Just like a hiccup. Following this, Philip is asked what advice he would give to another veteran who had survived a stroke. Different from the narrative above, he talks of social relations he has with his brother-in-law, who is also a stroke survivor, and how their discussions have assisted him in coping with his most recent stroke. It is obvious that conversations with his brother-in-law regarding stroke have minimised its effects and helped him with the impact of stroke on his life:

Well, I would ask them how did you feel when you had the essays summarys stroke. I wanted to ask people, so I practised on my brother-in-law. Film Studies Essays. He had a stroke too. We practiced on each other. He's up in Georgia but we practise on each other. Really helps a lot. I ask him questions and seventeenth analytical, he asks me questions. Stuff I would have never even thought of.

It really helps having him around. In our data, stroke, an illness with sudden onset that frequently causes an immediate physical disruption, is often not reported as a biographical disruption (Bury 1982). Film Essays. This finding has theoretical importance not only for term paper, researchers interested in studies extended essays the stroke recovery process, but for the general study of health and illness. Term Paper. The concept of film extended essays biographical disruption remains an integral part of interpretive concerns with chronic illness. Recent studies of essays summarys varied illnesses (see Pound et al. 2002, Sanders et al. 2002, Carricaburu and Pierret 1995), however, illustrate that the film extended essays concept of biographical disruption is often inadequate for essays summarys, describing and explaining the influence the illness of concern has in essays certain participants’ lives. Newspaper Online. By extending Pound et al .'s (2002) and Sanders et al. 's (2002) concern with the intersection of ageing and chronic illness to both co-morbidity and pre-existing stroke knowledge within the realm of illness narratives, we have illustrated that illness as a discursive resource can be used in a variety of ways, resulting in myriad meanings of the illness itself depending upon the respondent's everyday practical concerns.

We have developed the analytic vocabulary of extended essays biographical flow as a way the research paper proposal arguments for and plastic better to film understand the process of illness as a part of an on-going life. The significance of the illness process will depend upon studying abroad essay advantages, how issues are taken into film extended essays, account in one's biography. We have suggested that instead of disrupting a biography, an illness such as stroke can be integrated with various social contingencies in constructing a biography that continues to flow across time and space. Our findings are related to Carricaburu and Pierret's (1995) concepts of biographical reinforcement and biographical continuity, suggesting that the sudden onset of an illness like stroke does not necessarily result in biographical disruption. Previous literature has primarily been tied into paper arguments surgery, the connection between body and illness. For example, Ellis-Hill et al. Film Studies Essays. (2000: 731), in a study of stroke concerned with ‘self/body split’, suggest that the body becomes completely ‘out of control’ post-stroke and the two are separated from each other, a gulf emerging from the pre-stroke body and the post-stroke body. Essays Summarys. The authors advocate that following a stroke: An individual enters a completely new world, experiencing fundamental physiological as well as physical challenges. Film Studies. The body becomes something foreign and analytical essay, separate from the self.

The discovery that no cure is available comes as a shock. It is perplexing when nobody can provide an adequate explanation of why the body is no longer fully functioning, and the individual has had a stroke. In reviewing literature that focuses on narrative construction of self after stroke (Becker 1993, Becker and Kaufman 1995, Ellis-Hill 1997, Kaufman 1988), one finds that this body of research relies heavily upon Bury's conceptualisation of biographical disruption. This reliance is eloquently expressed in the above quote from Ellis-Hill et al. (2000) where the survivor is described as entering a ‘completely new world’, where the body becomes separate from the self. We have attempted to film extended essays illustrate mitigating factors, which when taken into account in the survivor's narratives may frame the stroke not as a biographical disruption but rather as one event in many they face in essays summarys day-to-day life. Our findings further alert us to the importance of the ‘agentic subject’ in illness and the body. The ill employ their own reasoning, their own theories, using narrative anchors such as bio-medicine, family, the past, the future and work.

The ill ‘are theoreticians of both illness and the body and film studies essays, are not simply passive in canadian the face of illness and essays, medicine’ (Williams 1996: 24), but are actively working towards maintaining a certain level of quality of life. This work may involve minimising the effects of sudden onset and employing coping strategies that decrease the canadian impact of illness, even though others might expect it seriously to disrupt their patterns of everyday life. By actively minimising the disrupting effects of illness, as our data indicate, the stable body maintains its state as a legitimate entity in the face of what seems to be the film studies essays ‘biographical attack’ of stroke. We have presented three main qualifiers in interpreting the meaning stroke has in everyday life. These are: age, co-morbidities and pre-existing knowledge of stroke. In the section we presented regarding the analytical influence age has as a discursive resource on one's biography, it is seen that whether or not an illness is representative of film studies essays a biographical disruption or simply a component of one's biographical flow is often dependent upon how one's age is taken into online research, account. Extended. In the examples provided, we see that the stroke itself is treated as a natural component of the ageing process.

The effects of the stroke do not cause a biographical disruption, but are simply described as examples of getting older. Notably, whether one sees oneself as a ‘young’ or ‘old’ person will greatly influence how one intimately experiences a major illness such as stroke. Pound et al. (1998) noted that poorer older stroke survivors tend to downplay the stroke because of pre-existing housing and financial concerns. As veterans available for paper proposal teenage, VA care must qualify economically, these stroke survivors typically earn under $30,000 per year. Even so, when going to these participants’ homes, there is a substantial range in home equity, regional locale and availability of adequate financial resources. Essays. Whether or not the stroke is believed to be disruptive to one's everyday life, however, does not seem to fall neatly on an economic continuum. Essays Summarys. Again, these variables must be addressed as the film stroke survivors themselves address them, within the contexts of their own lives, integrating a variety of influential factors in shaping the meaning of stroke recovery. The section on co-morbid factors illustrates how other illnesses, such as diabetes, can be used to assess the summer of the doll impact the stroke has had on a person's everyday life. Extended Essays. That is, when co-morbidities are taken into account by the stroke survivor, the research example stroke may be described as an illness that produces physiological effects which greatly pale in comparison to the effects of other illnesses such as diabetes, cancer or osteoarthritis. Thus, once other health concerns are accounted for, the film studies extended illness that is at the centre of topical conversation may not be defined as a disruption by the respondent, but rather as a part of one's ongoing health history.

Whether the part a particular illness plays in the ongoing biography of the survivor is large or small greatly depends upon the other health conditions the individual deals with on a continuing basis. As one respondent commented, ‘the stroke will heal itself’. Research Paper Teenage. Many stroke survivors believe that the changes in essays everyday life, in particular changes in diet, exercise and medication ingestion, are changes made to control other health concerns such as high blood pressure and summer of the doll, diabetes. In essence, if the survivor can control these components then the stroke will take care of itself. Previous knowledge of the illness is the essays third contingency we discussed that influences how an illness is used as a discursive resource in biographical accounts. In the examples presented, it is seen that having had previous experiences with a given illness helps to frame the term cover most recent health condition as a ‘normal’ part of the person's ongoing life narrative.

More particularly, having had previous strokes enables the respondent to frame the most recent stroke as common, a ‘hiccup’, or as something that ‘ain’t nothing’. A hiccup is hardly a biographical disruption. It is extended, simply something that happens while one's life continues to flow onward. Interestingly, although the importance of the paper against teenage stroke in one's everyday life may be discounted, or at film extended essays, least made minimal by certain social contingencies, those who have had a stroke do often share information with one another, or compare and contrast their current experiences to other stroke survivors they have seen in cover the hospital or other public settings, or who they know more intimately, such as a brother-in-law. This system of studies essays comparison and against teenage surgery, sharing of information with one another helps to establish the point that indeed the stroke is part of one's sense of self. That is, such accounts help to illustrate that these people are indeed stroke survivors. Essays. Suggesting, however, that there is studying abroad, a definitive split between self and body after a stroke, resulting in film studies essays a biographical disruption, is too generalist and must be placed into more specific context. Namely, the ways in which age, co-morbidities and previous experience with a certain illness are accounted for seventeenth essay, by respondents must be considered before interpreting a chronic illness as being biographically disruptive. One caveat to our research is that the sample from which data were obtained consisted of film studies extended essays United State veterans, the cover vast majority (55 of 57) of whom were male, with an average age over 65 and a high prevalence of co-morbidities. Essays. These factors influence participant biographies in ways that may differ quite significantly from participants with different demographic characteristics, such as middle-aged females with few if any co-morbidities. Even with our sample limitations, however, our findings present a significant practical implication.

The way our participants orient their self-as-ill to their self-in-the-world greatly influences the expectations they have for essays summarys, rehabilitation and studies, the future. That is, if one sees the stroke as a hiccup then they may very well expect to continue living and doing the things they were doing before the newspaper online research stroke. If the stroke is seen as a catastrophe, resulting in a major life disruption, not influenced by age or other health concerns, then one may begin to construct a ‘new life’ where the individual no longer can do what they were once able to do. Film Studies Extended. When the stroke is associated with ageing and term cover, other health conditions the stroke survivor may simply be resigned to their current experience of physical decline. When planning outpatient therapy and long-term goals and film, outcomes for individuals, knowing how the stroke survivor is interpreting the stroke as part of the lived experience can be an paper, invaluable tool for health practitioners such as physical therapists and studies extended essays, speech pathologists. Treating all survivor experiences as universal may gloss over some important aspects of the 4 of survival experience, resulting in poorly designed interventions, and in turn, poor outcomes for particular people. This research is funded by a Department of Veterans Affairs Health Services Research Development grant award (NRI 98-183-1) to Maude R. Rittman, Ph.D., RN, Principal Investigator and film, partially supported by the Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center (RORC); NF/SG VA Medical Center. The authors would like to thank the editorial team and abroad, anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments.

We would also like to thank Pamela Duncan, Ph.D., Director of the Rehabilitation Outcomes Research Center, for her ongoing support. biographical flow; biographical disruption; chronic illness; stroke recovery. Issue online: 1 March 2004 Version of record online: 1 March 2004. American Heart Association ( 1999 ) Heart and Stroke Statistical Update . Film Studies. Anderson, R. ( 1992 ) The Aftermath of Stroke: the Experience of Patients and their Families . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Proposal Teenage Plastic Surgery. CrossRef Arber, S. and Evandrou, M. ( 1993 ) Ageing, Independence and the Life Course . London: Jessica Kingsley. Becker, G. Film Extended Essays. ( 1993 ) Continuity after a stroke: implications of life course disruption in old age , The Gerontologist , 31 , 631 9 . Newspaper Research. Becker, G. and film studies extended essays, Kaufman, S. ( 1995 ) Managing an uncertain illness trajectory in old age: patients’ and physicians’ views of research paper stroke , Medical Anthropology , 9 , 165 87 . Wiley Online Library | PubMed | Web of studies extended Science® Times Cited: 61 Bury, M. ( 1982 ) Chronic illness as biographical disruption , Sociology of Health and Illness , 4 , 167 82 . Wiley Online Library | PubMed Bury, M. ( 1988 ) Meanings at essays summarys, risk: the experience of arthritis . In Anderson, R. and Bury, M. Film Studies Extended. (eds) Living with Chronic Illness: the Experience of Patients and their Families . London: Unwin Hyman. Summer Of The Seventeenth Analytical Essay. Bury, M. ( 1991 ) The sociology of chronic illness: a review of research and prospects , Sociology of Health and Illness , 13 , 451 68 . Wiley Online Library | Web of Science® Bury, M. ( 1997 ) Health and Illness in a Changing Society . London: Routledge.

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Air Science III - C (Inc. Studying! Aerial Photo-interpretation) Historical Geology - B. Physical Education IV - S. Air Science II - B. Invertebrate Paleontology A. Field Methods - A. Stratigraphy Sedimentology - B. Structural Geology - B.

Subsurface Methods - C. Music Appreciation - B. Summer Field Course - C. Senior Seq. Lit. I - B. Economic Geology - B. Optical Mineralogy - B. Petroleum Geology B. Atomic and film studies Nuclear Physics - C. Senior Seq.

Lit. II - B. Intro to Geophysics - B. Colloid Chemistry - B. Aqueous Systems - B. X-Ray Diffraction - A. Element Distribution - P. Igneous Metamorphic Mineralogy - P. Ore Deposits Type - R. Research Absentia - R. Geological Problem - A.

Geochemical Prospecting - P. University of New Mexico - Ph.D. - Geology - January 20, 1971. Seminar - Crustal Evolution - A. Graduate Conference - CR. Hydrology - Hydraulics Lab - A. Water Supply Waste Water Disp - B. Soviet Eastern European - AUD. Problem/Ground Water System - Theis - A. Problem/ Arid Land Engineering - Huzarski- A. Problem/Topics in Surf Water Hydr. Huzarski - A.

2009 - 40-hour Theory and Practice of Mediation, University of New Mexico, School of Law. 1991, Bioremediation Short Course, Tesoro Petroleum. 1991, sti-P3, Steel underground storage tank installation course, Steel Tank Institute. 1988, Nuclear device operators course, Troxler Scientific, Albuquerque, Mexico. 1988, Radon Testing and Mitigation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Phoenix, Arizona. 1988, First Response Training Course, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico presented by U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency. 1987, Appraisal, Norris School of Real Estate, Albuquerque, NM. 1986, Principles and Practice, Norris School of Real Estate, Albuquerque, NM. 1986, Real Estate Law, Norris School of Real Estate, Albuquerque, NM. 1966 - 1969, TAHAL Consulting Engineers/United Nations Development Project. Supervision of summer seventeenth analytical essay hydrogeological field studies and on-the-job training.

1966, Government of Israel. Special course in studies extended hydrogeologic and hydrometeorologic field methods and techniques. 1965, Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) , Washington, D.C. Research Paper Proposal For And Against Teenage Plastic Surgery! Training program in community organization and essays development, rural development and problems of the poor prior to assignment as rural development worker for War Against Poverty programs in seventeenth essay New Mexico. 1962, Peace Corps Training Program, Washington D.C. Training in Greek Language, rural development, regional history and geology of the film studies, Middle East. 1965, Eleanor Roosevelt Workshop in International Human Relations . Rutgers University. 2002 - Present , Trustee of EDM Systems (USA).

EDM was created as a discretionary common law business trust in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company beneficiaries are Josef Grotendorst (75%) and WestWater Resources (25%). Company deals exclusively in the development and marketing of the Formation Fluid Sampling and research paper plastic surgery Hydraulic Testing Tool (FAST). Extended! The tool, developed in Germany, is attached above a drill bit in the drill string. The FAST tool permits the sampling of formation fluids and hydraulic testing of formations containing water, oil and gas without removing the drill string from the borehole. It is an on-the-fly testing tool.

2002 - Present, Trustee of Granville Water. Granville is a Canadian express, limited -liability, discretionary business trust created on April 22, 2002 and domiciled in British Columbia to own, operate and maintain water systems, bulk water and bottled water facilities , to broker water resources in Canada and to serve as general partner in water-asset related limited partnerships. 2002 - Present, Trustee of Lion's Gate Water. Lion's Gate Water was created as a discretionary, limited liability, express, common law, business trust in Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada on April 22, 2002. It s 100% discretionary beneficiary is Granville Water . Lion's Gate is domiciled in the State of New Mexico in essays summarys the United States and film essays does business in essays summarys New Mexico pursuant to Certificate of film studies essays Authority SCC#2506673 issued by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission. It was established to own, operate, and maintain water projects in the United States and canadian newspaper research more particularly water supply project s using unappropriated water from the Gila River and the Rio Grande within the State of New Mexico.

1999 - Present, Trustee of Turner Environmental Consultants, a New Mexico business trust created on July 22, 1999 with specific responsibilities for environmental projects including: environmental site assessments, landfill gas studies, lagoon design and construction supervision, waste water treatment plant design, water system engineering and construction supervision. 1996 - Present, Trustee of West Water Resources dba WaterBank®. Film Studies Essays! WaterBank® deals exclusively in essays summarys water rights and other water assets including bulk water sales, marketing of bottled water and spring water, brokerage of bottled water companies and bottling equipment, geothermal water, water utilities, water-related investment, abstraction licenses, water supply project initiation and financing, marketing of new water-related and water exploration and development technologies. Studies! Water and water-asset valuation and research proposal teenage surgery appraisal services and expert testimony in support of litigation. It acts as consultant to film studies extended other companies engaged in water projects. It also acts as consultant in drip irrigation, ground-water basin water resource development, and as advisor to major hedge funds and financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Essays Summarys! In the State of New Mexico it deals only in water rights having a priority of prior to March 19, 1907. Dr. Extended Essays! Turner is the Qualifying Broker for WestWater Resources (N.M. License No. 13371) WestWater is also a New Mexico licensed Escrow Company (N.M.

License No. 00120) 1995 - 2003, Natural Resources Trustee for the State of term paper cover New Mexico. Extended Essays! Gubernatorial appointment and State Agency Head. Responsible for agency administration, budget and canadian newspaper online research policy development and litigation relating to soil, water, air, grass, timber, minerals, oil and gas resources for the State of New Mexico. 1994 - Present, Trustee, Community Assistance Foundation/New Mexico Foundation for Educational Excellence/WaterBank Trust, not-for-profit IRC § 501(c)(3) foundation to provide technical assistance for rural New Mexico communities, programs in education, and preservation of endangered species through retirement of film extended water rights.

1989 - Present, Trustee and Chief Hydrogeologist. Essays Summarys! AGW Consultants, a New Mexico business trust created on June 30, 1989 as the successor to American Ground Water Consultants, Inc. with same responsibilities. 1988 - 1993, Director of the New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights and Achievement. 1987 - Present, Trustee, Bassett Farms Domestic Water Users and Homeowners Association, non-profit IRC § 528 entity created as a common law trust in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1986. 1987 - Present, Trustee, New Mexico Water Trust, Established to become not-for-profit IRC 501(c)(3) entity. Inactive. 1984 - April, 1987, Director, E.A.R.T.T.H.

Institute, San Antonio, Texas. A woman-owned, Texas no t-for -profit, IRC § 50 1 (c)(3) corporation dedicated to film extended essays international assistance and newspaper online refugee relief projects. 1980 - 1985, President, AGW Consultants, Ltd. a Cyprus offshore company established to carry out ground-water consulting activities in extended the Middle East and worldwide. 1976 - 20 10 , President and Chief Hydrogeologist, American Ground Water Consultants, Inc.. Responsible for: #149; All aspects of marketing, client relations, banking, contracts. #149; Project and technical management for: Hydrogeologic and hydraulic evaluation of more than 70 spring systems in the United States and abroad. Determination of hydraulic connection between wells and springs. UST site investigations. Water rights support studies. Superfund investigation and consultant oversight.

Design and construction of TCE ground-water remediation systems. Wellhead protection and vulnerability analyses. Ground-water monitoring and sampling. Ground-water exploration and studying abroad essay advantages well-siting studies using proprietary Thermonic, Electromagnetic Pulsed Proton Relaxation (E2PR) and fracture trace methods. Regional ground-water resource evaluation. Evaluation of appropriate drilling technologies. Industrial and film studies essays municipal well design, construction, and testing. Rural ground-water development in the United States and abroad.

Ground-water contamination studies on Superfund and UST sites. Preparation of ground-water discharge plans. Seepage studies of major earthen dam embankments using Thermonics. ZETA-SP leak detection studies on research example, industrial and municipal ponds based on streaming potential surveys. Local and regional ground-water resource evaluation. Computer modeling of hydrologic systems and contaminant transport.

Litigation and expert witness services. Use of nuclear equipment in vadose zone studies. Sociological assessments of U.S. Studies Essays! Government foreign assistance| Design of foreign agricultural assistance programs and Peace Corps water - development projects. Manage municipal waste sludge removal and wastewater lagoon liner replacement. Manage design and research paper installation of community water system. #149; Export of drilling and scientific equipment to African countries including: Arranging commercial letters of credit.

U.S. Department of film extended Commerce export permits. Working with U.S. Government purchase orders. Certificates of newspaper research Origin. Clean B ills of Lading. #149; Conduct of training programs in ground - water exploration and development for Third World professionals. I have developed several state-of-the-art proprietary methods including Thermonics, ZETA-SP, and AQUATRACE. Film! Thermonics is seventeenth essay, a geophysical method for ground-water exploration and the identification of optimum well sites.

ZETA-SP is film extended, used for the location of leaks in pond liners. Essay! AQUATRACE is a ground water tracer technique. 19 89 - Present, Trustee of Genesis Resources , a New Mexico business trust created October 3, 1989 as an oil and gas company and a registered oil and gas operator in the State of Oklahoma. Responsible for: #149; Oil and gas exploration and development. #149; Division orders, gas purchase contracts. #149; Title opinions, operator relations, bonds, insurance , contracts. 198 8 - 2000, Trustee and President of extended essays Radon Measurement and Control of essays summarys New Mexico a New Mexico business trust created in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 22, 1988. Responsible for: #149; Radon testing in homes and film workplaces. #149; Supply of radon testing equipment to the U.S. Coast Guard, Pacific Command. #149; Nationwide sale of home radon and other home environmental test kits.

#149; Product development including the Specifier universal portable radon reference chamber and invented the Radon Drain a passive device for radon mitigation. 198 2 - Present, Trustee and President, Manzano Resources a New Mexico common law, discretionary business trust created on February 19, 1980. Responsible for: #149; Land subdivision including: Land purchase, platting, county approvals, recordation, title insurance, land sale transactions, market analysis, appraisal. Installation of infrastructure including gas, electricity and roads. #149; Community Development including:

Home construction plans review and contractor acceptance. Farm housing projects. Financing approval from HUD, VA, FHA and FmHA. Creation and administration of homeowners association. Rural health and education programs. 1979 - 1981, Partner, Petrogram Services. Advisory service for Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lottery. 1971 - 1976, Partner, Hydrotechnics. Ground - water consulting services. 1966 - 1968, Geologist/Hydrologist, Geological Survey Department of Cyprus. I was the Cypriot counterpart for a United Nations Development Program water - resources project.

Responsible for: #149; Geological mapping of 120 square miles of complex alpine-type geological terrane at paper cover a scale of studies extended essays 1:5000. #149; Computation of the ground-water budget of a large coastal plain aquifer system. #149; Computer analysis of 56 karst spring systems which were used for domestic and agricultural water supply. #149; Pumping tests of about 50 wells. #149; Analysis of earth resistivity, seismic, and gravimetric survey data. 1970, Consultant to Forest Petroleum in canadian newspaper online connection with two on-shore oil exploration wells drilled in Cyprus. 1964, U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., Geologist, Supervisor: William Carter, Duties involved separation of heavy minerals from samples of the Oriskany Sandstone in studies Pennsylvania. Invented device for automatic recovery of bromoform, a heavy liquid used in the process. Studying! Awarded Superior Service Award and Incentive Awards.

Heavy Mineral Separation, U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 1803. 1963 - 1964, Peace Corps Volunteer and Geologist, Water Development Department of Cyprus. Film Studies! Duties included: #149; Water well location. #149; Water resource evaluation. #149; Mineral prospect and essays summarys road aggregate studies. 1962, Summer 1962 - January 1963. Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Beltsville, Maryland. Supervisor, Sam Patterson, processed samples of Hawaiian laterite samples for bauxite content. 1961 (Summer) Greens Maintenance, Hauppauge Country Club, Hauppauge, New York.

1960 (Summer), Junior Geologist, Western Nuclear Corp., Jeffrey City, Wyoming. Mineral exploration (uranium and phlogopite) and staking of claims. Mapping, Cartography of placer claims. Supervisor: William Street. 1960, Junior Research Assistant, New York State Geological Survey, Albany, New York. 1959 (Summer), Construction Worker, Fritz Mller Hoch u. Tiefbau, Mnchweiler, Schw. West Germany. Film Studies! Worked on all aspects of construction of term paper residential and commercial projects. Sponsored by American Student information Service. 1958 (Summer), Firewall Riveter, Grumman Aviation, Farmingdale, New York. Drilled and riveted titanium firewalls into film studies engine nacelles for U.S.

Navy S2F submarine - hunter aircraft. 1953 - 1957 (Summer) Bivalve extraction. Long Island Sound. EXPERIENCE WITH NATIVE AMERICAN PROJECTS. 1979 - Jicarilla Apache Tribe - Expert Hydrogeologist for Client in litigation against Bureau of Reclamation and proposal for and against teenage surgery City of Albuquerque to void contracts to store San Juan Chama Water in Elephant Butte Reservoir.

Showed that at a minimum 93 percent of stored water would either spill or be evaporated before it could be recovered by water swaps with the Elephant Butte Irrigation District. Result in favor of the Jicarilla Apache Tribe and contract was voided. Attorney: Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and Frye. 1987 - City of Grants in The Acoma Tribe v. City of Grants law suit. Expert Hydrologist for City of film Grants in various claims filed against City of Grants, New Mexico over discharges from the Grants wastewater treatment plant. Result: Suit settled out of court for attorneys fees to the Acoma Tribe and settlement whereby Grants agreed to zero discharge into the Rio San Jose from the Grants wastewater treatment plant. Attorney: Civerolo, Hansen and Wolf, LLP.

2000 - Cohuilla Tribe - Expert in doll quantification and valuation of water resources on film studies extended, tribal land near Anzar, California. 2008 - San Idelfonso Pueblo - Advice to tribal government on the marketing of San Juan Chama Water in the Middle Rio Grande. 2010 - Present - Passamaquoddy Tribe, Maine. Expert water-resource valuation for a 2- million case per year water-bottling plant in Indian Township, Maine. EXPERIENCE ON DAMS AND DAM-SITE INVESTIGATIONS. 1964-1965 Conducted geological mapping of the Evretou Dam Site and essays summarys Reservoir Site in the Paphos District of Cyprus for the Water Development Department and the Geological Survey Department of the Government of Cyprus. 1973 - Conducted geohydrological and Thermonic studies of the main earthen-dam embankment and upstream areas of Tarbella Dam 26 miles south of Abbottabad, Pakistan for the Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan (WAPDA). 1974- Conducted hydrogeological study of the main earthen-dam embankment of Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers which resulted in massive grouting program and studies essays where work is still on-going as of the end of 2016. 1980 - Conducted leakage study of the Senator Wash Reservoir near Yuma, Arizona for the U.S.

Bureau of paper cover Reclamation using ZETA-SP methods. EMERGENCY AND DISASTER RELIEF WORK. 2011 - Provision of containers of bottled water to studies extended essays private hotel in Panama City, Panama in the face of the failure of the Panama City municipal water-treatment system. Effort required identifying source and canadian research working with international freight forwarder. Effort included rapid movement of funds, preparation of paper work.

2005 - U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and States of Florida and Texas - Contracted for and provided emergency supplies of large amounts of bottled water in response to Hurricanes Wilma and Rita. Organized and purchased bottled water and provided logistical support for on-time delivery to multiple staging locations and refugee centers. 1979 Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance - U.S. Department of State.

Provided assistance to Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda on water quality and safety following departure of Idi Amin Dada. HISTORICAL AND LEGAL RESEARCH AND FORENSIC STUDIES. Turner has conducted forensic investigations in the fields of forensic document examination, forensic geological investigations and linguistic forensic studies and forensic chain-of-title and muniment studies. 1987 - Linguistic and Geological Forensics. Acted as an Expert witness in discrediting 30-plus farmers of the Pueblo of Acoma who testified that only since the construction of the studies, Grants, New Mexico waste-water treatment plant did the soils in their fields developed mud-cracked condition after irrigation. I studied the research proposal arguments surgery, Keres language and was able to show that the Keres word for the mud-cracked condition of the soils was Dukutukutsa. The language of a people is the embodiment of their history and knowledge and as a Keres word it proved that the farmers at film essays Acoma had recognized the studying abroad essay, condition since time immemorial.

Client: State of New Mexico. 2003 - Forensic Document Examination -The State of essays New Mexico for years had clamed that irrigation water from the essays summarys, Lower Rio Grande was appropriated by an Application of the U.S. Reclamation Service filed on January 23, 1906. Handwriting examination of the document revealed that it was not signed by film essays the authorized individual. Studying Essay Advantages! A certified copy of the Application was obtained by an Inspection of Public Records request. Film Studies Extended! A signed copy was never approved and Turner's client filed suit for paper proposal for and against the approved Application. Film! The outcome was that the State Engineer never approved the 4 of, Application. This was later affirmed by a letter dated March, 1927 from then State Engineer Herbert Yeo that the Application was always pending and had never been approved. So, the diversion of the river water was illegal.

The matter is still pending in District Court. Client: Lion's Gate Water. 2015 - Land Title and History Forensics. In a case of building a chain-of-title for studies land in North Dakota, it was necessary to paper obtain land grant deeds from studies either Kings Louis XIV or XV of France. Though the grant documents have not yet been located it was learned that only the Lord of a Estate obtained by grant from the King could own a grist mill and he alone could require that the grain harvested by the habitants (tenured farmer) on paper, his estate be milled by his own grist mill for a fee. The client has the old and film studies extended essays worn millstones on the subject property. This revelation is research, a muniment of title and begins the chain-of-title. Film Essays! Client: Confidential. 2017 - Forensic Document Inspection - A predecessor in title to 160 acres of land in 4 of Oklahoma had acquired a Permit to produce 320 acre feet of groundwater for the irrigation of 160 acres of film land. The Permit was issued on June 9, 1970 with the condition that the paper cover, water be used within 5 years.

Examination of areal photography in 1968 showed that the land was not being farmed. Areal photography dated January 29, 1971 shows the land was cleared and may have been in pasture. Film Essays! There is an term paper, old well in the center of the property and a photograph of the identity plate mounted permanently on film studies essays, the pump engine indicated it was a Chrysler Industrial Model H440. Research revealed the 440 engines were manufactured was manufactured in 1971 or 1972. The January 29, 1971 photograph does not show the well; but, the well is present on the March 31, 1975 photograph indicating compliance with the Permit.

Further, a Final Order dated August 14, 1979 of valid water rights claims was tampered with after November 26, 1979 when Melvin Dwyer (the original owner) filed a the original signed and essays summarys dated signature block from thel August 14, 1979 Final Order and taping it to the later prepared Final Order. Turner has amassed a significant library of source materials. He has recently begun in depth research on the historical development of the legal system of film studies essays North Dakota beginning with the Roman Period and moving through the French Colonial and American periods. Essays Summarys! He has taught courses on Water Rights approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission and he has authored authoritative pieces on water usage in the Rio Grande valley. His research into water use has taken him to the usage of water in connection with the development of gold and silver mining in the Comstock of Nevada. He has carried out forensic studies in essays connection with environmental litigation and water rights litigation and other projects. He has and term is working on extended essays, water rights litigation in New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Maine and Texas. Dr. Chapter Paper! Turner is an expert in the English, French, and Spanish feudal land tenure systems in North America and methods of intitulation. EXPERIENCE AS A LANDMAN AND LAND TENURE SYSTEMS.

Turner's first experience in land division and mapping was at the age of studies extended eight as a Cub Scout when he became qualified in the use of a regular compass and the use of compasses in essays summarys unchartered dense woodlands of the North Shores of the Long Island Terminal Moraine. During his undergraduate college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he was trained in land surveying, and aerial photo-interpretation. His practical training in studies essays plane table surveying was furthered in a summer geology field course field course. At Penn State he was trained in quantitative terrestrial photogrammetry. One of the cornerstone skills of being a field geologist is the ability to essays summarys locate one's self in the field and to transpose data onto topographic and plane table survey maps even in cases where there are no base maps.

In 1962-1967, Turner mapped the complex alpine geology of western Cyprus at a scale of 1:5000 using maps with no base map grid and using property boundaries on the maps which were first placed on paper by Lord Kitchener. Use of those maps required knowledge of Greek because every farmed field had a Greek Name. Lemonari is the film extended essays, name of a field in abroad essay far western Cyprus where the film studies, Arabs in the 7th Century pitched camp and slaughtered goats in preparation for a feast that celebrated the favorable conclusion of their conquering of summer of the seventeenth analytical Cyprus. The word means throats. Turner is also trained in using British Ordinance survey maps.

In 1979, Turner began a small oil company and it is imperative that Landmen understand title work and be able to chain-title. Studies Extended! Turner has been involved in real estate for more than 35 years. Abroad Advantages! This is also a prerequisite for those involved in real estate As a qualifying broker since 1997. Turner is an expert in mapping and title work beginning with the film, French, English, Dutch, and Spanish feudal land tenure system in North America and has conducted extensive work on chains-of-title from the French and Spanish Colonial period that began in the mid-1600s. Turner reads old Spanish deeds and is able to prepare land survey maps from the old deeds. Abroad! He is familiar with the old Roman title system and the English colonial system that began in Canada about 1670 with the creation and Grant to the Hudson Bay Company and the Grants of Louis the 14th.within New France and the subinfeudation of Estates along the St. Lawrence River where one end of a grant was always on film, the water and the other on a road. Parcels of land ( arriere fief) granted by the French in newspaper online the 1668 period are visible on studies, Google Earth at Lat. 46.267159, Long. -72.504957.

The same practice was followed by the Spanish Patrimony where the agricultural suertes known as minifundioses were granted. The minifundioses are visible in New Mexico on Google Earth around Adelino, New Mexico at Lat. 34.712871, Long. -106.732562. At the boundary of the Belen Grant and essays summarys the Nicolas Duran y Chaves grant north of studies essays Belen, New Mexico at Lat. 34.677113, Long. -106.781502, tracts of online land beginning along the Belen High Line canal drop in elevation and terminate to the east along the north-south old mill road. The minifundios is practical evidence of irrigation which is completely unknown to the New Mexico State Engineer. Turner is essays, familiar with the old French and English and Spanish land-tenure systems and paper the mechanism of intitulation of land acquired under the Louisiana Purchase, the 1848 Treaty between Mexico and the United States, and the Gadsden Purchase of 1854 and the process of claiming that land under the early Land Claims Courts. Most recently Turner has been responsible for developing chain-of-title to studies essays oil gas mineral interests in Mountrail County, North Dakota and Garfield and Okmulgee Counties, Oklahoma. CLIENT REPRESENTATION IN ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS. 2013 - In some states, such as Oklahoma, the Administrative Hearing Units of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board does not require attorney representation of parties.

Rather anyone may represent a party. Dr. Online! Turner has represented a client in a hearing before the OKWRB with a favorable outcome. As a result, he was charged by film studies extended a member of the term, Oklahoma Bar with practicing law without a license. The charge was subsequently dismissed by studies extended essays the Oklahoma Bar which thereby demonstrated that the complaining attorney was either ignorant of the rules for such hearings in his own state or was simply vindictive. Dr. Turner can represent clients in jurisdictions with the same rules. EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS AND FINANCE. Turner began his business life at the age of studying essay advantages eight when he set up a lemonade business on the corner of studies essays Ocean Avenue and essays summarys Jay Court in Northport, New York in film studies essays order to earn money to purchase a $16 First Baseman mitt and to pay for movies, slingshots, and materials to support Cub Scouts projects. He learned to job cost and budget at an early age and he learned the essays summarys, value of a dollar.

By the time he was five and with his father he cleared a quarter acre of dense forest on the north shore of Long Island. Extended! He built frog ponds, compost containers from old railroad ties. He planted peach, apple, and cherry trees and boysenberry, raspberry, and tomatoes. He planted strawberry and research paper proposal arguments against asparagus beds as well as pole beans and corn and peas.. He cut down trees and with a two-man saw and he and film his father cut the trees to fireplace length and with his father, a sledge hammer, and steel wedges they split the lumber into fireplace logs and studying abroad advantages stacked the wood. He worked with his parents to pick the film studies essays, fruits and vegetables and to put-up the produce in newspaper online steamed Mason and Ball jars, shelved the produce in the attics of his home. He made sauerkraut from cabbage, wine from the grapes in his yard, and all manner of film studies pie filling and jam from the fruit trees in the garden. Turner knew the cost of farm tools and everything else in the local General Store from washers and chapter example grommets to pectin, cherry pitters and apple peelers. All hard work. From the age of 12 to 19 he employed himself as a clam digger where he clamed little necks, cherry stone, and chowder clams in in the harbor muck of Halesite Harbor with tongs, bull rakes, and basket rakes earning as much as several hundred dollars a day.

He dealt directly with regulatory matters by obtaining and paying for permits and he sold his clams directly to Sam Vassalo, a curmudgeonly and bearded, old salt.who bought and paid from studies a role of cash bigger than your fist. This experience taught him negotiation over the sale price and the practical use of mathematics where his take for the day was the product of the number of pecks of clams times the buying price for the day. In his last year of doll High School Turner was the film essays, business manager of the Tiger Tales, his High School Newspaper. He was responsible as well for generating advertising revenue through the sale of paper cover space to local businesses. In the Summer of 1958, Turner became a riveter on titanium firewalls for U.S. Navy S2F sub-hunting aircraft. The job taught him the studies, ins and seventeenth essay outs of riveting and extended essays of how the government was overcharged for the aircraft. My position was redundant and every so many hours my jig foreman would send me to the tool crib for a new tool. I was instructed to walk the full length of every aisle in the plant which was several miles.

So, instead of me getting the new tool in 15 minutes, it could easily take an hour. Everyone wasted several hours a day and everyone on the jig were instructed to do this several times a day. Or, we were all ordered to hit the doll analytical essay, head several times a day and to spend at least half-an hour before returning. Film Extended! The foreman's job was to keep everyone away from the Jig for about two hours a day. Illegal as heck It taught him to abroad essay always be on the lookout for people and film companies who padded their bills. Essays Summarys! Have you ever seen Public Utilities personnel just hanging out in their truck or around a jobsite doing nothing. No wonder taxes are so high. In 1959, Turner worked for a German construction Company in the Black Forest of studies Southern Germany..

Days were 6:30 AM to chapter 4 of research paper example 6:30 P.M. Extended Essays! pay was 0.50 Deutsche Marks per hour and all of the personnel on summer doll analytical essay, the Baustelle (Job site) were expected to essays work all day save for a 30 minute lunch break. There was no spare time. Houses were budgeted and they were brought in on time and within budget. Canadian Online Research! His work ethic was to do my job and then some. In 1962, Turner worked for the U.S. Geological Survey in Washington. D.C. His project was to sort samples of laterite from film studies extended essays Hawaiian soil for their contained alumina minerals. He loved the job when one day his project director called him into his office and berated him for not participating in the morning and afternoon coffee breaks.. He asked Turner why he didn't join in. Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll Analytical Essay! Turner replied that he had a job to do that he enjoyed.

Later on, on another project , Turner would arrive in the laboratory at studies essays 7:30 A.M. and as he came into the laboratory some of the research proposal for and surgery, laboratory technicians would come up to him with their fingers to their lips and remark to film extended him in a hushed tome Slow down. You're making us look bad. At that same position, he noted to his project leaders that some of the secretaries did not seem to be working full time. His boss asked him to do a time study by keeping a log on the activities of the research paper proposal for and plastic surgery, secretaries. Studies Essays! At the end of two weeks, the logs reflected that one secretary worked 2.5 hours a day and essay the other worked 2.75 hours a day. After Turner left the U.S.G.S. and returned to Penn State to complete his M.S.

Degree, the U.S. Geological Survey awarded Turner a Superior Service award and an Incentive Award. On completion of Turner's service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1964, he was awarded a Fellowship to the University of New Mexico and on completion of his Ph.D. degree in 1971 that was supported by the Cyprus Government, he set up his own consulting firm and he was in a quandary over what he should charge for services and how to prepare an invoice. At that time he began his career by film studies extended charging $200 per day. Over the years, of course, the cost of research paper living and film studies extended essays administrative costs and canadian research rent rose and his billing rate paralleled those of attorneys who allocate their billing rate one-third for overhead, one-third for salaries and one third to partner before tax profit. He was married and had three sons. He worked initially out of his apartment. He rented an office and then had office rent, telephone and other expenses and they rose over the years and his hourly rate rose in accordance with those of colleague in his field. Turner was one of the first consultants in hydrogeology in the Nation at that time along with David Miller, Jim Geraghty, John Harshbarger, and John Ferris all of them were ex- also ex-employees of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Turner took a look at their billing practices when he could find their invoices and film studies extended matched his fees to theirs.. In those days, the multiplier for indirect costs was about 2 times salary. The multiplier on reimbursable expenses was 10 to 15 percent. Research Paper! As time went by the multiplier rose to a factor of extended four as technical equipment became more expensive. At present, hourly fees for a qualified senior professional in the oil and gas and summer of the doll analytical geoscience and environmental engineering runs as high as $500 per hour.

In 1994, as New Mexico Trustee For Natural Resources, Turner found that the studies extended, consultants that his office had hired under the King Administration ranged up to $400 per hour. Costs for telephone and copying costs became integrated into hourly rates by charging $2.00 per billable hour. Further, Turner had to deal with Agency Budgeting and presentation of the budgets to the Legislative Finance Committee. As a Qualifying Real Estate Broker Turner has studied a wide range of real estate topics including HUD-1 Closing statements, property management, escrow accounts, commissions, closing fees, property management, appraisal, property inspections, and a plethora of other subjects dealing with finance and budgeting and research paper against plastic appraisal. Turner has developed a broad and film extended extensive knowledge in the manner in which different businesses charge for newspaper their time and services and product. But, in Summary, Turner has been in business for more than 70 years. He is accomplished in a number of business areas, from wholesale and retail sale, subdivision development, home construction, real estate, technical consulting, the precious gem business, bottled water and bulk water business and the import and export business.. As an extended, elected Member of the canadian online research, Board of the Middle Rio Grande Conservation District (2005-2009), Turner worked on extended essays, District budgets for four years and along with Board Member Jim Roberts he voted to cut the annual budgets and essays summarys was able to avoid annual tax increases. He eliminated new trucks and unnecessary equipment. He eliminated new SUVs for the Executive Director and other equipment.

He improved the bidding process and reduced other purchases. He eliminated projects that were not needed. Turner has spent his lifetime earning fair income and is truly conservative and experienced with many billing and budgeting systems. Studies Extended! In his business he has had five companies audited by canadian newspaper research the Internal Revenue Service simultaneously for film extended essays four consecutive years. The audit took one year and all of term his companies received refunds.

His company books have been reviewed by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission and have been found to be impeccable. Turner's Homeowners Association has been audited and found to be correct in every sense. One of Turner's Companies was audited by the New Mexico Workman's Compensation Board and found to agree to the penny with his records. Recently the Financial Industries Division of the State set one of Turner's Companies for an audit that he had requested. At the film extended, appointed time tor the audit they cancelled the audit saying that the essays summarys, company was exempt. In a 2001 Workers Compensation Law suite Turner was accused by the Employee of using the company as his alter ego. Turner demonstrated that he never mixed his credit or finances with that of the company and extended was found not guilty on this charge.

In a subsequent suit to collect attorneys fees Turner was charged by the worker of fraudulent conversion of company assets. Research Paper Proposal Arguments For And Against Teenage Surgery! The judge found that Turner was innocent of this charge and dismissed Turner as a defendant sua sponte. . Turner is experienced in the transfer of funds by wire transfer and letters of credit both nationally and internationally. During hurricanes Wilma and Rita Turner managed millions of dollars of bottled water orders and film extended essays payments that were subsequently subject to audit by state and federal government agencies. WestWater Resources has had and has an research paper arguments for and against surgery, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for l3 years with never a complaint or inquiry. Turner has drafted and created and registered a New Mexico Limited Liability Company and a Water Trust authorized to film essays raise funds nationally from qualified investors. EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS STRUCTURE AND TAXATION.

Turner has extensive experience in business structures and taxation both in canadian online the United States and abroad. He has been involved in all types of business structures including C-corporations, S. Corporations and DISCS. Film! Limited Liability Corporations, revocable and irrevocable trusts under trust law, contracts for benefit of research third persons also called business trust organizations all of these entities and more are recognized in New Mexico Law. He has formed unincorporated non-taxable associations and general partnerships. Turner has personally formed all of the above types of film studies extended business entities. Presently he is trustee of canadian newspaper online research several business trust. He has formed U.S. domestic C-Corporations, and foreign C- Corporations. He has set up and operates various business entities and non-profit organizations and film essays has operated Canadian, U.S., Cypriot, and Panamanian C-Corporations and studying essay advantages Business Trusts in Belize, Turks and Caicos Islands and Canada, and essays Cyprus.

His business entities have all been examined at many different levels by U.S. Federal and chapter research example New Mexican tax authorities and administrative agencies. Business accounts' of entities he manages have been examined by U.S. administrative agencies including the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (2x), U.S. Federal Trade Commission (1x), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (1), U.S. Bureau of studies extended essays Land Management (2x). U.S. Canadian Newspaper Online! Department of Agriculture (Rural Development Administration) (1x).In New Mexico, his business entities have been audited by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, (1x) New Mexico Financial Industries Division (exempt), New Mexico Workman's Compensation Bureau. (1x) Country Meadow Estates Homeowners Association (unannounced request for financial records by HOA Member.). Film Studies Extended Essays! All of his business entities and their structure have been fully disclosed to the U.S.-I.R.S.

In all cases records were found to be meticulously maintained and entity records matched state and federal agency records to the penny. All trust accounts that were audited matched public agency records to the cent.. In most cases Turner is research paper against plastic, not the owner of any interest in film extended the businesses. Business entities operated by Turner as trustee have brought many cases up to the District, Appellate, and Supreme Court of New Mexico and the U.S. Federal courts which cases are more completely described below over the past 40 years. Business entities operated by essays summarys Turner were established for various legitimate purposes to fulfill his fiduciary duties, and to separate various businesses and film studies essays their liability. Essays Summarys! Oil and film extended essays gas interests are separated from land development businesses, for example. When Natural resource assets are acquired, for arguments for and teenage example, they may be moved from studies extended one entity to another entity that has similar types of business and liabilities. In our extensive IRS audits, this type of management was deemed proper and approved by the IRS and essays summarys the IRS suggested that the film studies extended essays, entities should elect to file a consolidated income tax return under 26 USC 7701(a)(1-5) such that N.

NOLs of one entity might be used to canadian newspaper offset income of other entities. Turner maintains close association with law firms at home and abroad and essays administrative and tax agencies. One of studying abroad essay Turner's entities was audited by the Rome, Italy U.S.-I.R.S. office in film extended a foreign country in the early 1980's with no additional taxes, penalties or interest due. EXPERIENCE IN REAL ESTATE AND WATER RIGHTS TRANSACTIONS. Dr.

Turner first became involved in real estate when his father deeded to summer doll him 1/4 acre of forested woodland on the North Shore of Long Island when he was about 18. He managed this property until 1987 when he carried our a 26 U.S.C. Film Studies Essays! 1031(a) exchange of the property for summer of the seventeenth a 20-acre piece of property in Edgewood, New Mexico. Film! In the late 1970s, Dr. Turner purchased three condominiums in East Vail, Colorado. He rented and managed those condos until 1987. In 1987, he became a land developer in Edgewood with the development of the 99 lot Country Meadow Estates subdivision during which time he supervised the land division and lot sales within the essays summarys, subdivision. Extended Essays! He worked with real estate agents in the Edgewood area where the real estate agents charged a 10 percent commission for handling the term paper, sale of the vacant lots.

On June 21, 1995, Dr. Turner became a Qualifying Broker licensed by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, a license that has been renewed every three years since then. Water rights in New Mexico are considered as real property though they are only studies essays a usufruct. 4 Of Example! They are also a severable, non-tangible, appurtenance to the land. The brokerage of film studies extended water rights is not covered by the New Mexico Real Estate License Law. Research! Dr. Turner has long experience as a consultant and he has been involved with the professional brokerage of water rights since the studies, early 1970's or for about 55 years. In 1997 he created WaterBank for the specific purpose of: validation of water rights, brokerage and consulting on water rights issues. He is the only licensed real estate broker in New Mexico who specializes in water rights. Normally WaterBank provides three services to land owners who wish to validate and possible sell their water rights.

The first service is the validation of water rights where lump sum or time and costs are charged. The second service is actual brokerage of the water rights if a client chooses to sell their water rights. WaterBank charges a flat 10 percent commission on the value of the of the, transaction. The commission is the same for raw land and it is essays, contrary to federal law for any state agency or group of people or entities to collude and set industry wide commissions. The New Mexico Real Estate Commission has no guidelines for commissions. For multimillion dollar transactions, the commission is based on proposal for and against teenage plastic surgery, the sliding scale Lehman Formula. It is not unusual but not frequent for the State Engineer to obstruct the sale because they do not believe the water rights exist or that water has not been beneficially used or has been forfeit because of non-use for studies extended essays four consecutive years prior to 1965.

In these cases WaterBank provides a third consulting service to obtain additional and commonly hard to find tract-specific data such as census data, old tax records, affidavits from elderly people, product receipts, old photography. This additional work is carried out on summer, a time and materials basis that has nothing to do with brokerage and it is disclosed in the written listing agreement.. WaterBank is not a law firm and film studies extended all contractual and 4 of paper example closing documents have been and are reviewed by the WaterBank real estate attorneys. In many cases real estate attorneys are sought to film studies extended examine title documents and provide an term cover, attorneys opinion letter because title insurance is not available for water rights. The brokerage of water rights is a complex subject that requires expertise in hydrology, geology, irrigation practices and chaining of land title, and extended essays the closing of transactions. Dr. Turner is an acknowledged expert on research arguments for and surgery, the value of film studies essays water rights throughout the country and has testified in state and federal courts and in essays summarys state and film studies extended federal administrative courts over the years. He has been involved in many aspects of the of the seventeenth doll analytical, oil and gas industry as a Landman and technical consultant. Dr. Turner is film studies, a licensed escrow agent.

During his career no complaints have ever been filed against him with the New Mexico Real Estate Commission or the Better Business Bureau. EXPERIENCE IN THE BOTTLED WATER INDUSTRY. Turner has very wide experience in determination of the hydraulics of springs and quantification of reservoir storage within and outside of the United States beginning in the mid-1960's as a UN Counterpart for the Republic of Cyprus where he was trained by the Israeli Government. Specifically, he was trained by Felix Mero, a hydrologist, with the Israeli Firm of Water Planning for Israel (TAHAL) Dr. Shmuel Mandel and Mr. Zeev Shiftan and their colleagues. In Cyprus, Turner measured spring flows of about 60 springs on a monthly basis and carried out studying abroad essay advantages hydraulic analyses of these spring systems.

Stilles Mineralwasser by studies W.J.Pilsak at the German language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - T he volume of spring reservoirs was based on the single or double porosity spring-flow regression method. Subsequent to term paper the work in Cyprus, Turner determined the reservoir volume of the Lehman Springs at the Great Basin National Park in Baker Nevada for the U.S. Park Service. Film Studies Essays! The same methods were used to determine the spring reservoir volume for base flow along San Benito Creek in San Benito County, California. Knowledge of the spring reservoir volume is necessary to determine the volume of term paper water that will be available for bottling. It is also necessary to determine the relationship between antecedent precipitation and the volume of water in a spring reservoir, volume and the discharge rate and the date of peak spring discharge.

It is desireable to have peak discharge in studies the summer months to meet peak market demand. Turner has carried out the chapter research paper example, valuation of spring sources based on bottling rate and based upon film extended the economics of bottling plants and chapter research paper example the cost of transportation by film studies extended truck, marine transport and by rail. Proposal For And! Turner is knowledgeable in all modalities of essays transport and cost associated with transport. WATER ASSET VALUATIONS: Value of Water Rights in research paper the Lower Rio Grande Basin.Client Confidential. Consultant to bulk water terminal in New Hampshire. Client Confidential. Hydrogeology and Valuation of a spring water source in Lafayette County, Ohio. Client: Confidential. Project pending.

Hydrogeology and Permitting of water source for bottling west of Joplin, Missouri. Client: Confidential.. Valuation of two water sources in Oklahoma. Application and valuation of bulk water supply depot, Newton, Texas, Permit to develop water sources within New Town County approved by the Southeast Texas Groundwater District. Film Studies Extended Essays! Client Confidential. Valuation of bulk spring water transportation business in California, Client Confidential. Hydrogeological and chapter 4 of paper example economic valuation of water resources and water bottling operations in Wisconsin. Client Confidential.

Valuation of several nascent bottled water business in California, Maine, New Hampshire and Texas. Clients Confidential. Status Report and extended essays Valuation of bottled water business in Alabama, Client: Confidential. Valuation of water resources accessible by a Ranney collector well on the Connecticut River. Client: Confidential. Valuation of premium bottled water and commercial assets of bottling company including trademarks, goodwill, water resource, Client: Confidential. Technical assessment of water source near Springfield, Missouri in preparation for bulk sales of water to multiple purchasers. 4 Of Example! Client: Confidential. Valuation of spring water for private client, Tennessee, Client confidential. Valuation of water rights for donation purposes for the Town of Bristow, Oklahoma.

Valuation of film extended water rights appurtenant to a municipal well field in Central Connecticut for the purpose of corporate acquisition, Connecticut. Client confidential. Valuation of water resources in south central Oklahoma for purpose of tax deduction. Client: Town of Bristow, OK. Valuation of water resources near Anza, California and recommendations on business plan, California: Confidential. Valuation of spring-water resources and bottling facility near Reading, Pennsylvania: Client: Confidential. Valuation of research paper proposal arguments plastic spring-water resource and evaluation of business plan for finance of bottling facility near Antigo, Wisconsin, Confidential.

Valuation of studies water rights in connection with a 57,000 acre land purchase that involved first determining the validity of the 4 of paper, claimed water rights and then their value. Studies Extended Essays! Client: CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC. Valuation of water rights for water utility in bankruptcy (Cause No. 11-02-10475) Valuation of water resources in the Oak Creek Valley south of chapter research paper Sedona, Arizona. Client: Richard Green.

Valuation of spring for purposes of film essays bottling in Maine. Transaction Closed . Research Paper For And Against Plastic! Client Confidential. Valuation of water rights in Southeastern, New Mexico for corporate refinancing. Client: confidential. Valuation of bulk water and essays bottling company in Owens Valley, California. Client: Rowens, Lamb Gase LLP, Attorneys at Law, Los Angeles, California.

Valuation of term paper water rights in Taos, New Mexico for condemnation suite. Client HRS Water Consultants , Lakewood, Colorado. Valuation of Spring Goose Farm natural spring used for extended essays water store near Lancaster, Pennsylvania for condemnation suit. Client: The Marston Group, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Valuation of spring for purposes of seventeenth analytical essay bottling in Montana. Transaction . Client: Confidential. Valuation of spring for film studies purposes of bottling in Florida. Transaction pending.

Client : C onfidential. Valuation of paper arguments against plastic surgery spring on behalf of seller in purchase of spring by major bottling company in Tennessee . Client: David Monypenny Esq. Valuation of Pecos Valley and Middle Rio Grande Valley water rights. Client: Industrial Economics, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts. Hydrogeologic and hydrogeochemical evaluation of Trinity Springs, Paradise, Idaho. Client: Trinity Springs, Inc., Ketchum, Idaho. Evaluation of the hydraulic characteristics of extended essays Lehman Springs, Great Basin National Park. Canadian Online Research! Client: U.S. National Park Service.

AWARDS AND HONORS: New Mexico Foundation for Open Government - Citizen of the Year Award, October 2, 2013. International Association of Hydrogeologists, Millennium Membership Award, 2001. Pennsylvania State University, Centennial Fellow, 1996. University of New Mexico Fellowship, 1967-1969. Peace Corps Fellowship, 1965-1970. U.S. Geological Survey Superior Service Award, 1965. U.S. Film Essays! Geological Survey Incentive Award, 1965. New York State Regents Scholarship, 1957-1961.

2015 - Pending, Certified Professional Geologist (CPG) from the American Institute of paper cover Professional Geology (AIPG). 2015 - Registered Professional Geologist - Arkansas (Pending); Arizona (59197) (12/16/2014); Georgia, ( PG002214 )(6/10/2016) (Idaho (286) (8/15/1972); Louisiana (1099)(December 13, 2016); Missouri (2015042250); New Hampshire (876)(June 2, 2016); Wyoming (307) (5/22/1997); and Texas (12098) (8/24/2015). 2015 - Pending Registered Professional Geologist: New York, Maine, California, Association of State Board of Geologists (ASBOG) testing completed on March 7, 2013 in Fundamentals of Geology and the Practice of Geology with high passing grades. All state registrations require personal and professional recommendations as to experience, professional competence, and ethical practice. 2014 - 2016 Certified Water Rights Examiner, State of Idaho - No. 152 - September 4, 2012 to April 31, 2016. No Requirement: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, West Virginia, 1992 - Present. Registered Environmental Professional, National Registry of Environmental Professionals. Film Essays! Registration No.

5298. Certified Scientist #25, New Mexico Environment Department, Expire d 12/31/02 with termination of certification program. Notary Public : New Mexico (Exp. January 22, 2020) Radon Measurement Professional, 1992-1996, U.S. Abroad Essay! Environmental Protection Agency #125910T.

Certified Environmental Inspector, 1991, Environmental Assessment Association. Certified Ground Water Professional #229, Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers since July 2, 1987 . Requires peer review of reports and professional publications and professional recommendations. Currently active. Rotary Drilling - Mud, Air, Cable Tool Drilling, Reverse Rotary Drilling (passed certification examinations given by National Groundwater Association (NG WA) Certified Instructor on Water Rights by New Mexico Real Estate Commission . Film Studies Essays! May 22, 1987 - 2007. Voluntarily lapsed. Certified Instructor on Radon by New Mexico Real Estate Commission . Term Cover! June, 1988 - 1993.

Voluntarily lapsed. New Mexico Certified Operator of devices (License #1) containing high level nuclear source materials, Troxler Scientific. New Mexico licensed Escrow Company (N.M. License 00120) Qualified Real Estate Broker (N.M. License # 13371 ) , New Mexico Real Estate Commission . Exp. Dec. 31, 2019. Real Estate Salesperson, License #33171-S, March 1995, New Mexico Real Estate Commission. High - level neutron source license issued by film studies essays Radiation Protection Branch of the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Division, Santa Fe, NM.

Current. Uranium - ore specific license for possession, handling and term paper shipment issued by the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Division, Santa Fe, NM. Albuquerque Geological Society , President 2008 - 2017. American Association of Professional Landmen, Member. American Institute of film studies essays Professional Geologists, Member-1982. American Geological Institute, Member. Association of of the doll essay Geoscientists for extended International Development.

Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, Member. British Hydrological Society, Member. Cyprus Association of Geologists and essays summarys Mining Engineers - Honorary Member. Geological Society of America. Professional Member since July, 2007. International Association of Hydrogeologists , Member.

International Association of Environmental Hydrology . Member. New Mexico Land Title Association, Associate Member. Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers , Certified Ground Water Professional No. 229. Society of Sigma XI , Member. World Water Council, Affiliated Member 1997 - 2002. Engineer-in-Training - EIT granted by NM Board of Licensure. 1997, Water - well construction committee, New Mexico State Engineer's Office. 1994 - Present, Middle Rio Grande Water Resources Technical Advisory Committee. 1988 - 1990, Monitoring Well Construction Standards Committee, National Water Well Association. 1984, U.S.

Agency for International Development Advisory Panel for Appropriate Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal Technology. 1983, U.S. Agency for International Development Advisory Panel for essays International Rural Water Development. 1978, Technical Committee of the New Mexico Water Well Association, Vice Chairman. 1972, Working Group on Deterministic Hydrology of the Committee on Water Resources Systems and Relations of the American Geophysical Union. 1971, Commission on the Hydrogeology of Volcanic Rocks of the International Association of Hydrogeologists. 1971, Plio-Pleistocene Boundary Commission of the International Union of Geological Sciences, Corresponding Member, Eastern Mediterranean Stratigraphy.

2003 - 2004, Editorial Review Board, Journal of canadian newspaper research International Water Resources Association. 1986 - 1992, Journal of Ground Water , Technical Publication of Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers. 1987 - 1988, Reviewer of Seminar Course Materials for Education Program of the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers. Have reviewed course materials for courses on: Remote Sensing Applied to Hydrology, Introduction to Ground Water Geochemistry, Practical Karst Hydrogeology. 1979, Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation Manual of the NWWA. 1979, Rural Water Development Manuals for Developing Countries for Rural Water Development Corporation under contract to U.S. Agency for International Development. PAPERS AND TALKS : November 7 14, 2007, Water Rights Acquisitions and Transfers, Continuing Legal Education Institute, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. CLE for Attorneys. February 2, 2007, Water Markets, the Two Stage Auction, CLE Institute, Water Markets, Water Superconference, Santa Fe, New Mexico. May 5, 2006 - Capitalism, Free Trade, and studies extended Hydrohegemonies, New Mexico Water Markets Conference.

2003, Conjunctive Use of Ground Water and Surface Water, University of Toledo, Law Seminar, November 14, 2003. 1994, Water Planning in the Middle Rio Grande, 39th Annual New Mexico Water Conference. 1980, The application of Thermonics to the mining industry, Spring meeting of the Society of Mining Engineers, Tucson. 1979, Water quality problems faced by abroad the mining industry and their solution, Society of Mining Engineers, El Paso. 1977, Use of essays Thermonics in Foundation Studies in Karst Terrane, Hydrogeologic Problems in Karst Regions, Ed. Dilamarter, R.R., and chapter 4 of research paper example Csallany, S.C., pp. 459 - 462. 1975, The Application of Thermonics to Groundwater Exploration, International Association of film studies extended Hydrogeologists, Memoires, v. XI, Congress of Porto Allegre, Brazil, pp. 35 - 39. 1974, T he Miocene-Pliocen e Boundary of research for and Western Cyprus , 5th Congress of the Mediterranean Neogene, BRGM, Lyon, France.

1973, The use of Thermonics in G round -Water Development , Annual meeting of the National Water Well Association. 1972, Thermal Monitoring of Leakage through Dams: Discussion, Geol. Film! Soc. Am. Bull. v 83: pp. 3543-3548. with Supkow, D.J.. MEETINGS AND WORKSHOPS. November 7, 2007, Water Transactions, Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Albuquerque, New Mexico. May 5, 2006, Of Hydroactors and Hydrohegemons New Mexico Water Markets Seminar, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

October 29, 2002 - Convenor for International Strategic Water Initiatives Workshop at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico. August 6, 2001 - Moderator conference session on Formulating Water Policy During Rapid Globalization at the University of paper Dundee/American Water Resources Conference Globalization and Water Management: The Changing Value of Water 1998, Keynote speaker at the 1998 New Mexico Water Law Conference, May 19, 1998. 1998, Moderator for Los Alamos National Laboratory Regional Sustainability Forum: Use of New Mexico's Water Resources, April 28, 1998. 1996, Graduation speaker for studies essays Southwest Regional Ameri C orps training program. 1993-Presenter, Keynote and graduation speaker at many public functions. 1993, Presenter, The Slab Hydrodynamic Method of Ground Water Flow System Analysis , Rocky Mountain Ground Water Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 29, 1993.

1993, Presenter, The Park City Paradigm and essays summarys The Water Resources of the Northern Estancia Basin, New Mexico , Estancia Basin Water Planning Workshop, Moriarty, New Mexico, September 15, 1993. 1993, Moderator, Water Quality Standards Roundtable, New Mexico Environment Department, Albuquerque, New Mexico, August 17, 1993. 1975, Session Chairman, International Symposium on the Hydrogeology of Crystalline Rock, Porto Allegre, Brazil. April 19, 2015 - KKOB - Energy New Mexico - Oil and Gas Well Fracking. Gerges Scott host (505-888-5877).

August 4, 2006, KRQE, Lion's Gate Water and film extended essays status of its application for salvage of evaporative water loss from Elephant Butte Reservoir. October 19, 2003, KRQE, Lion's Gate Water applies for evaporative water loss from Elephant Butte Reservoir. October 21, 2001, CBC World Report Comments on prohibition of bulk-water from Newfoundland. May 14, 2001- CJME Talk Radio, Regina, Canada Saskatchewan on bulk water export from chapter research paper example Canada. November 12, 2011 - Discovery Channel - America's Riches hosted by Donald Trump. November 9, 2009 - Business News Network - ( ), Interview on nationwide Canadian Broadcasting Corporation TV business program.

J uly 7, 2008 - Nippon TV, Water Rights Marketing in the Southwest in film studies conjunction with the 2008 G-8 Summit Meeting in Japan. October, 2003, In Focus, KNME TV - PBS program on New Mexico Water Issues. January 17, 2002 and April 26, 2006, Country Canada, Bulk Water Exports from Canada. October 31, 2001, CTC Talk - T V - Exporting Bulk Water from Canada. NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE ARTICLES. September 20, 2012 - Rio Grande Water Issues a Morass-, Albuquerque Journal, Op Ed. 2003 - 2009 Newspaper articles too numerous to count. October 19, 2003 - Albuquerque Journal, Company's Application for essays summarys Water Rights May Not Be A Pipe Dream, April 19, 2002 - New Mexico Business Weekly - Water Works. February 2002 - Smithsonian Magazine - Digging Ditches. August 2001 - Popular Science - New Desalination Technology.

May 14, 2001 - Toronto Star - Bulk Water Exports From Canada May Not Be Economic. 2006 - Environmental Flows short course presented at film essays the 4th World Water Forum, Mexico City. 2006 - Basis of summer of the seventeenth doll essay Customary International Water Law. Short course presented at the 4th World Water Forum, Mexico City. 1993 - Instructor in Fracture Trace Analysis short course in studies ground-water exploration for ground-water hydrologists. 1993 - Instructor in Thermonics short course in term paper cover ground-water flow system analysis and ground water exploration with applications to ground water contamination and vadose - zone hydrology. 1993 - Instructor in Ground Water Contamination short course for Attorneys and Judges approved by the New Mexico State Bar. 1991 - Present, Instructor in Ground Water Hydrology short courses for Attorneys, Judges, and Paralegals approved by the New Mexico, Texas, and Oregon State Bars.

1988 - 2000 Instructor in Radon , Elective Course for New Mexico Realtors, approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission. 1987 - 2005 Instructor in Water Rights , Elective Course for New Mexico Realtors, approved by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission. 1985, Conducted training of extended essays Burkinabe hydrogeologists in methods of aquifer-performance tests and in fracture - t race analyses for sit t in village wells in rural Burkina Faso. 1984, Organized program for the Director General of the Central Tunisian Development Authority to visit New Mexico Rural Water Development Programs and rural water associations. 1979, Instituted a training program for providing hydrogeologists from third-world countries with training in summer of the seventeenth essay advanced state-of-the-art methods including geophysical methods, tracer technology, methods of interpreting aquifer-performance test data, and ground-water exploration methods. First trainee was Dr. Shrikant Limaye, President and Chief Hydrogeologist of film studies Geophysical Explorers of Poona, India and past President of the Association of Geologists for term cover International Development with financial support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). EXPERT WITNESS LITIGATION: Expert witness in water resource valuation, real property title law, surface water and ground-water hydrology, geology; hydrogeochemistry, agricultural, domestic and industrial water use; and film studies essays well design and construction practices by Federal, State, and local courts of law, the Federal Trade Commission and by 4 of research paper example administrative technical panels. I have consulted on film extended essays, subsurface flow beneath large dams and am knowledgeable in research proposal against surgery the process of studies essays large dam design and construction from my association with large engineering companies that conduct this type of online research work.

Have consulted on the valuation of water assets and on the valuation and practices of water bottling companies and water quality issues. In addition to purely technical matters, have prepared pleadings, motions, memoranda of law, findings of film studies extended fact and conclusions of law, trial and post-trial briefs, appeals, docketing statements. Carried out water rights research for attorneys and essays summarys other clients. Knowledgeable in English common law of water and civil water law of: ancient Persia, Imperial Rome and Peninsular Spain, Colonial Spanish, Arabic sharia and studies essays various American water law systems and doctrines. Also knowledgeable in of the seventeenth essay oil and gas and real property law , and contracts for the benefit of third persons. Expert in Dutch, French, English, and Spanish feudal land tenure systems in North America. Abbreviated Dispute Resolution: Appeared as expert in hydrogeology and hydrogeochemistry for U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers ADR proceeding to resolve responsibility for ground-water clean-up at the Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Superfund Site. Federal Bankruptcy Court: 2007 - Mountain Highlands, LLC, Expert Witness in valuation of water assets. 2006 - New Mexico Motor Speedway, Chapter 11 proceeding, Adversary claim against NMMS. Settlement of WestWater Claims satisfactory. Attorney Dan Behles. 2005 - Independent Water Utility, Inc. (Cause No. 01-02-10475) U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico. Expert witness and water rights valuation. Claim for film studies extended essays appraisal fees settled satisfactorily.

Attorney Dan Behles. Federal District Courts : 2015, William M. Turner v. Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District , New Mexico Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, New Mexico Attorney General et al. for Violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights. (1:15-CV-00339-SMV-KBM) U.S. Federal District Court. Civil Rights Suit. Attorneys: Charles Landers, A. Blair Dunn and research example Dori Richards. Legal Researcher: Shithu Krishna. 2013, WestWater Resources v. Clarence Sanchez and Carmela Sanchez (D-202-CV-201303453) - Suit for Commissions and Consulting Fees, New Mexico District Court. Complainant and film studies extended Cross-Defendant. WestWater Resources dba WaterBank sold all water rights listed by essay advantages Defendant for the amount sought to a well qualified buyer with whom WestWater had done business previously.

On investigation of clean title, Buyer found the essays, title was encumbered by unrecorded and unpartitioned ownership with Seller's former wife that was known to Defendant prior to the listing agreement but not disclosed. Transaction fell through and Plaintiff sued for commissions and fees for inability of Seller to provide clean title and failure to disclose. Summer Doll Analytical Essay! Defendant Sanchez is now seeking to victimize WestWater by its motion to convert the Sanchez action into a class action law suit which motion is still pending. Attorney: A. Blair Dunn, Shithu Krishna. 2004, Lion's Gate Water v. Gale Norton . Complaint for Preliminary and Permanent Injunction, Declaratory Judgment and Writ of studies essays Mandamus to enforce acceptance by Lion's Gate Water of the statutory and mandatory offer of the Secretary of the Interior to contract for 18,000 acre feet of 4 of research paper example exchange water under 43 U.S.C. 1524(f). Filed Pro Se August 18, 2004.

Dismissed without prejudice on non-dispositive grounds. 2008, William M. Extended Essays! Turner v. New Mexico State Engineer. Inspection of Public Records Suit to for State Engineer to provide a copy of Permit Number 8 whereby the U.S. Government claimed to studying abroad advantages own the water rights in the Lower Rio Grande. An Application is converted to a Permit with the signature of the Territorial or State Engineer approving the film studies essays, application on the obverse side of the application. Judgment to dismiss was ordered when the State Engineer agreed that there was no permit. Essays Summarys! William M. Turner, Pro Se. 1 995 , Rio Fernando de Taos Acequias v. U.S.

Fish and Wild Life Service . Expert services in opposition to water rights claimed by government for film studies water stored in stock ponds. Atty: Fred Walz (dec.) , Northern New Mexico Legal Defense Fund. 1988, Robert E. Marsh et al . v. Herbert Goldman, et al. , Complaint for Securities Violations, Fraud and Breach of 4 of paper example Fiduciary Duty. Essays! CIV88-1034JP, Suit for rescission of investment. Suit dismissed with prejudice. Studying Essay! William M. Turner, Pro Se . 1986, Acoma Tribe v. Studies Extended Essays! State of New Mexico . Expert hydrogeologist and Hydrogeochemistry for State of New Mexico. Also carried out archival, technical and newspaper forensic work in: agricultural water use, mineralogy of soils, social anthropology, ethnology, historical water use and linguistics. Settled out of court. Att orne y: Jay Stein, Simms and film essays Stein, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1981, William M. Turner v. James Watt . C82-0174A, (566 F. Supp. 87) U.S. District Court, D. Utah, Central Division. Complaint for trial de novo before U.S. District Court for District of Utah, Chief Judge Aldon J. Anderson , Chief Judge, presiding concerning denial of the studying abroad, issuance of an film extended, oil and gas lease. Appeared Pro Se . Decision in favor of James Watt. 1980, Levine v. American Quasar Petroleum . Appeared as class representative in FRCP 23 suit representing 2000 plaintiffs before Judge Singleton of U.S. District Court for Texas in Houston regarding the canadian newspaper online research, roll up of limited partnership units into common stock of Conquest Petroleum, Inc. Studies Extended! Suit settled out of court in favor of plaintiffs.

1979, J icarilla Tribe v. Paper Cover! City of Albuquerque et al. Appeared as surface water expert for Jicarilla Tribe in film studies essays U.S. District Court for New Mexico before Judge H. Verne Payne. Conducted computer modeling of the newspaper online, Rio Grande and its reservoir systems. Decision in favor of the Jicarilla Tribe. Essays! Affirmed by 1 0 th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Atty: Lester K. Taylor, Esq (dec.) and Bob Nordhaus (dec.) Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and summer of the seventeenth analytical Frye, Albuquerque, New Mexico. California District Courts: New Mexico Supreme Courts: 2009, Lion's Gate Water v. State Engineer (D-CV-2007-00328). State Engineer interlocutory appeal disputing the ability of the State Engineer to extended essays bifurcate action on an application and the legality of LGW's notice published in the Silver City Gazette without concurrence of the State Engineer.

Also scope of review of District Court in doll essay a de novo appeal of extended essays State Engineer action. Oral argument heard April 23, 2009. December 2, 2009 decision in favor of State Engineer. Remand to 4 of research paper District Court for determination of water availability. Supreme Court deliberately overrode NM Constitution Article XVI, Section 5. Legislative intent in creating this section was well documented but Supreme Court chose to film extended ignore it and create its own fiction pointing out cover their corruptibility and studies extended essays willingness to cover trash the extended, legal system of New Mexico if following the law leads away from their pre-determined philosophical and socialistic desired result. Decision on December 2, 2009 to remand to district court on grounds that the only matter before the district court is whether unappropriated water exists.

To reach its decision, the Supreme Court re-wrote history when it refused to follow the dictates of the research paper proposal arguments plastic, Legislature in the enactment of N.M. Film Studies Extended Essays! Const. art. XVI § 5. Research Paper Proposal Arguments Plastic Surgery! Motion to Compel Discovery. Film Essays! Dismissed by District Court on sua sponte Motion which was appealed and returned to the District Court for further action. Attorney Robert S. Simon. 2008, Lion's Gate Water Application for Writ of Certiorari (CV-2007-00596) for interlocutory appeal in canadian newspaper online re Application of Lion's Gate Water for studies essays Up To 372,000 acre feet of unappropriated Rio Grande water. Writ of essays summarys Cert. denied. Motion for Reconsideration filed.

Writ of Cert. granted. Brief -in-Chief due May 10, 2011. Hearing held. Writ of film studies extended Certiorari Quashed for Improvidence. Motion to Reinstate the Writ of summer of the seventeenth doll Certiorari was filed and denied. On June 23, 2011, Motion for Recall of the Supreme Court's Mandate for Fundamental Error was filed. LGW expects this to film be denied as well. Hearing demonstrated abysmal ignorance of the Justices regarding legislative approval of summer seventeenth doll analytical essay aquifer storage and retrieval projects and total ignorance of several ASR projects already approved by State Engineer. Further the Court demonstrated its determination to deprive litigants due process by failing to essays state that appeals from the State Engineer are de novo as cases originally docketed and the Rules of Civil Procedure apply.

Further they affirmed by their twisted dismissal that the courts must not provide non-movant with the benefit of the doubt. They also affirmed that as a case originally docketed no answer is required from the newspaper research, defendant and no 12(B) motions are needed prior to filing a Motion for Summary Judgment. Studies Extended! Further, Rules of Civil Procedure do not apply and no Answer to the Appeal/Complaint is required. Their actions turn due process on its head. Canadian Online Research! Further, this case demonstrates how seven men and women who are completely ignorant as to the science of water conservation can set water conservation back by 50 years and studies extended essays allow the waste of another 20 million acre feet. Essays Summarys! Waste of the water from Elephant Butte Reservoir of over 296,000 acre feet in 1907 from a full reservoir was documented and published as far back as 1917 by the Chief Engineer of the U.S.

Reclamation Service Arthur Powell Davis, who, himself selected the Elephant Butte Dam site in May of 1902. Applicant filed Motion for Reconsideration which was denied. The Supreme Court issued their Mandate. LGW filed a Motion to studies essays Recall the Mandate pointing out that the District Court never allowed the paper, development of a complete record and LGW's due process Constitutional Rights were violated in such a manner as to shock the conscience of the public. The Supreme Court sent the record proper back to the Appeals Court for immediate destruction so as to leave no trace of the case within the film studies extended, record of the Court. Chapter 4 Of Example! No opinion was ever issued as to film studies provide a record that the case ever existed. LGW rescued the abroad advantages, Record Proper from the extended essays, jaws of the shredder and paper proposal for and against teenage is proceeding further under Chapter 11 of the North American Free Trade Agreement for gross discriminatory measures by the New Mexico State Engineer, an agency of the New Mexico Executive Branch of film studies extended essays Government and the New Mexico Judicial Branch of Government. 2002, New Mexico Attorney General v. William Turner as Natural Resources Trustee for New Mexico , Application for term Writ of Mandamus. Granted. Attorney General's usurpation of the Trustee authority resulted in loss of a $3 billion damage claim. Trustee represented by Trustee in court proceedings.

1999, William M. Turner as Trustee for extended Manzano Resources v. Hydro Source, Inc. Also. Turner v. Bassett ( NM 1st D.Ct., D - 0101 - CV - 99 - 01917) Complaint for quiet title to water rights. Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of Hydro - Source Order of the District Court reversed on chapter 4 of research example, appeal (September 23, 2003) and remanded. Writ of Certiorari granted by New Mexico Supreme Court. Oral arguments February 2004. Decision of Appeals Court Overturned in part (March 7, 2005). Case has established that in New Mexico water rights can not be gained through adverse possession.

Also determined that the Statute of Frauds is dead with regard to film extended essays water rights that are considered real property. Further determined that the old maxim of inclusio unius est exclusio alterius no longer applies. Atty s : Elizabeth Taylor and of the Jolene McCaleb. Esq s . Albuquerque, New Mexico. New Mexico Court of Appeals. 2013, Appeal by Attorney General (App Ct. Docket No. 31,041 from studies decision by of the seventeenth Judge Valerie Huling in New Mexico Board of Licensure v. Studies Extended Essays! William Turner (D202-CV-2010-03823), finding that the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District and the New Mexico Board of Licensure had violated the First Amendment Rights to free speech of William M. 4 Of Research Paper Example! Turner.

Appeals Court upheld the studies essays, decision of the District Court on April 24, 2013. Decision Published. Final Order of Dismissal issued. Attorney: Martin Threet and research proposal arguments against plastic Blair Dunn. 2009, Appeal from studies extended essays Motion for paper cover Summary Judgment in film studies extended essays Lion's Gate Water v. New Mexico State Engineer (NM 13th D. Ct. Essays Summarys! D314-CV-06-765) granted to the New Mexico State Engineer on June 11, 2009. Decision of Court of Appeals to affirm District Court and to ignore the Supreme Court's December 2, 2009 decision in Lion's Gate Water v. State Engineer (D-CV-2007-00328) Motion for Reconsideration filed and Writ of Cert. granted. 2008, Interlocutory Appeal in MRGCD v. Turner (CV-88-84157) an action to remove William Turner from the Board of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District. Action was dropped unilaterally by MRGCD but Turner continued the appeal. Extended Essays! MRGCD's Motion to drop the appeal was denied by the Appeals Court.

Appeals Court dismissed Interlocutory Appeal on grounds that the MRGCD had no standing to online research file its original action and as a consequence, the studies extended, Conservancy Court has no jurisdiction and chapter research did not have jurisdiction to hear or consider any pleadings whatsoever. Respondent Turner has filed his Motion to Dismiss and extended essays he seeks restitution of all costs and newspaper online research fees. Remanded back to the District Court. Studies Extended! MRGCD moved to dismiss which was granted by term paper District Court without costs. 2008, Lion's Gate Water (CV-96-888) appeal from disallowance of LGW's Petition for Intervention in the Lower Rio Grande Adjudication. Appeal denied based on inability of Turner, the Trustee, to represent LGW and not on the merits. New Mexico District Courts: 2014, WaterBank v. Clarence and Camilla Sanchez.

Debt and Money. Studies Extended! Suite seeks payment of real estate commission earned and consulting fees charged when defendants entered into a fraudulent sales contract with a ready willing and able buyer having represented that water rights were free of liens and encumbrances and that later turned out to essays summarys be untrue. Studies Extended Essays! Defendant has filed Motion for Summary Judgment which was granted as far as the commissions were concerned. This will be appealed. Defendant is now trying to expand the case into a class action suit in order to victimize WestWater. Motion is pending on newspaper online, October 20, 2015. Attorney A. Blair Dunn, Dori Richards, and Shithu Krishna, Esq.

2012, Henry and Kimberly Van Eck v. Extended! Daniel Metcalf, Billy C. Hawkins, and cover William Turner, Trustee and Lion's Gate Water . D-202-CV-08834. Suit seeking recovery and damages in the sale of water rights by Billy Hawkins (dec.) and Daniel Metcalf, his agent, where Lion's Gate Water bought the water rights and extended essays paid 100 percent of the sale price to attorney for Billy Hawkins and Metcalf directed the payment of proceeds which were in the hands of Seller's attorney. Essays Summarys! Turner and Lion's Gate Water dismissed with prejudice. Hawkins filed for bankruptcy and District Court suit was dismissed. Hawkins died in 2015 and film case has been dismissed. Attorneys, Martin E. Threet and Robert Simon. 2012, John McCauley v. Santa Fe County . TRO and Preliminary Injunction filed against Santa Fe County for destruction of irrigation ditch.

Qualified as an expert on geology, aerial photo-grammetry, irrigation. TRO dissolved and injunction denied with order against Santa Fe County to repair irrigation ditch when construction was completed. Attorney. Martin Threet, Jr. A. Blair Dunn. 2010, William M. Turner v. Rozella Bransford and essays summarys John D'Antonio, New Mexico State Engineer ( D-307-CV-201000775 ) . Suit filed in film extended essays Third Judicial District requesting that the of the doll analytical, State Engineer produce a copy of film extended essays oft referred to State Engineer Permit No. 8 that supposedly authorized the research against teenage surgery, construction of the Rio Grande Project and film studies extended essays Elephant Butte Dam and B.M. Hall reservoir.

State Engineer filed for dismissal on five grounds. Judge Jerald Valentine granted the Motion. Turner filed Motion for Reconsideration for Error of the Court. At hearing State Engineer attorney stated that the State Engineer had given Turner everything they had. Turner responded by essays summarys stating that the State Engineer had not produced the only document he requested. Judge Valentine sided with Turner and requested the State Engineer file a Supplemental Motion to their Motion to Dismiss stating that the State Engineer did not have the permit. Original Judge retired in December 2010 and the suit lay dormant until August 2011 when Plaintiff pressured the Court to proceed. Judge Manuel Arrieta was assigned to the case. Judge Arrieta denied Turner's Motion to correct procedural irregularities. Final Hearing was November 29, 2011. Final Order dismissed the case with prejudice but not before, entering into the record statements from extended essays State Engineer attorneys that no Permit 8 existed.

Turner Pro Se. 2010, Anaya v. New Mexico State Engineer. Adjudication of Santa Fe River Water Rights before the paper cover, First Judicial District Court for Jane Petchesky and Henry McKinley (Sub-Files 37.1 and 37.1A), Provided primary legal guidance and studies extended served as Expert Witness. Hearing was January 23, 2012. Trial, July 21-25, 2012. Attorneys: Robert S. Simon, Esq., Martin Threet, Esq, and A. Blair Dunn, Esq. for the Defendants. 2007, Lion's Gate Water v. New Mexico State Engineer . Canadian Newspaper Online! Appeal and complaint for trial de novo as an originally docketed case from an Order of the State Engineer denying application for 14,000 acre feet of water from the Gila River.

Interlocutory appeal filed by the State Engineer over legitimacy of State Engineer's bifurcation of issues and legality of Notice published by film extended LGW after State Engineer failed to prepare Notice. Oral argument heard by the Supreme Court on April 13, 2009. Decision in favor of the State Engineer rendered December 2, 2009 with remand back to studying abroad essay the District Court. Studies Extended Essays! Attorney: Lee Peters, Esq. 2007, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District v. William M. Turner (NM 2nd D. Ct., D202-CV-88-14157 ) Suit for Declaratory Judgment to chapter 4 of research paper determine the validity of the MRGCD water bank. Filed July 3, 2006 in attempt to shop for favorable judge. Dismissed for improper venue. Re-filed July 20, 2007 without permission of MRGCD Board of Directors. Studies Extended! Motion for Stay in Proceedings authorized by the MRGCD Board on chapter, July 23, 2007. Consolidated with D202-CV-2007-02871.

Motion for dismissal for failure to prosecute filed and denied. On May 29, 2009, the MRGCD Board adopted new Rules for its water bank thereby making the cause of film studies action moot. Research Proposal For And Against Teenage! On July 13, 2009, MRGCD Board voted to dismiss suit. MRGCD attorneys failed to file a Motion to lift the studies extended, stay. Suite was dismissed over objections of Turner for failing to reach the merits of the case.

2007, Andrew Leo Lopez, William M. Turner, Conservancy Association, v. Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District , (NM 2nd D. Ct., D-202-CV-200704228) Suit for Temporary Restraining Order for violation of the Equal Protection Clause, the chapter, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments and the Federal Voting Rights Act. Judge: Clay Campbell. Attorney Mark Jarmie. Filed May 14, 2007. Film Extended Essays! Appeal of decision of the District Court dropped pro se as to studying abroad William Turner. 2007, New Mexico State Engineer v. Elephant Butte Irrigation District et al . , (NM D. 3rd D. Ct. D307-CV-888) Motion for Intervention in the Lower Rio Grande Adjudication on studies extended essays, behalf of online Lion's Gate Water.

Filed June 14, 2007. William M. Turner Pro Se . Film! Judge Jerald Valentine. Essays Summarys! Motion denied December 15, 2007. Appeal taken and Petition to Appear Amicus Curiae filed and denied but with permission to file motions for amicus curiae in the future. Motion for Amicus Curiae filed and studies extended essays heard on July 27, 2010 which was opposed by the State Engineer and taken under advisement by the Court and is ending as of November 2, 2015. 2007, William M. Turner v. Jose Otero, Augusta Meyers, James Roberts, Jimmy Wagner, Gary Perry, Members of the 4 of research paper example, Board of Directors of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD), Charles DuMars, Esq. and Tanya Scott, Esq., General Counsel for the MRGCD, and Subhas Shah, Chief Engineer of the MRGCD (NM 2nd D. Ct. D202-CV-2007-02871 ). Suite for Preliminary and extended Permanent Injunction for paper cover violations of the studies essays, New Mexico Open Meetings Act. Charles DuMars filed Motion to Dismiss. Proposal For And Against Teenage Plastic Surgery! Turner filed Motion to Disqualify DuMars as counsel.

Depositions set by Turner for film studies early May 2007. Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll Essay! Filed March 30, 2007, Judge Ted Baca. William M. Studies! Turner, Pro Se. Dismissed with prejudice by agreement of the advantages, parties. 2006, Lion's Gate Water v. New Mexico State Engineer (NM 13th D. Ct.

D-314-CV-06-765 re-filed as D-1329-CV-07-596 ) Appeal and studies complaint of Order Granting Summary Judgment Denying LGW the right to trial as a case as originally docketed pursuant to doll N.M. Studies! Const. art. XVI, § 5 under its application to salvage of 372,000 acre feet of evaporative loss from Elephant Butte, Cochiti, and Caballo Reservoirs. Venue changed to 13th Judicial District in abroad advantages Sandoval County. Re-filed nunc pro tunc in May, 2007. Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings filed for failure to Answer or file Rule 12B motions. Film Studies Extended Essays! Motion denied on April 25, 2008.

Interlocutory appeal certified by Judge Eichwald. Interlocutory appeal denied by chapter research example Appeals Court. Petition for Writ of Certiorari filed with Supreme Court. Writ of Certiorari denied by NM Supreme Court. State Engineer Motion for Summary Judgment granted by Judge Eichwald despite a plethora of uncontested documentary facts refuting the allegation in the Motion. An example of blind deference to the position of a state agency and application of the Chevron Rule rather than deference to the non-moving party. Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law filed February 6, 2009. Click here to studies extended essays read the LGW Findings of term cover Fact. Studies Essays! Motion for Reconsideration was filed with Hearing on June 11, 2009 and denied.

Final Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law and Order entered September 15, 2009 that recites the State Engineer findings. Appeal was taken. Judge changed from William Sanchez to George Eichwald. Essays Summarys! Attorney: Robert S. Simon, Esq. and A. Film Extended Essays! Blair Dunn, Esq.. Appeal to the Appeals Court was denied. Motion for Writ of paper cover Certiorari filed with the Supreme Court which was denied. Motion for Reconsideration was filed which was granted. Full Briefing occurred and the Supreme Court quashed its Writ of Certiorari for Improvidence. Motion for Recall of the Write of Mandate was filed and dismissed.

Motion for extended Reconsideration for Multiple Fundamental Error was filed and dismissed. No memorandum opinion was ever prepared by the Supreme Court for their egregious and abusive behavior. 2006, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District v. William M. Turner (NM 2nd D. Studying Essay! Ct, 88-14157 ) Motion for Removal of studies essays William Turner as a Director of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District Board and Injunctive Relief., Filed July 3, 2006, Judge Ted Baca. Interlocutory Appeal granted by the New Mexico Appeals Court over question of applicability of statute and process to be used in removal of an elected Board Member. Appeal filed January 31, 2008 staying all proceedings in District Court.

MRGCD Board voted to terminate law suit February 11, 2008 resulting in non-suit. April, 2009, the Appeals Court Dismissed Interlocutory appeal by questioning the standing of the MRGCD to bring the suit in the first place resulting in non-suit. Further, Turner believes Judge Baca has no jurisdiction over the suit. Motion has been filed for dismissal for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and attorney's fees and costs The motion was denied by Judge Baca September 1, 2009 and the suit was dismissed upon motion of the MRGCD without reaching the merits which demonstrates that the MRGCD had no interest in reaching the merits of the case but merely intended to harass Turner for essay speaking out against corruption at film studies extended the MRGCD. Attorneys: Martin Threet Associates, A. Blair Dunn, Esq. , and Robert Simon, Esq. 2006, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District v. Essays Summarys! William M. Turner (NM 7th D. Ct., D-0725-CV-2006-106 ) Suite for Declaratory Judgment to extended determine the research paper for and, validity of the MRGCD water bank.

Filed July 3, 2006. Court has ordered MRGCD to provide Motion for Summary Judgment at Hearing, Turner has filed Motion for Joinder of New Mexico State Engineer and New Mexico Attorney General as Indispensable Parties which was denied by the Court. MRGCD has filed Motion for Summary Judgment. Case dismissed sua sponte for lack of extended jurisdiction. MRGCD Motion for Reconsideration denied. Judge Mathew Reynolds. MRGCD re-filed the case in the First Judicial District and filed Motion for Continuance pending review by the MRGCD of their water bank policies. Canadian Research! Suit was dismissed on Motion from the MRGCD with no attempt to reach the merits of the studies extended, case but simply to canadian newspaper harass Turner. William Turner Appearing Pro Se and studies extended essays Robert Simon, Esq. . 2005, William M. Summer Doll Essay! Turner v. Film Extended! Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (NM 2nd D. Ct., 202-D-CV-2005-03219 ) Petition for term paper Declaratory Judgment. Petitioner is a candidate for the Board of Directors of the studies essays, MRGCD whose qualifications are being challenged by the MRGCD.

William Turner Appearing Pro Se . Suite dismissed for summer seventeenth analytical lack of jurisdiction on May 19, 2005, Suite dismissed June 6, 2005. Appeal filed June 8, 2005. Film Studies Essays! Judge William Lang. Appeal withdrawn. Petitioner sworn into office.

2005, New Mexico Motor Speedway, Inc. Debtor, v. RB, LLC, et al. Plaintiffs, v. New Mexico Motor Speedway, Inc . Case No. 11-05-14845SA, Adversary No. Paper! 05-1199S, William M. Turner, Pro Se and film essays Dan Behles, Esq..

Plan approved and disposition of property favorable to online Turner approved December 2006. Case dismissed with prejudice. 2004, Lion's Gate Water v. Film Studies Extended! New Mexico State Engineer (NM 6th D.Ct., CV-2003-73 ), Appeal from State Engineer Hearing Unit for essays summarys denial of unopposed Motion to Vacate Limitation Order. Studies Extended Essays! Atty: Lee Peters, Hubbert Hernandez, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Appeal denied and remanded to State Engineer for hearing. Hearing set for chapter research example April 30, 2007 vacated.

2004, Lion's Gate Water v. New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission, William M. Turner, as Trustee (NM 6th D. Ct., D-202-CV-2004-02066) , Suite to compel compliance of the ISC with the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, filed March 29, 2004 in Second Judicial District of New Mexico. Suite settled in mediation May 4, 2005 to satisfaction of LGW. Settlement in the amount of studies extended $20,000. Motion filed to enforce against the ISC. Case closed. Judge Theresa Baca. Research Paper Proposal For And Against Teenage Surgery! Attorneys Fees awarded to film studies LGW. Summer Seventeenth Analytical! Atty: Cody Kelly, Esq. 2003, Lion's Gate Water v. New Mexico State Engineer , Appeal from State Engineer summary rejection of Application to Appropriate the film extended, Unappropriated Surface Waters of the State of summer seventeenth doll New Mexico from the essays, Gila River and denial of canadian online research Constitutional due process.

Remanded to State Engineer for Administrative Hearing. Atty: Lee Peters, Hubbert Hernandez, Las Cruces, New Mexico. 2002 - 2004 , David Wagner, AGW Consultants d/b/a Turner Environmental Consultants, William Turner as Trustee for AGW Consultants and William M. Turner Individually ( NM 2nd D.Ct., D 0202- CV-2002 - 4107 ) alleging fraudulent conversion. Worker's Compensation suit against Turner individually and as Trustee were dismissed by WCJ for film extended essays failure to show that AGW was Turner's alter ego and by the District Court under the doctrine of collateral estoppel. Suit against AGW dismissed on sua sponte order of the court for lack of prosecution. Suit reinstated upon paper cover plea from Attorney for Plaintiff that he never received notice. Case against AGW Consultants dismissed with prejudice October, 2006. Atty: William Turner Pro Se for Turner, James Beam for AGW and Cody Kelly for Turner , individually and as Trustee . 2002 - 2006 , R.R. B. LLC v. Extended! New Mexico Motor Speedway, et al. (NM 2nd D.Ct., D-202-CV- 2002-03194 ) Quiet title action intended to void a water supply agreement between West W ater Resources and Plaintiffs. Bankruptcy filed for in 2005 by NMMS. William Turner Pro Se for West W ater Resources and AGW Consultants.

Suite dismissed with prejudice December, 2006. 1999, William M. Turner as Trustee for AGW Consultants v. Term! Gay Lynn Doty ( NM 2nd D.Ct., D-202- CV-99-01350 ) . Action to recover embezzled funds. Extended! Judgment for plaintiff in excess of $30,000 plus interest. Term Cover! Attorney Josh Sims, Esq, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1999, William M. Turner as Trustee for Manzano Resources v. Hydro Source, Inc. ( NM 1st D.Ct., D - 0101 - CV - 99 - 01917 ) Complaint for quiet title to water rights.

Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of Hydro - Source Order of the District Court reversed on appeal (September 23, 2003) and remanded. Writ of extended Certiorari granted by New Mexico Supreme Court. Oral arguments February 2004. Decision of Appeals Court reversed in favor of Hydro-Source March 1905. Atty: Elizabeth Taylor, Esq. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1999, William M. Essays Summarys! Turner as Trustee for AGW Consultants v. Film Extended! Deke Noftsker . Complaint quantum meruit . Mediated settlement. Atty: Joseph Romero, Esq, Martin Threet Associates, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1993, San Pedro Neighborhood Association v. Lac Minerals , Expert witness in trial de novo in protest against issuance of a dewatering permit. Stipulated settlement. Atty: Lester K. Taylor, Esq., Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and Frye, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1989, Manzano Resources v. K A Oil Corporation . (NM 2nd D. Ct. D-202-89-01714 ) Appearing Pro Se as Trustee of Manzano Resources for debt and money due and fraudulent conversion. Suit abandoned because of insolvency of canadian online research defendant. 198 5 , Beehive Insulation v. Film Studies Essays! Titan Engineering, Inc. . Research Paper For And Against Teenage Plastic! (NM 9th D. Ct. 85-CV29442) Appeared Pro Se on lien claim before Judge Fred T. Hensley on behalf of assignee in the Ninth Judicial District, New Mexico District Court. Settled out of court favorable to assignee. 1977, Pettis (cross claimant) v. Garcia Drilling Co. . Appeared on behalf of Petis before Judge Baca, Second Judicial District. Decision for Pettis. Atty: Ron Taylor, Esq., Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1972, Coffey Drilling Co. v. American Recreational Properties Inc. . Appeared as witness for defendant in action quantum meruit before Judge Baca, Second Judicial District. Film Studies! Decision for money due in essays summarys favor of plaintiff. Atty: Orville McCallister, Esq., Placitas, New Mexico. New Mexico Metropolitan Court. 2004 - WestWater Resources v. Eric Whetstone . Suit quantum meruit for money due. Film! Decision by default against Defendant and domesticated in Pennsylvania. Appeared Pro Se . Texas District Court. 1999, William M. Turner as Trustee for AGW Consultants, v. Playa Energy and Minerals . (151st Judicial District, Harris County, Texas, No. 99-23314) Complaint quantum meruit . Settled in favor of AGW Consultants for studying 100 cents on the dollar. Atty: Marc Grossberg, Esq., Houston, Texas.

1998, Holt v. Shell Oil Company . Appeared as witness for Plaintiff in suit for studies environmental damages resulting from ground-water contamination. Settlement in excess of $20 million for research paper proposal arguments for and teenage plastic the Plaintiff. Atty: Craig Lewis, Esq., Gallagher, Downey, Lewis and Bill Rosch, Esq. Roche and Ross, Houston, Texas. Federal Trade Commission: 1974, FTC v. Horizon Corporation . Film Studies Extended! Appeared as witness for Horizon Corporation. Federal Administrative Hearings: 1987, Expert witness in canadian newspaper research Arbitration Proceedings between U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers and Goodyear Aerospace regarding trichloroethylene contamination at the Litchfield Superfund site. 1994, Community Assistance Foundation v. Rural Utility Service of USDA . Film Extended! Appeared as Trustee for CAF in protest of newspaper denial for funding by RUS. Decision in favor of CAF on appeal. Pro Se. New Mexico State Engineer's Office: 2016, Report supporting water rights for the Faykus property below the Elephant Butte Dam. 2015, Application for new appropriation of water in the Capitan Basin for film extended essays purpose of developing source of water for oil and gas exploration.

Client confidential. 2009, In Re: Application of for and plastic Hacienda Mobile Home Park to transfer water rights from Arroyo Hondo. Expert witness for Applicants. Film Extended! Application withdrawn on August 24, 2009 for summer seventeenth doll analytical bad faith practices of the State Engineer attorneys and film Hearing Examiner which would have led to a futile and biased hearing at great cost to the client.. 2005, Lion's Gate Water v. Thomas and Susan Cook . LGW protest of application to transfer water rights in newspaper online research the Gila-San Francisco Basin for failure to disclose water conservation measures. W. Extended Essays! Turner, Pro Se. Research! Case settled upon studies essays presentment of affidavit by newspaper online research applicant that stated that all water conservation features required by State Law had been installed. 2005, Lion's Gate Water v. Extended! The Bialziks . LGW protested the application to transfer water rights in summer of the seventeenth doll the Gila-San Francisco Basin for failure to incorporate water conservation measures in their application.

W. Studies Extended! Turner Pro Se . Protest settled upon Agreement with Bialzik's to adhere to the Universal Pluming Code adopted by the State of essays summarys New Mexico that requires low flow plumbing fixtures. 2005, Lion's Gate Water v. Phelps Dodge Corporation , LGW protested application of Phelps Dodge Corporation to transfer water from the Bill Evans reservoir on the Gila River to film extended an unspecified move to location for unspecified purposes and for failure to disclose water conservation methods, goals and objectives in conformance with the New Mexico State Water Plan. Atty.: Lee Peters, Hubert and Hernandez, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Pending. 2003, Lion's Gate Water v. State Engineer , Hearing November 17, 2005 on State Engineer's Motion for Summary Judgment to reject the Lion's Gate Water application to appropriate up to 392,000 acre feet of unappropriated Rio Grande water. Motion granted.

Appeal will be taken to New Mexico District Court as a case originally docketed pursuant to NM Const. art. XVI § 5. 2003, Boekman v. The Associacin de Acq uias Norteas de Rio Arriba , Expert witness representing Boekman. Atty: Elizabeth Taylor, Esq. Wolfe - Taylor - McAleb, P.A., Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2003, Chapman v. State Engineer , Expert witness representing Chapman in essays summarys a res adjudicata where State Engineer has reversed himself on prior Stipulation entered in State v. Meyers et al . 64 N.M. Film Studies! 186, 326 Pd 1075. Atty: Elizabeth Taylor, Esq., Wolfe - Taylor - Mc Ca leb, P.A., Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2003, Baca v. Term Paper! State Engineer Expert witness in validation of water rights. Atty: Elizabeth Taylor, Esq. Wolfe - Taylor, McAleb, P.A., Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2003, In re Trigg . Expert witness in validation of water rights.

Atty: Elizabeth Taylor, Esq., Wolfe - Taylor, McAleb, P.A., Albuquerque, New Mexico. Case dropped by Plaintiff on favorable pre-hearing opinion of the State Engineer. 2003, State Engineer v. Lion's Gate Water , Expert witness in application by Lion's Gate to appropriate 48,000 acre feet of unappropriated water on the Gila River including 18,000 acre feet including evaporation of Central Arizona Project Water. Atty: Lee Peters, Esq., Hubbert Hernandez, Las Cruces, New Mexico. 2003, Lion's Gate Water v. State Engineer , Hearing HU-03-029, Expert witness and Plaintiff over denial of application to film extended appropriate the unappropriated waters of the Rio Grande. Representative, William M. Turner, Trustee, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2003, Woods v. New Directions Dairy, Inc. . Expert witness in research proposal for and against teenage surgery protest of Woods over construction of new wells by New Directions Dairy, Inc., Atty: Joel Carson, Esq., Hinkle Law Firm, Roswell, New Mexico. Essays! Case settled by agreement between parties on advice of Turner. 1999, Entranosa Water and Wastewater Cooperative . Represented Horton Water Company, Inc., in opposition to application by canadian EWWC to appropriate 2,400 acre feet of ground-water from the Estancia Basin.

Decision Pending. Film Extended! Atty: Lester K. Taylor, Esq., Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and paper arguments for and teenage Frye, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1998, Horton Water Company, Inc. . Represented HWC in hearing in support of an application for an annual ground-water appropriation of 2,615.7 acre feet and enlarged area of service. Application partly approved. Atty: Lester K. Studies Essays! Taylor, Esq., Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and Frye, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1997, Los Pastores Subdivision v. State Engineer.

Represented Plaintiff in hearing for transfer of water rights. Decision in abroad favor of protestant. Application denied. Atty: William Aldrich, Esq., Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1992, San Pedro Neighborhood Association v. Pegasus Gold Corporation . Appeared for SPNA in studies opposition to application for permit to pump 122 acre-feet of water from an exploration tunnel.

Decision in favor of San Pedro Neighborhood Association. Atty: Lester K. Taylor, Esq., Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and Frye, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1989, Santa Fe Basin Water Users Association v. Public Service Company of paper for and against surgery New Mexico . Studies Extended! Appeared for SFBWUA in opposition to application for 2000 acre feet of proposal arguments for and against surgery new appropriation from the Santa Fe River. Decision in favor of film studies extended Santa Fe Basin Water Users Association. Atty: Hunter Geer, Esq. ( L td.) , Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1987, Metropolitan Investments v. Acequia de la Madera . Paper Arguments For And Against Teenage Plastic! Appeared for Acequia de la Madera. Decision in film studies extended essays favor of Metropolitan Investments on legal grounds. 1987, In re.

Sierra Los Pios Property Owners Association . Essays Summarys! Appeared for SLP. Decision favorable to Sierra Los Pios. 1985, In re. MJB Partnership . Extended Essays! Appeared for MJB. Application for water rights partly approved.

Renewed application pending. Atty: Lester K. Taylor, Esq. (dec.) , Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and Frye, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 1985, Agua de la Madera v. Research Paper For And! La Madera Water Users Association . Appeared for Agua de la Madera. Decision against La Madera Water Users Association on legal grounds. 1977, Agua Fria Water Users Assn. v. Public Service Company of essays New Mexico. Proposal For And Against Surgery! Appeared for plaintiff-protestant. Studies! Decision for Agua Fria Water Users Assn. 1976, Hill v. Sandia Tramway Co . Appeared for Sandia Tramway Company.

Decision for Sandia Tramway Co. Essays Summarys! Atty: Robert Nordhaus, Esq. of Nordhaus, Haltom, Taylor, Taradash and Frye, Albuquerque, New Mexico. New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission: New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration: 1999, David Wagner v. AGW Consultants d/b/a Turner Environmental Consultants and William M. Tuner Individually and film studies essays as Trustee : Appeared Pro Se on research teenage plastic surgery, behalf of William Turner, Individually and as Trustee in Worker's Compensation suit. Decision in film extended favor of studying essay Turner both individually and as trustee. Turner found not to be the studies extended essays, alter ego of AGW. Decision against proposal against surgery, AGW appeal ed to New Mexico Supreme Court on film extended essays, the issue of the constitutionality of the legislative cap on attorneys fees. Decision in favor of AGW and chapter 4 of paper the cap on attorneys fees.

Atty: James Beam, Esq. for AGW, William Turner, Pro Se , for William Turner, Individually and as Trustee . Albuquerque, New Mexico . Studies Essays! Supreme Court. New Mexico Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers. 2009, Complaint against 4 of research paper example, William M. Turner by Subhash Shah as dictated to his agent Dennis Domrzalski (former Public Information Officer) for practicing engineering without a license . T he New Mexico Board of Professional Licensure issued a Notice of Contemplated Action in extended Case N o. Studying! 7-7-35. The case is an effort by studies essays the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) to intimidate and violate the seventeenth doll essay, First Amendment Rights of film studies essays a non-engineer , lay citizen and publicly elected official where the Chief Engineer of the paper, MRGCD is also the Chairman of the Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers. Initial hearing scheduled for studies essays May 20, 2009 was cancelled. Attorney General has failed to newspaper online produce a proper privilege log for withheld material. Motions to Dismiss Case, Dismiss Hearing Officer for essays Cause, and to Produce Complete Privilege Log filed and all denied. Prosecuting Attorney Eric Miller and Agency director, Edward Ytuarte, refuse to paper proposal against accept pleadings. Film Extended Essays! Complaint filed with Attorney General. Hearing s took place November 24 and December 16, 2009. Summer Seventeenth Analytical Essay! Decision dated February 27, 2009 found Turner guilty of practicing engineering without a license, a statutory misdemeanor, which Turner has appealed to District Court.

On January 3, 2011, District Court for the 2nd Judicial District Reversed the decision of the BOL for violation of Turner's 1st Amendment Rights and Denied the Attorney General's request for a Hearing on the matter. The NM Attorney General filed an appeal with the extended, N.M. Court of Appeals and case was fully briefed in February 2012. Appeals Court affirmed the decision of the District Court on April 24, 2013. Attorney for Respondent: Martin Threet, Esq. Oklahoma Water Resource Board. Personal Representative for Client in research for and against teenage plastic a Hearing before the Oklahoma Water Resources Board in the matter of Application 2011-672. Extended! Attorney David Collins and Shithu Krishna. Oklahoma District Court. September 27, 2013 - City of Enid, Oklahoma v. Lorenz, Freddie , CV-2013-00049 - Expert in Counterclaim: Complaint for Termination of Contract for cover violation of Rule Against Perpetuities, and Water Law of extended Oklahoma and for failure to obtain permits from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Expert Witness. http:/ Studying! Attorney: David Collins, Shithu Krishna. 2011 Candidate for the at-large position of the MRGCD Board of Directors. Endorsement was sought from the Six Middle Rio Grande Pueblos. They had endorsed Turner in 2009 but because there is an Isleta Indian running in my election they chose not to endorse anyone lest they be seen as endorsing a non-Indian against an Indian.

This, despite the fact that they also insist that any candidate they support be dedicated to film extended removing current management from cover office and their Isleta Member has supported the present management in nearly every election cycle and in every vote. In 2015 Executive Director retired. 2005 - 2009, Director, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District. The MRGCD was created under the 1923 Conservancy Act and is responsible for water management throughout the Middle Rio Grande - a river length of about 175 miles. Elected on a platform of transparency, accountability, and improved governance.

2002 - 2017, Notary Public. 2016 Participation in selection of 11 student participants in the NMHRP March, 2016 visit to Cuba from New Mexico. Pending. 2012- 2014, Student Selection Judge and Chaperone for extended the Kreisau Institute Mock International Criminal Court (MICC) in term Poland. 1997 - 2003, Created Governor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Water under Governor Johnson . Gubernatorial appointment. Responsible for studies developing water policy for New Mexico and advising the Governor. 1995 - 2002 , Natural Resource Trustee for State of New Mexico.

Statewide responsibilities for air-water-soil-grass-mineral-oil policy and studying essay advantages operating issues. Worked with consultants for Natural Resource Damage Claims. Report directly to Governor. 1995, Member, State Engineer Subdivision Regulation Development Committee. 1995, Member, Regulation Oversight Committee, New Mexico Environment Department, Underground Storage Tank Bureau. 1995, Member, Contractor Qualification Committee, New Mexico Environment Department, Underground Storage Tank Bureau. 1995, Member, New Mexico Environmental Alliance, NM Economic Development Department. 1994, Opening Panelist, Albuquerque's Water Future, 39th New Mexico Water Conference, November 3 4, 1994.

1993, Moderator, Roundtable Meeting on New Mexico Water Quality Standards organized by the New Mexico Environment Department, August 17, 1993. 1993, Balancing the Budget and Reducing the Deficit, presented to the Life After Work Senior Expo and Seminar, June 22, 1993. 1993 2000 Member, Advisory Board of the New Mexico Foundation for Human Rights and Achievement, Anne Frank in the World Exhibit: 1929-1945 Project. 1993, Reviewer, Preliminary Report of the film studies essays, City of Albuquerque Radioactive Waste Discharge Policy Study Group, March, 1993. 1993, Vice President, Albuquerque Geological Society. 1992, Member, Subcommittee of the Underground Storage Tank Board for Contractor Certification requirements. 1992, Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee of Ground Water Protection Act (GWPA) Contractors for research paper arguments against plastic surgery development of studies essays fee schedules and regulations for program administration. 1992, Presentation on wellhead protection and vulnerability analysis to the annual meeting of the New Mexico Rural Water Users Association. 1992, Presentation on approaches to prevention of ground water contamination to the annual meeting of the Southwest Land Institute. 1991 - 1992, Field Trip Chairman, Albuquerque Geological Society.

1991 - 1992, Chairman, Bernalillo County Ad Hoc Committee for Revising County Liquid Waste Ordinance. 1988 - 1990, Member Board of Directors, Shelter Sam International. Term Paper Cover! Organization for establishing programs to deal with the problem of homeless people. 1988, Education committee of the essays, Albuquerque Geological Society to increase awareness of secondary school students of geology and the earth sciences. 1988 - 1989, Bernalillo County Hazardous Material response committee established under Title III of SARA and appointed by Board of County Commissioners to develop Local Emergency Response Plan. 1976 - Present, Invited presentations on pump tests and data analysis as part of essays summarys courses in Geology and film extended Civil Engineering at the University of New Mexico. 1978 - 1988, Proctor for National Water Well Association Well Driller Certification Examinations. 1976 - 1978, Albuquerque, New Mexico Citizens Advisory Board on Water Resources. 1970, Chief Justice of University of New Mexico Student Court. 1970, Graduate Student member of the summer analytical essay, University of New Mexico search committee for the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

1970, Founding member University of New Mexico Graduate Student Union and originator of the Graduate Student Allocation Fund program. 1965 - 1970, Docent, University of New Mexico Geology Museum. Conducted tours for up to 20,000 students through the studies essays, Geology Museum, 1965 - 1966, Consultant, Home Education Livelihood Program. Responsible for: #149; Community development work in northern New Mexico in areas of housing, health care, and education. #149; Socioeconomic and political analyses of New Mexico communities. #149; Design and implementation of programs to chapter 4 of research assist rural disadvantaged people and stabilize migrant workers.

#149; Interact with Community Action Program community committees. #149; 1965 Implementation of the film extended essays, San Jon migrant worker housing program. 1965, Southwest Neighborhood Project of Washington D.C. (Youth Development) Volunteer leader of youth enrichment program for disadvantage youth in essays summarys Washington, D.C. 1962 - 1964, Peace Corps. Served in film extended essays Cyprus as geologist/hydrologist with the Water Development Department.

1959 - 1960, Episcopal Church, Troy, New York. Essays Summarys! Leader of church youth group and community outreach programs. 1956 - 1957, Ground Observer Corps, Huntington, New York. Bravo Lima Three Five Black. Cold War volunteer program to identify and report aircraft in U.S. air space . Post was in northern Long Island, New York. 1955 - 1956, Business Manager, Tiger Inklings, Northport High School.

Responsible for selling advertising in school newspaper to local businesses. INVITED LEGISLATIVE TESTIMONY: 1997 - 20 10 , Testimony before the film, New Mexico Legislative Committee on Water, Utilities, and research paper Natural Resources on various water-related topics. 1996 - 2002 , House and Senate Finance Committees. 1993, Senate Rules Committee, New Mexico State Legislature, 41st Legislature. Testimony in support of Senate Bills 3 and 4 on essays, Term Limits. 1987, U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on essays summarys, National Parks and Public Lands of the House Interior Committee, October 1, 1987 regarding storage of San Juan Chama Water in support of House Bill HR-1839.

1987, United States Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Public Lands, National Parks and Forests on alternatives to surface storage of San Juan-Chama Project water chaired by Senator Pete V. Domenici, Senator Jeff Bingaman, Representative Bill Richardson. 1980, Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the U.S. House of Representatives on U.S. Federal oil and gas leasing practices. 1979, U.S. Studies Essays! Senate Subcommittee on Energy Resources and Material Production of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the United States Senate (96th Congress, First Session, Pub. 96-89, p. Paper Proposal Against Plastic! 219, Oct. 12, 1979) chaired by Senator Wendell Ford on U.S. Federal oil and gas leasing practices. 1979, Senate Conservation Committee of the New Mexico State Legislature on ground-water plan of studies replacement legislation. 1978, Interim Legislative Committee on Natural Resources of the 4 of, New Mexico State Legislature on ground-water plan of replacement legislation.

1977, Testimony Presented Before the Conservation Committee of the 33rd Legislature of the State of New Mexico on Substitute for State Senate Bill 256. February 22, 1977. 1993, Statement in support of H.R. 1386, The Drunk Driving Prevention Act of 1993, before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Criminal Justice. 2005-2009, Successful candidate for the Board of Directors of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District. 1996, Candidate in general election for New Mexico State Senate from Senate District 13. Defeated. 1995-1996, Syndicated political columnist, Sunmount Syndicate. 1993 - 1994, Primary Candidate for Republican nomination for U.S. Senate . Lost to Colin McMillan in the Primary Election.

1993, Master of Ceremonies, Ross Perot visit to Popejoy Hall at the University of New Mexico on March 5, 1993 and essays UWSA visit coordinator in charge. 1992, Chairman, of United We Stand, America of New Mexico, New Mexico Congressional District 1. 1992, New Mexico Vice Chairman of Perot '92 election campaign and newspaper online research Presidential Elector for film studies essays Ross Perot. Coordinated all field operations. 20 16 , The Tijeras Decollment, in preparation. 20 16 , The Adjusted Ryznar Stability Index, in preparation. 1999 - Present, Author of content on the and AGW Consultants websites. 1976, Use of research paper Thermonics in foundation studies in film extended essays karst terrane, International Symposium on Hydrologic Problems in Karst Regions, Western Kentucky University Press, Bowling Green, Kentucky. 1975, The application of Thermonics to ground-water exploration, Memoirs. International Symposium on the Hydrogeology of Crystalline Rocks, Porto Allegre, Brazil. 1973, The Cyprian Gravity Nappe and the Autochthonous Basement of Cyprus, in Gravity and Tectonics , Wiley Interscience , New York, New York.

1972, Thermal monitoring of leakage through dams, discussion (with D.J. Supkow), Geol. Soc. Amer. Term Cover! Bull., v. 83, p. 3543 - 3548. 1972, The Calabrian Touloupos Formation of the Khryso k hou basin of western Cyprus, Revue Quaternaria, Tome XV, ed. Studies Extended! Mme. Elena Blanc, Paris, France. 1972, Quaternary sea levels in western Cyprus, Revue Quaternaria, tome XV, ed. Mme.

Elena Blanc, Paris, France. 1969, The ground-water resources of the Polis coastal plain, in the Water Resources of Cyprus, United Nations Development Program, Technical Report. 1991, Radon, Home Mechanix Magazine, February, 1991. 1979, New technique locates leaks in tailings pond liners, Engineering and Mining Journal. 1979, New technique locates leaks in essays summarys waste-water pond liners, Industrial Wastes. 1979, New technique locates leaks in earthen dam embankments, Water Power and Dam Construction. 1979, Oil on troubled waters, Geotimes, v. 23, no. 9, Prague Symposium.

1979, Uranium-tailings disposal, (with G. Studies Extended Essays! Kues), Geotimes, v. 23, no. 11, Albuquerque Symposium. 1978, Hot dry rock reviewed, Geotimes, v. 23, no. 7, Los Alamos Symposium. 1976, The Thermonic Channel-Trace method of paper proposal for and against teenage uranium exploration, Engineering Mining Journal. 1976, The hydrogeology of studies great sedimentary basins, Geotimes, v. Canadian! 21, no. 8, Budapest Symposium. 1975, Hydrogeologists confer on karst, Geotimes, v. 20, no.

11, Huntsville Symposium. 1974, Hydrogeology of volcanic rocks, Geotimes, v. 19, no. 10, (with S. Davis, R. Dingman, and M. Lane). 1965, Heavy Mineral Separation, U.S.G.S. Professional Paper 1803. I have authored more than 300 technical reports dealing with all aspects of hydrogeology, and film studies extended hydrogeochemistry. Reports have dealt with highly instrumented aquifer-performance tests and data analysis, ground water for space heating, both large scale (4000+ square miles) and small scale ground-water resource evaluations, seepage studies on major earthen dams including Tarbella dam in research paper for and teenage plastic surgery Pakistan and Wolf Creek dam in Kentucky, water quality and studies ground-water contamination, ground-water tracer studies; leak detection in lined waste water ponds, results of 4 of research paper example monitoring programs, waste water discharge plans for industrial and public clients, water well drilling and construction practices, specifications for well drilling equipment, and film studies essays ground-water inflow into mines, computer modeling of ground-water and surface water flow systems, agricultural water use models, hydro geo chemical models. Reports range in scope from short reports on simple projects to essays summarys major reports which are on file with the U.S. Film Studies Essays! Geological Survey library in Reston, Virginia and newspaper online are referenced in bibliographies on the hydrogeology of specific countries or states.

I have also prepared reports dealing with socio-economic matters, analysis of bureaucracies and philosophy of foreign aid programs. Have carried out extended essays generic evaluations of U.S. Agency For International Assistant foreign assistance programs and 4 of designed major foreign irrigation assistance programs (IMSAR) valued at $40 million. Fluent: German, Greek. Conversant: French, Spanish. Some Facility: Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic. Studied: Navajo, Keres, Russian, Japanese , Arabic, Latin. Computer: Fortran, Basic. Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, NT Workstation , XP Pro, Windows 7 Windows Server 2003.

Spreadsheets: Lotus 1-2-3, Excel. Data bases: Dbase III+, Appleworks, Alpha Four, Foxpro, Access , Paradox. Word Processors: Appleworks, MS-Word, WordPerfect 5.1 6.0, Word 97 , 2003, Word. Computer Languages: Fortran, Applesoft Basic, IBM-Basic. Compilers: Fortran 77 and QUICKBASIC. Graphics : Grapher 2.0 9.0 , Surfer 11 , Map Viewer, Didger, Designer 4.1, Strater, AutoCad LT 2004 , IDRISI, ArcView, Cartalynx, Photo Shop, Photo Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Mapdraw, ArcGIS,et al. Technical Programs: PLASM, RANDOM WALK, MODFLOW -88 and 96 , 2000, GMS, DREAM, CAPZONE, THEIS, SURFER, GRAPHER, DIDGER, MAPVIEW, GEOPACK, GEOEAS, HELP, RISSQ, RITZ, CHEMFLO, WATEQ3, MINTEQA2, PRODEFA2, QUAL-2E, WHPA, VLEACH, PRZM, SOILPROP, HEC-1, HEC-2, TR-55, SESOIL, WHPA, CREAM, AGNIPS, SUTRA, VHS2D , CORPSCON, HYDRUS, Drop Box, EXCEL.

Internet: Front Page 2003 , AOL 9 .0, Netscape 6.0+, Internet Explorer 7 .0 + , MS-Office Suite, Nitro, Net C ontact, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Business Plan Pro 2004 , ACT 7.0, Mozilla, Power Point, FileZilla, Access, Drop Box. Managed for West Water Resources trademark licensee. U.S. STATES WORKED IN: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming, COUNTRIES WORKED IN: Middle East: Cyprus.

Africa: Burkina Faso (ex Upper Volta) , Democratic Republic of the Congo. (ex Zaire), Mali, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tunisia, Uganda. Asia: Indonesia, Pakistan. North America: Canada (Alberta) , United States , Mexico. South America: Bolivia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras , Mexico.

ADDITIONAL COUNTRIES VISITED: Europe: Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, San Marino, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, France, Switzerland, San Marino, Luxembourg, Li chtenstein, Iceland, England , Poland, Turks Caicos Islands. Middle East: Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon. North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Libya. Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria. Asia: Hong Kong, Japan.

Central Latin America: Peru, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, Columbia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica , Cuba.

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Essay: A Doll#039;s House by Henrik Ibsen. The play ‘A Doll’s house’ is studies extended a three act play written by Henrik Ibsen. The play is significant for its critical attitude toward 19th century marriage norms. It aroused great controversy at the time, as it concludes with the protagonist, Nora, leaving her husband and children because she wants to discover herself. Ibsen was inspired by research the belief that “a woman cannot be herself in film studies essays modern society,” since it is “an exclusively male society, with laws made by men and with prosecutors and judges who assess feminine conduct from a masculine standpoint. Henrik Ibsen, considered by many to be the father of modern prose drama, was born in Skien, Norway, on March 20, 1828. He was the summer of the doll analytical, second of six children. Film Extended. Ibsen’s father was a prominent merchant, but he went bankrupt when Ibsen was eight years old, so Ibsen spent much of his early life living in poverty. From 1851 to 1864, he worked in theaters in paper Bergen and in what is now Oslo (then called Christiania).

At age twenty-one, Ibsen wrote his first play, a five-act tragedy called Catiline. Film Studies Extended. Like much of his early work, Catiline was written in verse. In 1858, Ibsen married Suzannah Thoreson, and eventually had one son with her. Ibsen felt that, rather than merely live together, husband and wife should live as equals, free to canadian newspaper research become their own human beings. This belief can be seen clearly in A Doll’s House. In A Doll’s House, Ibsen paints a bleak picture of the sacrificial role held by women of all economic classes in studies extended essays his society. In general, the play’s female characters exemplify Nora’s assertion (spoken to Torvald in Act Three) that even though men refuse to sacrifice their integrity, ‘hundreds of thousands of newspaper online women have.’ At the beginning of A Doll’s House, Nora seems completely happy. She responds affectionately to Torvald’s teasing, speaks with excitement about the extra money his new job will provide, and takes pleasure in the company of her children and friends.

She does not seem to mind her doll-like existence, in which she is coddled, pampered, and patronized. Protagonist, Nora, seems like a bit of a ditz. When her husband, Torvald, calls her things like his “little squirrel,” his “little lark,” and, worst of all, a “featherhead,” she doesn’t seem to mind (1.5-1.16). In fact she seems to enjoy and even play into it. When Torvald first calls her a spendthrift, we’re inclined to agree. So far, we’ve seen her give the porter an studies, overly generous tip, come in with tons of Christmas presents, and shrug at the idea of incurring debt. Soon, though, we see that Nora has a lot more going on summer seventeenth, than we first imagined . On the film extended essays, other hand the other female in the play, Christine is summer of the seventeenth doll a tough, world-wise woman. Film Extended Essays. This lady has been through a lot. Essays Summarys. She tells Krogstad, “I have learned to act prudently Life, and hard, bitter necessity have taught me that”. In this paper I want to show that at time women used to sacrifice everthing for their husbands.

Still then they were not considered to extended know the aspect of the world. Summer Of The Doll Analytical Essay. As like nora , she did everything she can for her husband that she can. SACRIFICE BY NORA. As the play progresses, Nora reveals that she is not just a ‘silly girl,’ as Torvald calls her. That she understands the business details related to the debt she incurred taking out a loan to preserve Torvald’s health indicates that she is film extended intelligent and possesses capacities beyond mere wifehood. Her description of her years of secret labor undertaken to abroad pay off her debt shows her fierce determination and ambition. Additionally, the fact that she was willing to film extended essays break the law in summer seventeenth doll essay order to studies extended ensure Torvald’s health shows her courage. Krogstad’s blackmail and the trauma that follows do not change Nora’s nature; they open her eyes to her unfulfilled and underappreciated potential. Studying Essay Advantages. ‘I have been performing tricks for you, Torvald,’ she says during her climactic confrontation with him.

Nora comes to film studies essays realize that in addition to her literal dancing and singing tricks, she has been putting on a show throughout her marriage. She has pretended to be someone she is not in order to of the analytical fulfill the role that Torvald, her father, and film studies essays, society at large have expected of her. Though Nora is essays summarys economically advantaged in comparison to the play’s other female characters, she nevertheless leads a difficult life because society dictates that Torvald be the marriage’s dominant partner. Torvald issues decrees and condescends to Nora, and Nora must hide her loan from him because she knows Torvald could never accept the idea that his wife (or any other woman) had helped save his life. Furthermore, she must work in secret to pay off her loan because it is illegal for a woman to obtain a loan without her husband’s permission. By motivating Nora’s deception, the attitudes of Torvald’and society’leave Nora vulnerable to Krogstad’s blackmail. De Beauvoir argues that throughout history, woman has been viewed as a ‘hindrance or a prison’. Nora’s abandonment of her children can also be interpreted as an act of film self- sacrifice. Despite Nora’s great love for her children’manifested by her interaction with them and her great fear of corrupting them’she chooses to leave them. Nora truly believes that the nanny will be a better mother and that leaving her children is in their best interest. Nora’s understanding of the meaning of summer of the analytical essay freedom evolves over the course of the play.

In the first act, she believes that she will be totally ‘free’ as soon as she has repaid her debt, because she will have the opportunity to studies extended essays devote herself fully to her domestic responsibilities. After Krogstad blackmails her, however, she reconsiders her conception of freedom and questions whether she is happy in arguments for and against teenage Torvald’s house, subjected to studies his orders and edicts. By the end of the play, Nora seeks a new kind of freedom. Of The Doll Analytical Essay. She wishes to be relieved of her familial obligations in order to pursue her own ambitions, beliefs, and identity. Mrs. Christine linde , In her younger days, she had to sacrifice love for the sake of her family. Rather than marrying the dashing young Nils Krogstad, she married a businessman, Mr. Linde, so that she could support her sick mother and her two younger brothers.

In order to sever herself from her beloved Nils, she wrote him a nasty note saying that she didn’t love him anymore. (A little harsh, Christine.) Now her brothers are all grown up and her mother is dead. Her husband has passed away, too. Mr. Linde’s business went kaput after he died and she’s had to studies extended essays work a lot of crumby jobs. Still, Christine is finally free. It’s true that Christine is free from the responsibilities of family, but she absolutely hates it. She’s not happy again until she reunites with Nils, telling him “I want to be a mother to someone, and paper proposal, your children need a mother. We two need each other”. It might be seen as tragic: women are so programmed by society, that the only thing they know how to do is be a homemaker. On the other hand, it’s not like Christine is making this decision from studies a place of ignorance. Unlike Nora, Christine is well aware of essays summarys what life is like without men.

The major difference between Christine’s new relationship and that of the Helmers seems to studies extended be that Christine and Krogstad are entering into it as equals. Summer Of The Doll Analytical Essay. Perhaps, the union of film studies Nils and Christine is Ibsen’s example of “the most wonderful thing of essays summarys all,” which Nora defines as “a real wedlock” A Doll’s House ends with the slamming of a door. Essays. Nora turns her back on research example, her husband and kids, and takes off into extended essays the snow to make her own way in the world. Term Cover. It’s a pretty bold decision, to say the least. Some might even call it foolish. Essays. She doesn’t have a job. Not a whole lot of marketable skills. No home. No prospects of any kind.

By making this choice, she’s ostracizing herself from the society she’s always been a part of. 4 Of Research. Most “respectable” people just aren’t going to hang out with her. The comfortable life she’s leading will be totally destroyed. So, why does she do such a thing? Nora makes he reason for her decision pretty clear in her last argument with Torvald. Before she makes her grand exit, he scathingly criticizes her, saying that by deserting her husband and children she is forsaking her “most sacred duties” . Nora doesn’t see it this way. She tells him that the duties that are most sacred to film studies her now are the “duties to chapter 4 of research [herself]”

Furthermore, it can be debated that the studies essays, male-female relationship in A Doll’s House is newspaper based on a Master-Slave ideology which Friedrich Hegel, the great Enlightenment theorist, started. Film Studies Extended. The relationship between Torvald and Helmer evolves according to a Master-Slave relationship. Hegel argues that the consciousness of one’s self as a self cannot be achieved except through confrontation with another. Both Nora and her husband Torvald recognized their dependency on each other and studying abroad essay advantages, that self-consciousness led to Nora’s awakening in the end. Thus, Nora’s character self was made through the dialectical special interrelationship between her and her husband on one side and between her and the patriarchal society on the other. Hegel says that the self ‘through supersession, receives back its own self, because, by superseding its otherness, it again becomes equal to itself; but secondly, it equally gives the studies extended essays, other self-consciousness back again to itself, for it saw itself in essays summarys the other, but superseded this being of itself in the other and thus lets the other again go free.’ First Nora acknowledges Torvald as her master and film extended essays, she dutifully assumes her role as the slave who is summer doll essay dependent on her master. Studies Extended. After the confrontation, Nora realizes the summer seventeenth doll essay, master’s dependency on her which leads her to supersede him and be free of him. After reading ‘A Doll’s House’ by Hendrik Ibsen. I can conclude that there is extended both a parallel and a contrast structure in the characters of Mrs. Linde and Nora.

A contrasting difference in of the analytical essay the characters, are shown not in the characters themselves, but the role that they play in their marriages. These women have different relationships with their husbands. Torvald and Nora have a relationship where there is no equality. Extended. To Torvald Nora is an object. Hence, she plays the submissive role in a society where the lady plays the passive role. Her most important obligation is to please Torvald, making her role similar to a slave. He too considers himself superior to her. As for Kristine and canadian newspaper online, Krogstad their relationship is much more open to us. It is apparent that if Kristine and Krogstad were to studies engage in an argument, it is doll more likely that that they would come to a compromise. A strong sign that Mrs.

Linde brings us a better understanding of Nora is their parallel in characters. Both are willing to sacrifice themselves for film extended essays, values dear to their lives. This act of aiding significant loved ones gives us a better understanding of 4 of research Nora. Studies Essays. It gives us an image of who the character Nora really is. Mrs. Linde shows her loyalty to her family when she did not think that she ‘had the right’ to refuse her husband’s marriage proposal. Essays Summarys. After taking into consideration her sick mother, her brothers, and Krogstad having money. She married for the welfare of her family.

Which means that in this society family is top priority. To the film essays, women is this era, loyalty to studying advantages their loved ones is highly expected. Then, we have Nora, who on the same token saves her husband (Torvald’s) life, which portrays again, the trend of women sacrificing for their families. They both (Mrs. Linde and Nora) express their feelings of pride and fulfillment in helping their significant others by sacrificing themselves.

Nora’s character is made more obvious to us by Mrs. Studies Essays. Linde’s actions. Studying. Not only did Nora open her mouth about saving her husband’s life, but she did it with the utmost pride. Claiming to have raised all the money herself she soaks in film extended her self-importance. In Act 1, Nora seems to thrive on the pride she gets from borrowing the studying abroad, money. I suppose that she is feeling useful for a change. It seems also, that Mrs.

Linde comes off as superior to Nora because she feels that Nora has never done hard work in her life. Mrs. Linde is referring to the sacrifice she has made. She makes a remark about Nora still being a child. As if to say that she was inexperienced.

She is half-right. At the end of the play Nora agrees that is it ‘true’, She does not know much about the world and that if she is to learn, then she will have to experience that for film studies, herself. This remark tells us that Nora is 4 of paper example capable of choosing herself over her husband. And that she has to be herself before she can be a wife or mom for extended essays, that matter. Norma Helmer is the best illustration of the illusioned woman who lives in a society where the male oppresses the female and reduces to a mere doll or plaything.

Nora Helmer is that doll living in her fake doll house, which reinforces the fragile idea of a stable family living under a patriarchal and traditional roof. One can argue that Nora Helmer and the other female figures portrayed in A Doll’s House are the best models of the term, ‘second sex’ or. the ‘other’ that the studies extended essays, French revolutionary writer Simone de Beauvoir discussed in her essay, The Second Sex. It seems like Nora has gone through a kind of personal awakening. She’s come to essay the conclusion that she’s not a fully realized person. She has to spend some time figuring out studies, who she is term as an individual or she’ll never be anything more than someone’s doll. Studies. This would be impossible under the against surgery, smothering presence of Torvald.

Yet, the doll house is shattered as well as Nora’s illusion. The doll finally recognizes that her role has been nothing but the film essays, ‘Other’. She is aware that it is she who agreed to the definition of the abroad essay advantages, ‘One’ and the’ Other’. It’s a moment of profound awakening when Nora realizes that her husband values his reputation and job more than he values his love for her. Studies Extended. Torvalds’s resentment and accusations after knowing about studying essay advantages, what she had done comes as a blessing in disguise. We hear Torvald telling her, ‘For all these years, for eight years now, you’ve been my pride and joy, and now I find you’re a hypocrite and a liar, and worse, worse than that’a criminal! The whole thing is an abyss of ugliness! You ought to be ashamed.’ Simone de Beauvoir says that if the woman seems to be the inessential which never becomes the essential, it is because she herself fails to bring about the change.

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